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The Only Telemetry thats Still Kicking

As most readers know, The Trixie Update isn’t as prolific as it used to be. This time last year we were a spry, young blog with lots of energy and boundless enthusiasm. Here we are a year later, which is … Continue reading

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The Daycare Effect

It was worth it. Even the rolling around on the floor with Ebola leaking out out of my face, clutching my stomach in agony part. Trixie loves daycare now, and the whole household is as well as we have been … Continue reading

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Two Nap Minimum

It’s my guess that if you ask any parent of a young toddler what the best time of the day is, the answer will be nap time. Previously it may have been happy hour, or when Must-See-TV starts, or that … Continue reading

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The Answer isn't Pretty

Did you choose D? If so, Congratulations! You weren’t seduced by the siren song of A, B and C — all of which were designed to fool you into thinking that there’s hope and a hidden order when it comes … Continue reading

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Here's a hint

This is interesting. I didn’t expect the voting to be so close. So I’m going to try to knock things loose a little. Here’s a reference chart for an adult who’s on a pretty regular sleep schedule. It might help … Continue reading

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Trixie Update Sleep Challenge

Did you study hard for the Trixie Update Sleep Challenge? I hope so, because this is a closed book test. Yep, the Sleep Log archives are off-line until Monday. You’ll have to rely on memory, experience and gut instinct. Here’s … Continue reading

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Sleep Telemetry is Turning 1

Can you believe that we’ve almost collected a whole year of sleep data? That’s right. Sleep Telemetry came online November 23rd, 2003. And now we want to see how close you’ve been paying attention. Come back tomorrow to take the … Continue reading

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Trixie is finally making some real progress in the tooth department. We’re excited for a number of reasons. Like she can eat a lot better now. And she’s more dangerous, too — which is something I value highly. But the … Continue reading

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First Year Specs

I was amazed at how fast babies grow back during the first month, and I remain amazed today. Even though that remarkable growth quickly tapered off and stabilized to a smooth curve, it’s still astounding to me. Trixie almost tripled … Continue reading

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We're all Mammals

As we approach the one year mark, it seems like a good time to look back over Trixie’s milk history. Our initial goal was to feed her breast milk until 6 months, then to get through winter, then 9 months … Continue reading

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