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Mount St. Trixie

Turns out that Trixie is sick. I took her in for an unscheduled doctor visit yesterday because her left eye had been very teary for the previous 12 hours. She was perfectly happy, but pitiful to look at. Her one … Continue reading

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Everybody Wins

Jennifer just hit the jackpot! Just now, she happened to be the lucky changer of diaper number 1,500. What sort of prize did she win? A nice full, non-leaky, non-poopy, perfectly routine, cute little wad of Trixie pee. Trixie also … Continue reading

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Trixie can Crawl

She followed me into the kitchen this morning. My initial reaction was similar to discovering that a stray animal has followed you home. It’s cute but also a little bit alarming. Are you supposed to feed it? Does it have … Continue reading

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First Food Revisited

The squash has worked its way through Trixie’s system. Up until this point, we’ve been extremely lucky when it comes to Trixie’s poop. First of all, when a baby only drinks breast milk, the poop is pretty innocuous. I’ve discussed … Continue reading

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Butternut Baby

Trixie has now had her first food: Butternut Squash. I realize we previously awarded Rice Cereal this distinction, but after careful consideration it really is more of an adhesive than a grain, and we are retracting the honor. She seems … Continue reading

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First Food

The distinction of first food goes to “rice cereal” — a questionable accolade in my opinion because it looks like mica and smells like fish food. But if people want to call it food, then I guess I’ll go along. … Continue reading

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First Self-Sleep

This could become the most practical milestone we have achieved. It took almost 40 minutes of frustrated crying before she fell asleep for a mere 60 minute nap, but that’s a small price to pay in the long run. What’s … Continue reading

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The Millennial Celebration

We just changed Trixie’s 1000th diaper. Mercifully, it was neither poopy nor leaky. More diaper news coming soon-

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Oooh, What a cute little dependent!

Trixie has been officially recognized by the Federal government. Let’s just hope Social Security is still solvent in 70 years.

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First Halloween

As previously reported in the Picture of the Day, we had a last-minute inspiration to dress Trixie up as a “Monster B-Movie Poster.” A giant radioactive Trixie looms over the city, demolishing buildings as the Army tries to take her … Continue reading

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