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We had a fantastic time at the National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Extension.

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Road trip to Washington D.C.

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Notice anything???

It’s not infected. yet. The redness is where they marked it with a purple pen.

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Waiting for a bus

Trixie was channeling European peasant girl today. (There’s more up on flickr)

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Trixie Tracker on local NBC-17

Trixie Tracker was just featured on the health segment of our NBC station this evening. I’m super excited and love how it came together. It included a stilted quote from me and an excellent interview with Catrina Reading, a local … Continue reading

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I hate not having the time to jot down the little bits and pieces of the day that are made special by some small action on Trixie’s part. As every parent knows, there are a million things your child does … Continue reading

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Crying Wolf

Trixie and I (with some help from Papa-T) are building a sandbox right now. It’s taking a while, but we are almost done. This evening I was inside looking for a circle template so I could figure out what size … Continue reading

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Leisurely Day on the Mall

We just got back from a great trip to the Bethesda and Washington, DC. My sister and her husband are moving from DC (after 5 years) and we wanted to get one last trip in. We did the Air and … Continue reading

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Goggles are not just for the pool

The little crash last week sure threw my schedule off, and I’m trying to catch up on photo posting. There’s more up on flickr.

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First car crash

We got rear-ended this afternoon on the way home. We were stopped at a light on 15-501 at Old Mason Farm Rd. The light turned green, we started moving. Traffic stopped, I stopped. In my rear-view mirror I saw the … Continue reading

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