2 years, 11 months, 5 days old

Trixie went crazy in her room this past week. There’s really no other way to put it. It was one of the days when I thought she was having some quiet time, if not an actual nap. Instead she had systematically taken everything not bolted down in her room and created an enormous pile in the middle of her floor. She emptied her closet, stacked every book, grabbed toys, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows — everything. We’re talking totally pulling a Richard Dreyfuss, and assembling a soft Devil’s Tower in her bedroom. Thankfully she did not have access to any garbage cans.

The mess was so enormous and complete that I didn’t even attempt to clean it up immediately. We just cut a path between her bed and door and let it go for a while. However, it quickly reached the point that we couldn’t find anything in her room. I couldn’t dress her in the morning. I would have no idea where a certain book or toy might be. Finally, we couldn’t find Silky. That was a rough night for Trixie. She’s gone to sleep with Silky every night of her entire life as best as I can remember.

Saturday morning we started cleaning up. It took 3 hours to get everything back in place. But I didn’t even really mind cleaning up all that much. This is largest scale, most unpredictable thing she has ever done. It makes me curious to see what else she has up her sleeve.

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11 Responses to 2 years, 11 months, 5 days old

  1. kim says:

    i totally used to do that!!! i would get all psyched to clean my room then i would get tired and give up… come to think of it i still do that…

    i love the site!!! ever since it was on the yahoo link of the day thing its the first thing i check every morning.

  2. Dave says:

    Did you take a TPOD of it for us? 😉

  3. LizB. says:

    Ben, is it related to Roma moving? Did she see their house (or Roma’s room) being packed/emptied of everything? I guess she doesn’t understand yet that Roma is far away….too hard to take in. Could just be her way of trying to assimilate the concept. Well, at least she has you and Jen (and grandparents nearby). Maybe she’s going to be a decorator?????? Like her………….

  4. carabeth says:

    I have a friend who’s 14 now but used to do the same thing. For a long time her closet had a lock on it and the rest of her room was empty save her bedding and a couple of toys. It was the strangest childs room, but otherwise every single nap time she took *everything* down.

  5. Mike says:

    I seem to recall doing things like this myself. There’s just something about wanting to know how much stuff you have, and the best way to visualize this is to put it all in one pile.

  6. Jamie says:

    No pictures? You should tell her to do it again.

  7. champ says:

    Our son does this almost every day. He also has a lock on his closet door now, everything that can be is tethered to the wall. He will open bags of diapers, wipes, anything he can get his hands on. He is three and in general doesn’t take naps. He now has to clean up the mess for the most part himself.

  8. You so totally have a little girl. Colum has been making messes like that for so long that I experience the same surprise when he doesn’t fill his bedroom (and our living room, and the dining room, the computer nook, the kitchen, my bedroom and the bathroom) with massive piles of Everything. I have been trying to teach him to Take One Toy Out At A Time for so long that I’m sure there are people in town who think Take One Toy Out At A Time is his name.

  9. IbePiglet says:

    A good learning experience would have her clean it along with you, with gentle reminders when she tired or protested that we have to clean up our messes. That way, when she begins to take things out again, you can avoid a power struggle with a simple “remember how long it takes to clean up our messes” statement. She can make all the mess she wants, as she will pick it all up. It worked so well with mine (now all in college) that I only had 2 such messes over 3 children’s time. No yelling, just the know-it-all tone of voice, the one that fools them into believing you don’t really care.

  10. ShotgunDaddy says:

    Our son has done this a few times — every toy, every book, every stitch of clothing. And it’s exactly like you described — for a while you’re relaxing, happy that the house is so quiet. And then you realize: wait a minute, the house is so queit! It totally sucks, but I suppose there are a lot of worse things he could do…

  11. YH says:

    I reread this story just now — and chortled again over the “soft Devil’s Tower” reference. Now I’m trying to imagine Richard Dreyfuss’ character as one of those squishy Pickled People dolls from way back (kinda a precursor to the Cabbage Patch dolls).