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Crying Wolf

Trixie and I (with some help from Papa-T) are building a sandbox right now. It’s taking a while, but we are almost done. This evening I was inside looking for a circle template so I could figure out what size … Continue reading

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Trixie knows where the bodies are buried

Last night Trixie choose a large Valentine lollipop for dessert. She tore into it and I watched her working on it for a little while before she wandered off. Shortly thereafter she approached me with a bag of sweethearts in … Continue reading

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Please and Stegosaurus

Lately Trixie has been using her imagination to take a word or an expression and contort it into either a nonsense word or an outright substitute. For example, I’ll say, “We’re having dinner guests tonight.” She will declare, “I call … Continue reading

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Mental Note: Use a Pen When Writing Lists

Trixie likes all arts-n-crafts, but she loves pencils. She likes me to sharpen them and she likes the eraser — or at least the idea of it. I hadn’t really seen her erase anything very well until I came across … Continue reading

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2 years, 10 months, 25 days old

Trixie has really been pushing her bedtime recently. It’s not terribly hard to get her to bed, but once she’s there, she stays awake for hours and hours. One thing she does is take care of her own dolls and … Continue reading

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It’s hard to start writing again. After almost nine months off, it’s taking a while for the story juices to start flowing. So the best thing to do is doodle. Just write something until you get where you want to … Continue reading

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Hoping for Bronze

How many times have you gotten your foot stuck in the toilet? If you’re like me — a responsible adult — the answer is probably no more than 1-2 times a year. In contrast, Trixie manages to do it about … Continue reading

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It's not Bribery — it's Coercion

How do you get a toddler to do the things they are supposed to do? I’m happy to report that we have long been able to influence Trixie by not so subtle use of behavior modification techniques. On the positive … Continue reading

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Code Orange

Who knows what “emergency clothes” are? Before daycare I would have assumed a hazmat suit would qualify. Now I know it’s the backup outfit for when your child makes some kind of ungodly mess at daycare. The last time it … Continue reading

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Suddenly the daycare nap problem doesn’t seem so bad

How short my memory is. It was only last week that Trixie was throwing up with a stomach bug, but it might as well have been the week before because I had completely forgotten what constitutes a real problem when … Continue reading

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