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Poll: Who's the weak link

Take a look at today’s TPOD and then tell us what happens in your household. (Poll is on your left under Latest TTU Comments on the Trixie Update homepage.)

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It's not Bribery — it's Coercion

How do you get a toddler to do the things they are supposed to do? I’m happy to report that we have long been able to influence Trixie by not so subtle use of behavior modification techniques. On the positive … Continue reading

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I don’t know whether it was the socialization and daily exposure to other talking children in daycare or if it just happened to coincide with her natural pace of development, but Trixie vocalizes all the time now. We’re relieved. When … Continue reading

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Poll: What's the security object of choice in your household?

It took a while, but the poll is back. Let’s hear about the security objects in your household. What’s the security object of choice in your household? Blanket: 101 Pacifier: 80 Pillow: 15 Stuffed Animal :97 Thumb-sucking: 36 Chocolate: 37 … Continue reading

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The End of Innocence

Trixie isn’t a kid anymore. I always figured I wouldn’t realize it until she started kindergarten or maybe college. Instead, it happened Tuesday. I was dropping her off at daycare, unpacking her stuff for the day and her teacher told … Continue reading

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Code Orange

Who knows what “emergency clothes” are? Before daycare I would have assumed a hazmat suit would qualify. Now I know it’s the backup outfit for when your child makes some kind of ungodly mess at daycare. The last time it … Continue reading

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