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Why I Quit the Trixie Update

There were a million reasons I quit the blog 4 months ago. Here’s a handful. I had grown completely tired of the site. I wasn’t interested in writing about baby data anymore. I was interested in writing my baby data … Continue reading

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Please and Stegosaurus

Lately Trixie has been using her imagination to take a word or an expression and contort it into either a nonsense word or an outright substitute. For example, I’ll say, “We’re having dinner guests tonight.” She will declare, “I call … Continue reading

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Switching from the computer to the network

One of the directions I’ve steadily been moving over the last 6 months is away from my desktop. By this I mean my dependence on any single computer. Instead I’ve embraced web applications and the network for as much of … Continue reading

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This is an Old Blog. Part 1: RSS

Since I’m serious about starting bloggin again, there are a number of technical issues that need to be addressed. RSS: If you are reading this as a feed, you may be a little irked that you are only getting a … Continue reading

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Why I'm bloggin again

Long story short, I lost a bet with my boss. Long story: A lot has changed over the last 9 months. No – not that kind of 9 months. I launched a commercial company. I started freelancing again, hard-core. The … Continue reading

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A New Start

This is a post to force me to follow through with plans to start blogging again. However, it’s not necessarily going to be a continuation of the Trixie Update. (but I’m sure there will be some Trixie stuff.) It’s probably … Continue reading

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