About Us

This site is about human babies. Specifically one named Trixie MacNeill. These pages contain tons of data regarding the sleep patterns, feeding schedules and diaper habits of a newborn baby. We also have a Trixie Picture of the Day for those who don’t like to think about human babies in exclusively clinical terms. And for the grandparents.

My name is Ben MacNeill. I’m Trixie’s dad. I chose to stay at home and take care of her. I started this blog a few weeks after she was born, which was July 31st, 2003. When we got home from the hospital, we kept track of her diapers for a couple of days to make sure she was drinking enough. The enormous number she went through was shocking and I continued collecting diaper data on little scraps of paper even after we were in the safe zone. I later automated the data-tracking process with a simple web app and displayed the results on the site. Eventually I built a full-featured baby tracker web app that all parents can use.

Jennifer Egan is Trixie’s mom. Jenn was responsible for a great deal of editing. What you decide NOT to post on a website is almost more important than what you do. Without discipline and focus, this site would just be a sleep-deprived stream of profanity about how I can’t get any work done.

This site is not about Jenn or me, but there are a few scraps of information scattered throughout various stories and comments. Here’s a short summary: We currently live Chapel Hill, NC. Prior to that we lived in the Bronx, Chicago and Raleigh. I went to the College of Design at NCSU. Learn more about my background.

If you’re looking for more information about the site, please read Trixie Update 101. It’s designed for new visitors, but long-time readers might also find it useful.

I can be reached at ben.macneill at gmail.com