Poll: What's the security object of choice in your household?

It took a while, but the poll is back. Let’s hear about the security objects in your household.

What’s the security object of choice in your household?

Blanket: 101
Pacifier: 80
Pillow: 15
Stuffed Animal :97
Thumb-sucking: 36
Chocolate: 37
Warm glow of the computer monitor : 49
Don’t have one: 58
Other: 21
By popular request, Boobies: 97

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33 Responses to Poll: What's the security object of choice in your household?

  1. Maddie's Mom says:

    Maddie’s security object is a stuffed Grover. A stuffed Ernie is coming up a close second, however. I checked stuffed animals for my answer, although Grover is a monster and I’m not sure exactly what Ernie is supposed to be. An orange boy? An orange man who lives with Bert? Anyone know?

  2. molly says:

    Ben, can’t you make the poll allow more than one choice?

    The fact that I checked “blanket” (a tattered pink sweatery-one) is a sign that I’ve fully given over myself to my 11-month-old daughter, because me, I’m true to only one security object: dark chocolate.

  3. lori says:

    “Warm glow of the computer monitor.”
    I couldn’t resist!…since I don’t have children.

    Hmmm, come to think of it, it must be true. I think, by default, our feline has become adicted to TTU…or is jumping on the desk b/c he wants our attention back! As a little girl, mine was a stuffed animal (teddy bear).

    Maddie’s Mom: Grover is my favorite Sesame Street character, too!
    Ben: I’m guessing Trixie’s is her Pink Blanket we see every so often…and referred to as “Silky?”

  4. jenni says:

    ben, you need the “other” option on your poll.

    true, tallulah goes to bed with “doggie” and “dr. dolly” – – but they don’t make it past the bedroom door during daylight hours. besides, i don’t believe she’d miss them if they were, say, um, accidentally left in the bag that is in the trunk of the car which is parked 2 blocks away on a really, really cold night.

    what she needs is blood. or proximity to. that is to say, she sucks on my neck (and evidently that of any strange babysitter in the middle of the night, which is a little disturbing – – more for them than her, probably. oh, and there was one who asked if i would vouch for her when her boyfriend asked about that new hicky….) it’s something she’s done for her entire 18 month life. i’m told it’s cute. my little vampire, literally sucking the lifeblood out of me. but let’s be honest, it’s long past geting creepy. and it makes a mess of the hair behind my left ear.

    however – – it works!! and unlike boobs when she was nursing, most people have necks that suffice! no doubt, i will mourn the day she stops – – or rue the day it manifests into some socially unacceptable oral fixation…

    anyone else have a baby that does this?

  5. Bobbe says:


    My 14-month-old baby’s comfort object is a blanket with a stuffed animal head (have you seen? kinda hard to describe.) I already voted and chose “blanket”, but maybe should have done “other”.

  6. Erika says:

    I have to vote other too. Jackson’s security comes from his hand in my hair. If he is really upset he gets both hands in and hangs on tight. The teacher at his daycare has similar hair to mine (short and curly) and he will sit in her lap and play with it when he is upset.

    He does sleep with a suffed dog a night, but he doesn’t seem to *need* it, he just likes it.

  7. benmac says:

    All: At the current time, I can’t make the poll accept more than one choice. Sorry:( However, I did add an “Other” option.

    jenni: That’s the best, creepiest thing I’ve heard all day. Thanks!

  8. For the littlest offspring of readers you forgot to include boobies. I had to mark other when I meant boobies. As in, “It’s happy booby time, it’s happy booby time” sung to Howdie Doodie.

  9. haeshu says:

    the polls are tough for us with more than one kid. i picked stuffed animal because of eliot, but collette is definitely a thumb sucker. but her ultimate comfort experience is sucking her thumb while holding on to a fistfull of hair. usually mine. at night in the crib she sucks on the little curly que of fake hair on her carebear doll. it grosses me out…

  10. K Ryan says:

    At my old job this lady had brought in her little girl…probably wasn’t much less than a year old. Anyway, she was holding her mom’s gown slip. Her mom says it’s her security blanket. I’m guessing b/c it’s so silky!

    My 21 month old son, though has no securities and I’m almost kinda glad! That way I don’t have to tear it away from him when it’s time to take it away…that would just break my heart! Taking away the paci was hard enough on him as it was and we actually started to take it away earlier than planned b/c we knew the longer we waited the harder it would take to get rid of the dern thing!

  11. jordansmom says:

    not finding a poll….

  12. aidens momma says:

    Maddies Mom: A GROVER!?! WOAH! my husband (whos 32) still has his grover that he had as a little guy. it sits on the nightstand next to his side of the bed. he even took it to basic training when he went into the army. he is a total grover nut. its soooo hard to find grover stuff. everythings always elmo lol. glad to see there is a new generation of grover lovers coming up…

    As for aiden, he doesn’t have a security item…unless ‘mommmmmmmaaaaa’ counts. he has a blanket my mother knitted for him of really soft yarn, but he only drags that out of the crib when his teeth are coming in or something along that lines. I had a stuffed rabbit and a blankie as a kid…the rabbit now sits with grover. my adult security thing would have to be dark chocolate!! (right on, molly!) the darker the better!!!!!

  13. Summer says:

    Autumn sucks her thumb. Lately she also plays with her hair (as we snuggle before bed i play with her hair, and if i stop, she puts her hand up there and pulls it down to let me know she wants me to play with it more! So cute!) So at mealtime, she gets her little sticky fingers playing with her hair, and at the end of the meal, it’s all stringy!!

  14. MT says:

    I agree with Rayne of Terror that boobies are missing from the poll. My toddler is no longer the littlest of offspring, but I belong to a small minority who still breastfeeds after one year.

    All of the 15+ folks in my baby group [we are TTU locals, BTW] do it, so I don’t even think it odd, until I’m out in public and get stared at for breast feeding a toddler.

    We were at the Durham Life Science Museum yesterday and Isaac needed to nurse. One mom with two older toddlers asked me how old he was [15 months], and gave me a thumbs up for still nursing. I think I DID NOT get a thumbs up from the 19 year-old at the Better Sleep store who had to endure the sight of me carrying around a nursing toddler while I looked at chair futons. It was like Carrie-Anne Moss photographed walking down the streets of LA nursing a toddler, except I’m no Carrie-Anne Moss, and there was no one in the Better Sleep store. Sometimes, a Silky would be nice…

  15. tj says:

    my son does something similar, but only to me! How funny, your little one seems quite addicted.

    I voted security blanket but we have the same kind of thing. Ours is an orange fish with black stripes. It looks pretty hideous but I bought it when I was was still on serious sleep deprivation and I didn’t want any of the usual things (sheep, dog, cow), so in a mad rush I just grabbed this thing. Now it has a name (Otto), is already missing some of its fuzzy stuff (he eats it, yak), and my son loves it.

  16. benmac says:

    By popular request, you can now vote for “Boobies”. Have fun 🙂

  17. Kimberley says:

    Glad you added the Boobies, my little 19 month old is still very attached to her “nuh-nuhs” and tries to rip off my shirt and attack any chance she gets. It’s a big fight to distract her and I’m glad I just started working fulltime. She only has access morning and evening now (Dad’s home fulltime now) so we’re finally cutting back. She’s getting good at buttons and zippers, so I have to keep a handful of tricks and drinks nearby and head her off. I feel like she’ll still be nursing at age 7 if I let her, so I’m trying hard to put an end to it now. I’ve tried to substitute a pink silk blanket and her “babies” that she sleeps with and even the pacifier, but no luck, she just wants the Mommies. When I come home from work, she runs to me and says “Mommy! …. Nuh-nuhs!” Nice greeting, huh?

  18. shdemeritt says:

    I too feel unable to vote b/c I cannot choose but one – we have 3 that are equally important – stuffed animal, pillow, and thumb sucking. Your low tech ways are disenfranchising me, Mr. Mac! But I know a loophole – I’ll just vote multiple times from different computers and browsers, once for each object. So there.

  19. kat says:

    Kiddo#1 is attached to his plush truck he calls Bruce. I don’t know where he got the name Bruce, but Bruce goes everywhere with us.

  20. Nina says:

    I was a pretty dang insecure kid! My fave thing to do before sleeping and while drinking my bottle was to run my fingers thru the sliky part of my blanket. It wasn’t a silky blanket it was your regular blanket on the bed that just had a large strip of satin or whatever across the top. And I didn’t just run my fingers thru it, it was a certain movement that I can only explain by showing.

    Also when I had seperation anxiety from being left at home with out mom I would go thru her draws and take an article of clothing, usually a shirt that still had her perfume scent on it and i would just carry it with me and smell it. Odd huh.

  21. Cylaine says:

    It is odd that advice says get them attached to a “lovey” and then you get the flip side of when to disengage them from said “lovey.” At one year old, my guy doesn’t seen all that interested in any particular object but does become interesed in an “item of the day.” He doesn’t need it for comfort, though.

    One nephew had to have his “‘case,” an eventually ratty old pillowcase that was carried everywhere until kindergarten and stayed in the bed until much later.

  22. lori says:

    Note to Ben: About my Silky question, which was sort of retorical anyway…Of course! Silky is/was Trixie’s security object. I hadn’t read on. I posted my comment above (last night) before I realized (this AM) there was another section to today’s post. I stopped at comments at the bottom. Just too amped about seeing a new poll, I guess.

  23. Allison says:

    Nice to know my vote counts somewhere.

  24. Michele says:

    To all of the parents of hair pullers: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! My 9mo daughter, Sabrina, loves pulling my hair, or locking my lower lip in a deathgrip while she takes her nighttime nursing. Even though she sleeps with a pacifier, nothing beats sticking your hand (or head) down mommy’s shirt when you get a little tweaked by a large crowd. LOL

    To the mom of the baby who sucks on your neck: Sabrina is not above nursing on ANY exposed skin of anybody handy when she wants “nursey-nursey”…

  25. Heather says:

    My youngest boy (4 mos) loves to nurse so that’s definitely #1… but he’s also into his baby blanket with lots of little holes for his little fingers to grasp. He seriously will sleep about twice as long if he’s wrapped in that blanket.

    My eldest (3.5 yrs) also loves his blanket. Same type, made by the same relative, had it since he was born, still on his bed to this day, although it seems to be falling apart (big gaping hole in the middle, gotta fix that one of these days).

  26. Kirsten says:

    My kid loves the boobie, too. But, more interesting, my little cousin growing up was attached to a vaccuum cleaner – the kind with a long hose. For a year and a half he slept with the thing in his bed and dragged it around the house. Crazy kid.

  27. Averie Momma says:

    I had to click other because Averie’s security still comes from her bottle at 2 with just plain whole milk. Of course that is with a side of mom or dad (dado) for what she calls “hug bugs”. She likes to drink it on our lap or in bed with us in the mornings and then pinches our love handles. At least she doesnt need this to sleep! She is in her own big girl bed and just has one last bottle til she is out. But then she has her pillow her cousin made but this never leaves the bed so i wouldnt call it a security item.

  28. Suzanne says:

    I had to vote other. Sagan carries around his Little People schoolbus and his Take-along Thomas carrying case. He take that Thomas case everywhere. We bought it at Tweetsie when we went to see Thomas because my husband thought Sagan’s trains would fit in it. That’s when we discovered how many sizes and types of Thomas trains there actually are. Didn’t bother Sagan though, he even sleeps with it!

  29. Marie says:

    In our house, it’s not a stuffed animal, but a live animal…our fat cat Missy is a great calming influence for our daughter. Missy had been our “little girl” for 5 years before our daughter arrived (we also have 2 “boys,” one feline, one canine). Missy is the one with the patience, tolerance for mistreatment, and soft texture that makes her just the right companion for our daughter (who will be 2 in May).

  30. michele says:

    Sheesh! How ’bout “All of the above” ?!?

    Our toddler, whom I never saw as particularly insecure (until now), loves and cannot live without:
    her blanket (actually, just the tag on the blanket would suffice),
    her “Bear-Bear,”
    her thumb,
    her hair (for scratching – when she’ll really tired),
    and most of all, boobies. Lots and lots of boobies.

    Hmmm… what does all this mean?!?

  31. chip says:

    for my son it was a few pillowcases of the same pattern that he bonded to when he was 8 months old. He is now 11 (years) and still has them with him in bed, though he doesn’t seem quite as attached to his “bedah”s as he used to be.

  32. Abbycat says:

    The cat rules in our house too! When baby is screaming on the changing table, cat comes in, meows; baby immediately stops howling to look at cat.

    When nursing baby to sleep, I usually have to make room on the boppy cushion for cat too. Baby reaches back and strokes his sleek fur and seems to derive great confort from his presence. He only occasionally ends up in her crib, but used to love napping on her changing pad.

  33. grass says:

    I think the reason some people aren’t finding the poll is because it’s only on the Index page, but if you’re like me and coming from an RSS reader, you go straight to the entry page.