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The End of Innocence

Trixie isn’t a kid anymore. I always figured I wouldn’t realize it until she started kindergarten or maybe college. Instead, it happened Tuesday. I was dropping her off at daycare, unpacking her stuff for the day and her teacher told … Continue reading

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A Bigger Change

So, as reported below, no more Diaper Telemetry. I’m sure the disposable diaper companies are glad it’s gone. They don’t want you thinking about how many diapers a baby goes through — it’s not good for their business. I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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I was in the kitchen this morning, with Trixie in her crib, when I heard a huge thump-a-thunk. I promptly ignored it because how much trouble can she get into when she’s in the crib? Not expecting anyone or anything … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end

Jennifer, you’ll be happy to know that I did get around to mixing cow’s milk into Trixie’s milk today at a 1:5 ratio. She drank it just fine and there are no signs of any negative reaction*. Who knows, maybe … Continue reading

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First Walk

Trixie took    eight steps    this morning traveling a       total of  two feet. The feat has not been repeated, but it’s pretty legitimate – Trixie has walked. In the two previous days she has taken a step or two, but without … Continue reading

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Holy Moly!

Trixie totally just peed in her little plastic potty. We’ve only had the potty about a week. The idea was that we would get Trixie used to going into the bathroom and sitting down with us. (She always follows us … Continue reading

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That’s a lot of diapers. I’m still shocked when I step back and think about the total number she has gone through. It’s depressing.

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2 down, 18 to go

Sometime yesterday, or maybe the night before, Trixie finally cut her first teeth. The good news is that there’s been an improvement in her crankiness level and her sleep patterns are (mostly) back to normal. The bad news is that … Continue reading

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Involuntary Standing

Yesterday morning Trixie balanced in the standing position without assistance for about 5-10 seconds. I was excited by this development, but for her it was completely unintentional and very unwelcome. I was helping her stand up when I noticed that … Continue reading

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It was about this time last year when we found out that the thing that kept kicking Jennifer from the inside out was going to be a female life-form. I have to admit that I was at a loss the … Continue reading

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