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So Long, Farewell

The Trixie Update is soon coming to an end. It has been a three-year labor of love, and we’ve enjoyed sharing a special part of our life with the world. However, Trixie is only getting older, and I feel more … Continue reading

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3 years, 0 months, 7 days old

I’m so exhausted after the non-stop birthday celebration that The Trixie Update is taking a little break this week. We’ll be back on Monday.

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Spread the Word

I thought I would be writing more Trixie stories after we launched Trixie Tracker ( ), but things don’t always turn out the way you expect. In fact, marketing Trixie Tracker is much, much harder than I expected, and … Continue reading

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We Launched

Two things I’ve learned in the 23 months since starting Trixie Telemetry LLC (in April of 2004): It’s really hard to do anything else when you’re taking care of a baby/child/toddler I’m extremely bad at estimating launch dates For almost … Continue reading

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Two Things About Magazines

1) If I were as cool as Greg at daddytypes, I would have set up a database of baby-friendly bathrooms for the Triangle area the same way he has NYC covered. And if I had such a list, I would … Continue reading

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It's a busy weekend

We just swung from one end of the attention span to the other with a mention in the New York Times. Welcome! I like to point all new visitors to Trixie Update 101. It’s an overview of the site that … Continue reading

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Welcome MSNBC Countdown

Thanks for stopping by. The last couple of posts have been about getting ready for the show, but beyond that there really are a lot of baby stories. If you’d like to see an overview of the site, please check … Continue reading

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More behind the scenes

UPDATE 5pm I just got a confirmation that our piece airs tonight between 8 and 9pm EST. We really appreciate all the support and well wishes. Thanks guys. We’re feeling a lot of excitement, stress and terror all rolled up … Continue reading

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A little something extra

A bunch of people have been asking to hear Trixie’s voice. And Sarah had again suggested a story about our ‘typical’ day. How about we put those two together? There’s only one catch — it’s not going to be on … Continue reading

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Poll: What's your closest connection to Trixie?

I don’t have any new stories this week (so far), but there might be something interesting happening Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, since we’ve been talking so much about readers and how we’re growing, here’s a fun poll to … Continue reading

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