This past weekend Trixie was helping Jennifer make pancakes. But she wouldn’t stop trying to eat the batter. (Don’t worry, no eggs. We only use mixes around here.)

Jennifer politely said, “I wish you wouldn’t eat that. It’s kinda gross.”

Trixie replied, “I LIKE IT,”

[long pause]

“But it is kinda gross.”

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3 Responses to Pancakes

  1. Judy says:

    Gross stuff at 2?


  2. Ali says:

    I like pancake mix too…. but it is kinda runny.

    I love your site. We read about the tracker when Addie was new. Maybe, at ten months with weird napping, it is time to give it a try!

  3. ad says:

    oh yeah pancake mix is yum!.
    Ali, is your childs full name addie or is it short for something? My name is addie to and ive just never heard any one else called it before.