Crying Wolf

Trixie and I (with some help from Papa-T) are building a sandbox right now. It’s taking a while, but we are almost done.

This evening I was inside looking for a circle template so I could figure out what size drill bit I needed to attach the rope handle. Trixie was playing outside.

All of a sudden I heard screaming, “DADDY!! HELP! DADDDDDY!!!!!!! HELP! HELLLLP! There’s a WOLF!”

I ran to see a Trixie blur shoot past the window and dart across the backside of the porch. “DADDDY! HELP! There’s a WOLF after me!!! THERE’S A WOLF AFTER ME!”

When your child is screaming an alarm like that, you don’t hesitate to believe the danger for a second. She could have been hollering about Sleestak or robots and I would have been equally convinced. She bounded up the steps straight into my arms. Only then did I glance at what she was running from.

Lo and behold, over off the side of the yard was the neighbor’s huge, blackish-grey, extremely wolf-like Shepard mix docilely watching us. Even though it’s a big dog, they keep it inside so Trixie had never seen it before. Tonight was one heck of an introduction.

I was very proud of her for getting the hell out of there — she never ran that fast in soccer. After she calmed down a little, she was proud of herself also. “Whenever you see a wolf you are supposed to tell a grown-up,” she informed me. I’m thinking maybe more along the lines of animal control, but a grown-up is a step in the right direction.

You were a brave kid tonight, Trixie. Good job!

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13 Responses to Crying Wolf

  1. Jeff says:

    OK… so the only question I have is: Where did she learn the lesson “Whenever you see a wolf, you are supposed to tell a grown-up”?

    Do they teach that in Kindergarten?

    MAN… I missed out on that lesson!


  2. shawn s. says:

    too cool. allison would have gone…”PUPPY!” and tried to pet it.
    Now ugly spiders thats a whole other story.

  3. Crystal says:

    Little red riding hood?

  4. hannah says:

    Such a good story. Did you tell the neighbors of said wolf how their beast traumatized Trixie?

  5. janice says:

    Sorry Trixie was traumatized! I was recently bitten by a “wolflike” German Shepherd at, of all places, the SPCA here in Mt. Pleasant, SC. They, of course, had to put the dog down; however, at my age, I was traumatized also. I was trying to protect my 7 year old grandaughter from the beast. Thank goodness I was successful. Glad the Trixie is fine.

  6. Crystal says:

    Keep checkin back to see if there are any new posts!!! Hope this summer is treating you guys well. Cheers!!

  7. Crystal says:

    Noooooooo new posts. Benmac where’d you guys go???

  8. Crystal says:

    LOL, I get it! Its all on Flickr. Cooool! Yes, I had a dull moment there.

  9. Malinda says:

    This may be why he isnt posting anything or doing anything someone stold stuff from here and rylan’s page.

    Wow, I was digging through my YouTube account and noticed that one of Rylan’s videos was posted on a MySpace profile. When I went to check it out I was amazed.

    This person, who has a name similar to my wife, is not my wife nor any family member of ours. They are currently using about 15 Rylan pictures and 2 of his videos. Now if this is not disturbing enough as it is, there are a few comments under the pictures, one of which says…

    June 27, 2007 6:34 PM
    lol erin had fun with him that day..they were splashing each other with water haha

    This was in relation to a few swimming pictures that I had taken. A swimming day that we had no one but me and my wife.

    I have reported this to MySpace and well see what happens next. Crazy world we live in.

    Looking at this further, the one friend of hers appears to be using a picture from I have let the father know to see if he can confirm this and report that user as well if necessary.

  10. janice says:

    looks like the Trixie got a new bike for her birthday!!!! Happy early birthday!!! She sure is cute, Ben!

  11. Malinda says:

    Happy 4th Birthday Trixie

  12. Crystal says:

    WHAT Malinda? If true, that is a shame. What has the world come to!

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