Stegosaurus cake

Trixie decorated a birthday cake for me this year. I stuck up a handful of pics on flickr that show what a good job she did. I’m biased, of course. Any cake decoration that includes dinosaurs is going to be good, so she had me at stegosaurus.

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crazy hair day

I’m still playing around with flickr. It’s just too darn easy to use for me to go back to my old way of doing TPODs. However, I think what I really need to do is finish moving the TPOD archives to a new install of wordpress and build a Picture-of-the-day theme.

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Sticky Cat with lollipop

(test from flickr)

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Comments are turned on now

No registration required. And if you would like to read all the latest comments as they are posted, you can add this syndication feed to your feed reader:

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Trixie knows where the bodies are buried

Last night Trixie choose a large Valentine lollipop for dessert. She tore into it and I watched her working on it for a little while before she wandered off. Shortly thereafter she approached me with a bag of sweethearts in hand.

I didn’t want to talk about the sweethearts request because the lollipop was a BIG one, and there was no way she had finished it.

“Where’s the lollipop, Trixie?”
“I don’t know.”

When sticky candy is involved, an answer like that will not go far. After explaining that she’s not getting any more candy until we find the sucker, she backpedals and says it’s in the trash.

I look in the trash and don’t see anything there. She insists it’s there. “But there’s nothing on top, Trixie. It’s not there.”

At that point, much to my dismay, Trixie digs into the full (overflowing) garbage can — through coffee grounds, dinner scraps and wet junk mail — and pulls her lollipop out.

“You hid it in the bottom of the garbage?”

That’s pretty interesting behavior. I explained that she doesn’t need to hide stuff, not just because Mommy and Daddy will always find out, but because we can talk about anything.

The cool part to me is that Trixie is forming and implementing a mental model of how the world works. In this case she decided that if you get rid of the evidence, you get rid of the problem. Not the best idea, but certainly testable. I also think it puts her on par with many adults, except adults are not usually as forthcoming. Interesting stuff.

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I spent the whole day offline with the family

I didn’t even look at the new blog software today, so it’s not really going to at 100% on Monday morning. The blog will probably be a weekend project. Here’s the game plan though in case anyone is keeping score at home:

1) Move all the functionality of the old Trixie Update to the new WordPress blog software. Right now the TPODs are still running in Movable Type. I need to move that next.

2) I’m using the Cutline theme right now. I like it a lot, but since I’m a designer I probably oughta skin my own 🙂 I was anxious to get moved first, so I’m not really sure if I’m going to replicate the old TTU design (doubtful) or make up something new (likely). Haven’t thought about it too much. I’m just so glad to have a clean, standards-compliant document structure. Getting rid of the old code is like stripping off a festering cocoon. It’s a goood feeling.

P.S. Awesome. I just checked my google reader and I’m getting full feeds! Way to go WordPress and .htaccess! (if you don’t know, you don’t want to ask.)

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Many, many, many things are broken right now

Thanks for your patience as I migrate to new blogging software. My guess is that things should be working by Monday morning. I would check back then!

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You may need to update this feed

I am switching the Trixie Update from my ancient MovableType install to a breath of fresh WordPress this weekend. This is a good thing, but there’s a chance I may mess up the code that moves the site feed (RSS). If you don’t see any more posts in the next few days, please come visit the new Trixie Update and grab the new feed. thanks!

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My Mom wants a Feed Reader

I had an interesting conversation with my Mom earlier today about the flickr account I recently set up. She was very excited about all the new pictures. And to my surprise she wanted to learn more about the other web stuff I had mentioned recently. In particular, the feed reader. She didn’t quite understand what it was, but I’m super excited that my mom wants a feed reader, so this post is to help her (and anyone else) out.

What does a feed reader do and why do I want one?
There is too much information in world. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it means that we need new coping strategies for managing the data deluge.

This is where feeds come in. Every website has the ability to wrap up a portion of its content, label it and tell the world, “hey, here’s my latest content. Check it out.” This is a called a syndication feed and it’s a very powerful thing for a couple of reasons:

1) You don’t have to spend energy searching for new content. It comes to you. You don’t have to visit 50 blogs on a daily basis. You visit one place — your feed reader — to see which blogs have been updated.

2) Syndication feeds can be sliced and diced like you wouldn’t believe. For example, do you check the Trixie Update because you like to read all the new comments? I could (should) set up a feed that syndicates user comments. That way you don’t have to come to the Trixie Update and visually scan the site to see what story has a new comment. You could simply add a “Trixie Update Recent Comments” feed to your reader. Pretty cool idea, right?

How do I get a feed reader?
Again, I’m going to strongly recommend Google reader. Go to If you don’t have a google account, you’ll need to create one.

Once you are on your Google Reader page, it will be empty — but not for long. Click “Add subscription” on the top left. Paste ‘’ to the field and click ‘add’. You’ll then see the latest 10 articles from the Trixie Update marked as ‘New’ in your reader. As you click through each one you’ll notice that number of ‘New’ articles decreases until you’ve seen them all. Congrats! You’re all done. You’ve read all your feeds.

Add a few more blogs in there and you’ll soon start checking your feed reader before you spend time visiting actual site around the web. Mom, I hope this helps. Good luck!

PS. If someone says RSS, they are talking about feeds.

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Welcome MD and TN

Welcome Baltimore and Memphis! We’re changing up the format a little bit, and no longer exclusively talking about babies. However, you can check out our New Visitor page for a list of the best baby-related stories from the archives.

And if you’d like to learn more about your own baby’s patterns, why not give Trixie Tracker software a try?

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