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Ask your doctor to see if Infant Visual Stimulation is right for you

At the request of a reader, I pulled together some of visual patterns we tested on Trixie as an infant. However, for liability reasons, the Trixie Update doesn’t recommend using these for children under the age of 12. The Trixie … Continue reading

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Beware Toddlers Bearing Gifts

This morning as I was washing dishes, Trixie came into the kitchen carrying a used diaper, flapping in her outstretched arms. I jumped to get it from her, not knowing where she had found it or what might be inside. … Continue reading

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And you thought metric was hard

The neighbor’s tabby got into the house today. He’s always hanging out on our stoop, staring and pawing at Trixie through the glass, and today he slipped inside. I had to pick him up to get him out and, man, … Continue reading

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It's not a fluke

She climbed out of the crib again while I was in the shower. Thankfully Jenn was home. We then caught a glimpse of how she was doing it. It looked like a cross between the men’s rings competition and a … Continue reading

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What the hell is this water leaking from my eyes?

On these pages we don’t normally deal with “emotions” and “feelings” unless it’s something along the lines of… Trixie is upset, and I’m feeling sick from not getting enough sleep. However, against my better judgement, I feel compelled to address … Continue reading

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One more thing

Even though she’s pretty good about handing them to me, I can tell you right now that if we ever have to take Trixie to the hospital because she’s choking on/swallowed something, I guarantee what will show up on the … Continue reading

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Toilet, Activate!

We’re still working on the concept of toilet-training when Trixie lets us. Her interest in the subject comes and goes. She’ll get into it for a week or so, and then be indifferent for 3 weeks. We recently got a … Continue reading

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Can Trixie Talk?

In a word, No. A lot of readers have recently asked about whether Trixie is finally talking. I’ve been hesitant to address the issue because there’s not much to write about and I’ve had my head in the sand. She … Continue reading

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Clik. clik. clik-click… clik

Last month after Trixie’s top teeth had come in and the swelling and pain subsided, she discovered she had something new up there to bite against. I can’t imagine what a weird sensation it must be to not have opposing … Continue reading

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After I mentioned cards in today’s TPOD comments, I realized I hadn’t posted this incident yet. I don’t know if she was trying to destroy a bad hand or just marking the cards to help with counting. Either way, I … Continue reading

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