2 years, 9 months, 12 days old


We brought a small wooden puzzle on the plane to keep Trixie occupied. It worked great for about 2 minutes and then pieces went everywhere. In retrospect I should have asked the passenger sitting behind us to if she could reach those stray pieces. At the time I thought it would be less obtrusive to just let Trixie crawl under the seat and get them. The lady behind us thought a gremlin was loose in the plane. I glad she didn’t scream any louder.

The rest of the flight was not as entertaining, but it was super easy. I had heard horror stories about traveling with kids. Trixie did great. Matter of fact, I wish I could always travel with a toddler because of the awesome preboarding policy at Southwest. Do you need to transport a toddler across the country? Call me.

This trip marked Trixie’s first flight. And the trip was an unorthodox one — visiting great-grandparents in Florida! We all had a great time visiting with Marvin and Carol (thanks so much for inviting us!). Trixie adapted pretty well for all the traveling involved and the shift in schedule. By adapted well, I mean about a dozen tantrum meltdowns a day, a refusal to nap and a 10pm bedtime. On the plus side she especially enjoyed having a new house to explore and when outside, an infinite number of lizards to chase after.

We hit the beach one day and Trixie got dipped into the Atlantic for the first time this year. She also came within 2 inches of stepping on a giant crab. I yelled for her to jump. She saw the crab. That was the end of the ocean for this trip. The sand was a lot of fun though and we all did some good digging.

This week also brought a lot of “THIS ONE GOES RIGHT HERE???”. That’s what Trixie asks when putting on her shoes. Normally I only hear it a few times in the morning when we get dressed. However, being on vacation, she got to take her flip-flops on and off about 60-70 times an hour. I’ll be so glad when she can tell the left and right shoes apart.

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3 Responses to 2 years, 9 months, 12 days old

  1. cori w says:

    trick my mom used for the shoe thing (she did daycare my entire life). put a smiley face on the inside heel part of the sole on both shoes. then tell trixie that for her shoes to be on the correct feet, the smiley faces have to kiss. should put a stop to the question of the day. 🙂

    love the stories! i hope to be a trixie tracker user come late june when our little one comes!

  2. jess says:

    i have two toddlers to transport. i’m ready for your phone number.

  3. remi says:

    ben, i’ve been reading the trixie update since shortly after she was born, but have never once posted a comment! gosh, this seemed like a good time.

    trixie is one smart kid; i’ve always been impressed not only with your writing, but your interpretation of trixie’s experience in the world. always a fascinating journey!

    anyway! when i was a little kid, my dad wrote on the tops of my feet in marker “L” an “R”, and then correspondingly on the bottom of my shoes. I couldn’t tie them for a long time, but I could get them on properly! ; 0

    maybe trixie can pick up that trick?