Trixie Tracker on local NBC-17

Trixie Tracker was just featured on the health segment of our NBC station this evening. I’m super excited and love how it came together. It included a stilted quote from me and an excellent interview with Catrina Reading, a local Trixie Tracker user. The video is up on their site: Baby Tracking Site Is Labor Of Love.

As a side note, I should not be allowed to a spokesman for my company. Somehow I managed to describe Trixie Tracker as “oppressive”. The full context was something along the lines of, “some people may see TT as clinical or oppressive, but if your baby is taking three naps a day, you’ll only have to record three pieces of data and then you end up with rich, beautiful charts.” But that’s not what I said on camera. Oh well. I’m just happy to be able to spread the word a little.

I also realized it’s been six months since I posted anything. We are all doing fine, just incredibly busy. Trixie doing great. She is happy and has a crazy sense of humor. At one point during the news tonight she pointed at the TV and said “That’s YOU!!” I turned to see a mugshot of some local thugs. She’s awesome.

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10 Responses to Trixie Tracker on local NBC-17

  1. Schaff says:

    That’s So Trixie!

  2. vanna says:

    it’s nice to hear from you, she reallyseems like a sweet girl!! =)

  3. Valerie says:

    Aw! I wish you could’ve sent us some kind of alert message….I live really close to you now and would’ve loved to see you on TV! It’s increcible and awesome that you are still getting so much traffic and business out of this.

  4. Leah Schneider says:

    Hi Ben, I am a TT subscriber and I would like to offer another viewpoint and possibly one you haven’t thought of before. My 7 year old son has ADHD and although I originally subscribed to TT to keep tabs on my younger son, I found it invaluable for keeping track of the sleeping and eating patterns for the 7 year old and how diet or unusual sleep patterns would affect his concentration and behavior. It was eye opening to link certain foods to his hyperness and lack of sleep to his irratability. Being an educator as well, this fascinated me. When speaking of other parents who have children with ADHD, I will often lead them to the TT site as a beginning point in managing their child’s daily behavior. Just another angle you may not have thought about.

  5. Ben, it’s so great to hear from you again, even in a short post. Yours was the very first blog I read on a regular basis, starting back in 2004 a few months before my daughter, now almost 4, was born. From your blog I was led to Jamie Madigan’s blog, which has been one of my favorite reads for years. And that little toe dipped into the blogosphere has led, over the years, to a couple of really great friendships and even me starting my own blog last fall.

    I wish you would post more, because I do miss your “voice”. But I totally understand busy life, and am glad to hear you’re all living a full life.

    Be well and happy! Blog when you can! 😉

  6. benmac says:

    Schaff: big yep.

    vanna: thanks!

    Valerie: I’ll try to do that next time. And welcome to the Triangle!

    Leah: Thank you so much for sharing that. I have never thought about TT being used in that way, and I’m very excited that it’s useful.

    Bethany: Thanks for saying that. I miss blogging sometimes too, but there’s never enough hours in the day. btw – I enjoy your flickr pics! ( I need to get more up there too.)

  7. lori says:

    Hi Ben!

    Just checking into TTU (as I randomly do every few months or so) . . .

    Congrats on the publicity!

    I’m excited to FINALLY to be able to try out TT for myself this summer!

    Love to all, Lori 🙂

  8. benmac says:

    Hi Lori,
    I’m so excited for you guys!! Just remember to stockpile enough sleep in the next few months to last you a a year or two 🙂

  9. Judy says:

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to seeing your news clip – I thought it was awesome! Time to hit the nationals!

  10. c brake says:

    From the pictures I viewed Trixie should be about 4-1/2 or 5 years old now. She looks like she is seriously preparing to make some smores and enjoy them. I say go ahead Trixie and enjoy your smores.