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First Year Specs

I was amazed at how fast babies grow back during the first month, and I remain amazed today. Even though that remarkable growth quickly tapered off and stabilized to a smooth curve, it’s still astounding to me. Trixie almost tripled … Continue reading

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6 month doctor's visit

Trixie’s 6 month monthiversary wasn’t totally without observance. We did swing by the ole docs office to pick up another barrage of shots and the requisite measurements. She’s smack in the middle of the weight average and on the upper … Continue reading

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4 Month Doctor's Visit & Help Wanted

Trixie went to the doctor’s again today. Got the usual measurements and another complement of shots. She’s currently 13lb 2oz, and 25 1/4″ tall (long). I’d like to present the latest height and weight in the standard graph format, extrapolating … Continue reading

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Revised Downward

In addition to the shots received last Thursday, Trixie got weighed at the doctor’s office. The new numbers confirm Jennifer’s assertion that babies do not maintain geometric growth beyond the first 4-6 weeks. In fact, Trixie gained less than two … Continue reading

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Potentially Dangerous Growth

Trixie had her one month check-up yesterday and got weighed and measured. She is currently 9lbs. She has increased her mass by almost 50% over the past 30 days! This level of growth astounds me. If she were to maintain … Continue reading

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