Two Things About Magazines

1) If I were as cool as Greg at daddytypes, I would have set up a database of baby-friendly bathrooms for the Triangle area the same way he has NYC covered. And if I had such a list, I would note how I flipped down the baby changing table at the New Hope Commons Barnes & Noble and Playboy’s College Girls spilled out. That’s disgusting — who’s going to want to buy a magazine after it’s been on a changing table?

2) Why were we at the book store? Because we’re popular! Popular Science, that is. We’re mentioned in an article about setting up your own blog, and they like our telemetry and metrics. Thanks PS!

Interesting side note: this is the first issue of PS I have ever seen that doesn’t feature some kind of flying car on the cover.

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20 Responses to Two Things About Magazines

  1. james kim says:

    yup, that is how i found this site. =)

    and i must hand it to you, it is quite impressive and entertaining. haha.

  2. Judy says:

    YAY! Congrats on the coverage! That is sooooo cool!

  3. becky says:

    Just a quick comment about baby-friendly bathrooms, since you brought it up. I was appalled when I went into the bathroom at a Burger King in Austin, TX, one that has the huge kids play area mind you, and it had no changing table at all…and I had a poopy toddler. 🙁 I don’t get it.

  4. hannah says:

    I agree – who wants poop on their smut? Gross. (You really cracked me up w/this one, benmac – and congrats on PS!)

  5. dmarie says:

    Found your site from the PS article. Congratulations on the publication of your site! Now, I’ll just have a look-see.

    Lafayette LA

  6. schaff says:

    In the twentieth century, the most popular type of science was putting rocket packs onto things. In the twenty-first, it could be baby telemetry. Who knows? Watch this space for how you can build your own baby at home.

  7. bj says:

    nope, didn’t find you from the magazine (a link from another . But, very very cute. I love the metrics. My husband has a baby book from kept by his dad, and it contains precisely the detailed stats that you have, except 1) 1965, so it’s in a lab notebook, not on the computer 2) no pictures. But, I can look up how many diaper change my husband had when he was 7 days old or how frequent his mom’s contractions were.

    it’s always been a great disappointment to me that my lawyer husband couldn’t see keeping such a lab notebook for our kids. (of course, I’m the scientist, but haven’t quite managed it myself). But, I’m going to try to take a picture every day!


  8. benmac says:

    bj: A lab notebook from 1965? That’s awesome! Long-live paper! I’ll be pretty tickled if Trixie’s significant other has a copy of the Trixie Update in the year 2045.

  9. J and J's Mom says:

    OK, I gotta comment here… I think there’s a bigger issue about finding porn in a public bathroom – hidden inside the baby changing station! This is not only disgusting, but quite disturbing – don’t you all agree?

  10. Bethany says:

    Sad to say, my husband has found Playboys in the men’s restroom–including in the baby changer, similar to benmac’s experience–at least three times that I know of, in a Phoenix-area Borders.

  11. Kelli says:

    Well, having worked in a Barnes & Noble (in Charlotte, NC), I can say that when we were cleaning the store after closing, we would find those mags “hidden” everywhere, leading to some stores placing them behind the cash registers. Personally, I’d rather find one in the bathroom than hidden in the children’s section, which was another popular location.

  12. Jan says:

    If you decide to do the TABA (Triangle area bathroom database) let me know. I’ve got a 3 month old and I’m in different ones in Raleigh quite regularly.

  13. Abbycat says:

    Baby-friendly bathrooms–amen. Let’s take it to a new level. Don’t just note where they are–speak up when they aren’t

    I’ve submitted “comments” on the Atlanta Bread Company and Starbucks websites, which yielded me canned responses about the vagaries of franchising… Next step is changing baby on a table next top the “order here” line. 😉

    C’mon–let’s make a stand for diaper changers in restaurant and store bathrooms. Playboy optional…

  14. hannah says:

    Being the shameless the-world-revolves-around-my-perfect-baby breeder that I am, I must admit I almost always *chose* to change my girl on the counter/table/chair/couch, etc., b/c even sans playboy, those changing tables in the bathroom always just seemed dirty to me and I would rather offend everyone else w/my baby’s poopy diaper than have her princess ass get public bathroom cooties. Between that little move and my oh-so-public nursing, I give us all a bad name. I’m sorry. Sort of.

  15. Jan says:

    Hannah, that’s why I’m a huge fan of those disposable changing table mats.

  16. I was wondering where I put that, by gum!

  17. Andrew says:

    Hey hey, I got your link off of PS too. You’re on my bookmark list now.

  18. Jeff says:

    OK… didn’t know where else to post this, but actually, given the subject of changing tables, this might be appropriate…

    Found from Gizmodo is Duds4Dads, cool stuff for a Dad.



  19. Britta says:

    Hi! I also found you in PS, and I’ve been a avid fan since. I’m hooked!

    -Britta, Alabama

  20. Gail says:

    I bet those blasted teenagers didn’t think anyone would find the smut! Drats!