Why I'm bloggin again

Long story short, I lost a bet with my boss.

Long story: A lot has changed over the last 9 months. No – not that kind of 9 months. I launched a commercial company. I started freelancing again, hard-core. The free-lance turned into a full-time technology job in Raleigh. Trixie started a full-time preschool. We moved to our first house (still living in Chapel Hill). I’m also still actively running and working on Trixie Tracker in what little spare time I have. It has been a busy time.

The people I work with are extremely technology saavy. I’m the designer in a room full of super-smart folks who can all be simultaneously considered engineers, programmers, developers, coders and general technologists. It’s a pretty cool seat to have at the table. My boss in particular is a very smart guy who is extremely interested in all aspects of technology, education, information organization and social systems.

During a recent conversation with my boss, he prodded the non-blogging employees (there’s only 2 of us left) to start bloggin again. He’s been working on a blog himself which is steadily moving up in the technorati ranks.

I got curious about the Trixie Update’s rank so I checked it out. I out-ranked his by about 7,000 points. I proudly decided that I would start bloggin again when he outranked me on Technorati. I like competitions.

However, during the process of setting my technorati profile, I had to create a post to get pinged. That single ping caused technorati to recalibrate my ranking (which had been frozen for the last 5 months or so). Within an hour, my rank dropped about 20,000 points. It’s always good to keep bets with your boss, so I’m back in business.

Question: What the hell is Technorati?
Answer: It’s a service that ranks the popularity of blogs.

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3 Responses to Why I'm bloggin again

  1. Sylv says:

    Benmac, nice to hear from you for whatever reason. Now if your boss would just challenge you to post some pictures. They don’t even have to be identifiable pictures of Trixie, just some of your excellent camera work with a young lady barely visible would be nice.

  2. ColleenS says:

    So glad you are back. Congrats on the new job & new home.

    I’m one of those visitors who still comes at least four or five times a week. I know that us “die-hard visitors” would love a photo of Trixie or any photography from you, though we’d be happy with an update of “she’s great” Glad to see that Jen checked too, makes me feel less crazy. 🙂

    I’m really excited to see the new direction of the blog.

    Happy New Year!


  3. jr says:

    So, I’m curious…what’s your score now? 😉