Code Orange

Who knows what “emergency clothes” are? Before daycare I would have assumed a hazmat suit would qualify. Now I know it’s the backup outfit for when your child makes some kind of ungodly mess at daycare. The last time it happened, Trixie had puked all over herself, and I think, maybe one of the teachers. (Are you supposed to send an apology gift for something like that? Just for the record, Hallmark does not make a “I’m sorry my child threw up on you” card.)

Yesterday, I picked Trixie up and she was decked out in orange. Our back-up clothes consist of Target Halloween department-wear that Trixie hasn’t quite grown out of — orange “The Thing” pants and an orange shirt with a kitty cat on it. We did not include the pumpkin. After thinking about it, I wish I had included her cape.

Even more so than being concerned about what had happened, I was embarrassed that I didn’t know in advance of picking her up. I hadn’t been watching the web-cams that morning, which isn’t that unusual. I don’t normally spend a lot of time viewing Trixie on the computer because it’s either insanely addictive or an exercise in total frustration.

The former because it’s like the Sims Toddlin’ Expansion Pack without the little green crystals floating above the avatars. All the tiny characters are either hungry or sleepy or have to go the bathroom. Social relationships form, grow, and break down. Add more toys to make everyone happy. The only difference is that everything is jerky and somewhat fish-eyed, instead of smoothly rendered in axiometric perfection.

If you aren’t lucky enough to find a happening scene, then you can waste a lot of time playing a futile game of search with the dozen plus cameras set up throughout the daycare. The problem is that the cameras don’t provide complete coverage, and since each video stream takes a few seconds to load, it can take a few minutes to search the daycare. By the time you’re done you might have missed an area. Plus, they could be outside, or in the password-restricted nursery area.

To avoid these two extremes, I don’t check in as much as you might expect, although I’m going to do more in the future. And as for what I didn’t see on camera yesterday? There’s a play oven set out on the playground that fills with water when it rains. She dumped it all over herself somehow. It would probably have been pretty refreshing if it weren’t 50 degrees outside.

The good news is that this incident solves a daycare mystery. Jenn and I already knew that Trixie is a little bit of a packrat and she likes to hide things when she discovers a good spot. The play oven is apparently a good spot. Trixie’s sippy cup, missing since last week, has been recovered.

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15 Responses to Code Orange

  1. Erika says:

    I panicked the first time I picked up Jackson and he was in his extra clothes. It turns out they just had applesauce for lunch.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m really surprised that you haven’t yet set up a system by which your computer automatically visits each of the daycare cameras every so often and grabs a few seconds of video… you could probably do it enough times to piece together a flip-book-like video of what goes on, and you wouldn’t have to do it by hand.

    Heck, go the extra mile on this and get the facial-recognition software that Ybor City uses to pick out troublemakers in the crowd and you can even only have it capturing video when it recognizes Trixie.

  3. Abbycat says:

    Each day she goes to daycare, I think of whether her emergency duds will look OK with whatever footwear she’s got on. Geez, I’m not such a great dresser myself, but I sure don’t want Sophie to have a mismatched ensemble.

  4. haeshu says:

    for some reason i am picturing some archaic version of frogger and ben moving the cameras all over the place. i love that her emergency clothes are all orange! perfect!

  5. Maddie's Mom says:

    Ha! When I picked up Maddie yesterday, she also had on her emergency clothes; however, they were the Christmas clothes that still fit her…She wore the Halloween ones last week. Spaghetti for lunch on both days.

    Sounds like Trixie is doing much better at day care. Hooray for everyone!

  6. Maddie's Mom says:

    Me, again! Maddie also has those Target pants…we call them her rocker-chick pants and pair them with a tiny Led Zeppelin t-shirt and converse high tops. Well…we enjoy it, even if she is clueless about her look.

  7. Giddings says:

    Regarding “Are you supposed to send an apology gift for something like that? Just for the record, Hallmark does not make a “I’m sorry my child threw up on you” card”, once the FYO had horrible diarrea at preschool which literally made the teacher puke upon the scent of it. We felt so terrible we went out and got her a gift certificate for a local coffee shop!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Coming home in the emergency clothes is supposed to be a noteworthy event? I think that Dorothy has come home more often in her backup clothes than in the ones she started out in since she started at the new daycare. Between explosive pooping, adventures with the “sensory table,” and fingerpainting, we pretty much assume that we’ll be getting a little plastic bag of clothes to pick up every day.

    Noteworthy is when she comes home in clothes belonging to the daycare, because she went through both of her emergency backup outfits, and/or when her blankets and sheets also come home for emergency laundering.

  9. Jane says:

    The Sims Toddlin’ Expansion Pack bit is the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. And the kids’ language skills probably render them sounding like Sims, too: “Yoooo hoooo? Ahbash amay abay wee waugh!!”

    Now if they would just wave maniacally at the cameras when they need a potty break…

  10. Carrie says:

    That’s so cool that her daycare has webcams! I don’t think that trend has hit this area (we’re pretty rural) but it’s a great idea. At least Trixie had her backup outfit, as out of place as it seemed.

  11. Nina says:

    I remember having to find emergency clothes for kids who didn’t have any back ups in their cubbies when I worked at a daycare. Those kids looked like wellfare type kids, I’d rummage thru a big box of clothes that strayed from where they belonged and no one could figure out whos it was. So a 5 month old could go home whereing a 2 year olds tee shirt. We had to swap diapers sometimes too when one kid ran out, we tried to find a kid who was similar in size so the diapers would fit but sometimes….oh man!

    BTW, I wish it was 50 degrees here. If I spilled rain water on myself first of all it would be a block of ice and second I would have major frost bite. BRRR!

  12. Natalie says:

    You made me laugh out with your Hallmark card comment. I don’t think you need to send a card/gift because of that incident, but you should have a word with him/her and maybe give her/him a little something at a bigger, special event as a thank-you.

  13. kat says:

    Wow..that’s interesting about the webcams in her day care. Kind of a weird nannycam/voyeur set up. I could easily see myself being addicted to wtaching wondering what kiddo#1 is doing!

  14. kat says:

    Hey — saw this just recently, reminded me of your blog! It’s basically a baby excel type program to chart breastfeeding, diapers, etc.

    Not spam, but so funny that I read about it today after reading your blog.

  15. Caro says:

    Oh Man — I wish MY daycare parents gave me stuff when kids throw up ! In fact i just got hit last week :))!!! But how i looked was NOTHING compared to the little girl next to the exploder :)) !!! Poor babies, LOL.