crazy hair day

I’m still playing around with flickr. It’s just too darn easy to use for me to go back to my old way of doing TPODs. However, I think what I really need to do is finish moving the TPOD archives to a new install of wordpress and build a Picture-of-the-day theme.

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4 Responses to crazy hair day

  1. jo says:

    Hey Ben, Thanks for the RSS info,love it! Didn’t get to do it earlier,5yr old grandson had sledding accident, been worried about him, doing ok now.

    Trixie looks so pensive in this photo!!!Cute hair-do

  2. jo says:

    Thanks for RSS feed, love it!!
    Trixie looks so cute in this shot, like the hair-do!!

  3. Monkee says:

    Forget the hair, why is she giving you the look of death? =)

  4. sang says:

    Are you really going to build a POD theme? I will be first in line to download it! I’ve loved that feature of your website!