I spent the whole day offline with the family

I didn’t even look at the new blog software today, so it’s not really going to at 100% on Monday morning. The blog will probably be a weekend project. Here’s the game plan though in case anyone is keeping score at home:

1) Move all the functionality of the old Trixie Update to the new WordPress blog software. Right now the TPODs are still running in Movable Type. I need to move that next.

2) I’m using the Cutline theme right now. I like it a lot, but since I’m a designer I probably oughta skin my own 🙂 I was anxious to get moved first, so I’m not really sure if I’m going to replicate the old TTU design (doubtful) or make up something new (likely). Haven’t thought about it too much. I’m just so glad to have a clean, standards-compliant document structure. Getting rid of the old code is like stripping off a festering cocoon. It’s a goood feeling.

P.S. Awesome. I just checked my google reader and I’m getting full feeds! Way to go WordPress and .htaccess! (if you don’t know, you don’t want to ask.)

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