Suddenly the daycare nap problem doesn’t seem so bad

How short my memory is. It was only last week that Trixie was throwing up with a stomach bug, but it might as well have been the week before because I had completely forgotten what constitutes a real problem when it comes to toddlers.

Yesterday I was up in arms about a less than ideal nap schedule. Today I asked the daycare to encourage her to stay awake if she started acting sleepy. So how did it go? The results are mixed. On the plus side, she did not take a nap this morning. On the negative side, she did puke everywhere around 11:15am. And apparently she was acting tired right before this happened, so who knows, maybe she would have slept had it not been for the inconvenience of projectile vomiting.

I went and collected her and brought her back home. Just in time to discover what frantic pawing at the mouth means. Here’s a hint: It doesn’t mean, “My teeth hurt from teething.” BTW, Jenn, don’t throw your stuff on the couch when you get home.

With Trixie in her third change of clothes for the day, and my second, I foolishly give her a saltine cracker to settle her stomach. This is the part of the story where I tell expectant, concerned readers that hardwood floors are worth a few mild concussions because they are much, much easier to clean up than carpet.

Secure in her fourth change of clothes, Trixie dropped off to sleep a few minutes ahead of schedule at 12:51pm. The household is once again running like clockwork.

[UPDATE 2/15/05 4:05pm] Now the household is running like a broken clock. Trixie has thrown up 7 times total today. We’ve been to the doctor and we’re waiting to see if she can keep water down. If that works we’ll move up to diluted apple juice, otherwise I guess we’ll have a “Trixie goes to the ER” TPOD week.

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  1. Becky says:

    Wow. You read my mind. Thanks for the follow-up! Ignore my comment from about 2 minutes ago!

    Sorry that Trixie is still sick, I hope she feels better soon. You’ll all get the daycare thing down soon enough.

  2. Valerie says:

    Do kids normally throw up this much when they get sick?

  3. Jamie says:

    Odd. My daughter Sam woke us up this morning by barfing up half-digested peas all over her crib and then all over my wife when she went in to get her. She’s 12 months old and it’s the first time she’s thrown up in quite a while.

  4. Maddie's Mom says:

    Aaaaarrgh! Poor Trixie. Poor Ben. Poor Ben and Jenn’s couch.

    By the way, I knew when I had a baby that I’d be cleaning up bodily fluids of all types; babies are notoriously leaky. However, I did not know I’d be cleaning them up off of myself. Off of my hair. Off of my *bra*! Nonparents, consider yourself warned.

  5. Kari says:

    daycares are big germ breeding homes, but the amount of germs can be reduced if the place is cleaned throughout the day…toys have to be sanitized constantly and hands washed a lot. i don’t like seeing Trixie so sick. i hope she gets to tip top shape soon.

  6. hannah says:

    Oh no! That girl is just a puking machine. So sorry. Feel better all.

  7. Michelle says:

    Just to assuage some of the worries of expectants parents, seems like Trixie has had an extra bad time with the projectile vomiting in her short life. My 19 month old DS (knock on wood!) has not ever vomited. Now, of course, he’ll be puking like there’s no tomorrow just because I put this in writing!

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s had his share of colds this winter and one ear infection last year, but we’ve been very lucky with the illness. Of course, he’s at home with me, so the only exposure he gets to other little ones is a once-a-week playgroup and Sundays at church. Nothing compared to the mighty daycare germs!

    Nothing worse than a sick kid though, good luck!

  8. jenni says:

    whole haricot verts over here in the land of french toddlers. it was only the second time she’s vomited, not counting the half-dozen post-trauma-pukes after she ran off the edge of a bed onto a carpeted (!) floor. someone asked me my secret for keeping her from getting sick. answer: ground toasted flaxseeds in her oatmeal every morning. oh yeah, and no daycare!! as for my well being? i may be healthy in body, but i’m completely koo-koo otherwise. in spite of your recent entries and warnings, ben, i’m *still* looking for a spot in a creche over here!! bon courage…

  9. Amy, mother of Emily says:

    If you really want to follow up a multiday vomit fest with a kicker, try giving your child liquid medicine via dropper prescribed by your pediatrician because your child was vomiting…. only to have it vomited up too. That was a sad, sad day.

  10. Leslie says:

    Perhaps this new information explains TPOD, Trixie felt sick so she was adminstering meds to her dolls who were also sick. Hope the pedi prescribes something much more kind and gentle for Trixie herself.

  11. Karen says:

    Sorry Trixie is so sick! Andrew started daycare in January and has had two stomach flus already, one in which he ended up in the ER after feeding him pedialyte for hours at a time through a medicine dropper failed to hydrate him. He also managed to infect Mom, Dad, Grandma, Uncle Shane, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Kenny.

    The good news is the doctor says he’ll be a much stronger kid for all this illness after a very long first year. And the doctor said we’re at an excellent center … I was worried it was dirty or something. I guess they expect them to get this sick.

    I am in awe of the prices people are quoting in daycare. I’m in Wake Forest and daycares here are at $1100 a month. To top that, I decided to go back to work part-time, which actually costs more – the equivalent of $60 a day for a Tuesday Thursday schedule. It does seem to be a good center, but after reading what others are paying I’m feeling ripped off!

  12. Summer says:

    I’m with Michelle…. Autumn’s never had the flu or thrown up. She’s currently getting over her 3rd cold (19 months old – so pretty good since birth!) She’s at home with me and even at church, sits with us or my parents who love to hold her there too! I’m so sorry to hear about all the other sicknesses that your babies have. I consider myself lucky! Feel better soon Trixie.

  13. SuzyQ says:

    Well, if they aren’t exposed to daycare mega-germs, then there’s always the Kindergarten giga-germs looming on the horizon! Ben, try to get some anti-nausea suppositories (Phenergan is the brand name prescription) from your doc. The whole suppository thing is pretty ooky, kinda like rectal temperatures, but the medicine gets in their system & makes them sleepy, too!

  14. Tanya says:

    I hope Trixie feels better soon!!!! my neice just started junior kindergarten this past Sept and has not been “well” at all. She is always fightin something – but on the bright side she will have been exposed to all this early on and **hopefully** get a good immune system from it!
    Get better soon!!!!!!

  15. Welcome to the Petri Dish.

  16. Becky says:

    Poor Trixie! I had to go to the ER for a similar problem a couple of years ago. If it helps her feel better then great, but I was still vomiting when they discharged me! They thought it was food poisoning, which they can’t really do anything about, so they rehydrated me so I wouldn’t collapse and sent me home. I hope Trixie doesn’t have to go through that! 🙁 Good luck!

  17. ibepiglet says:

    I’m curious about whether you still think that massive vomiting and anxiety hysteria are something to subject trixie to when you don’t HAVE to have her in day care in order to support yourselves.

  18. Tom N. says:

    If they want to give her an antibiotic, you might want to ask them about not using Omnicef (I may have the spelling incorrect). That’s what the doctor prescribed for Dorothy when she got her double ear infection, and she’s been unwilling to eat anything since then. One of the administrators at daycare (admittedly, not a doctor) said that she’d seen a few kids taking Omnicef who got their stomachs tied in knots and unable/unwilling to eat for a while. Let me tell you that you don’t want Trixie to suffer severe weight loss due to refusal to eat, because it sucks.

  19. Molly says:

    From a longtime reader who’s never posted (and from a mother of a 10-month-old who did her own share of vomiting last month), my sympathies to Trixie, you and Jenn! I hope that Trixie is feeling better soon–I know how scary these sicknesses can be.

    And I also extend my sympathies for the fact that you have to deal with the kind of guilt tripping exemplified by the poster two above me here. As if you’re not worried enough about Trixie already (and feeling your own share of guilty feelings about her sickness), you have to be made to feel as if it’s all due to some selfishness of yours! Sending children to daycare is a choice most parents grapple painfully with (myself included), but can often be the RIGHT choice for those parents and their children, even if it does mean a rough (but typically brief) adjustment period. And then others (who really know VERY little of one’s full situation, needs, etc.) attempt to lay on the guilt when you’re already down. I guess this is what you open yourself up to when you’re honest about your own choices and struggles with day care, but I don’t imagine it is what you were looking for!

  20. hannahbanana says:

    Poor sweetie. I hope she feels better soon.
    I’m new to the site, but I enjoy your stories and pictures.
    And as regards the previous poster, there’s no reason to feel guilty. Hey, I turned out ok, and I spent a lot more time in daycare than Trixie does (actually I went to a a wonderful place for almost 8 years where they loved me like their own. It was like a second home to me).

  21. Amy says:

    Yes, poster up there was completely out of line. There are other reasons to work, and they can ultimately make for happier parents and happier children. Besides, the right day care is basically a huge play group–nothing better to me than taking my girlie in and sitting her down in the middle of a happy group…kids coming up to hug and kiss her…and no, I’m not exaggerating. It’s remarkable. Hang in there.

    PS–for really “fun” projectile vomiting, I suggest food allergies. Oy. Make sure there’s not something like that going on…

  22. robot says:

    Maybe it’s time to start working on “vomit telemetry”? Poor trixie…. hope you guys don’t have to make a trip to the ER. Shame on that poster who is trying to make you feel guilty for putting Trixie in daycare. There are TONS of studies that demonstrate that daycare is good for kids’ social development and immune systems, and even provides benefits in terms of reducing the likelihood of immmune-related problems like asthma, diabetes, and allergies. Er…. good for the immune system in the long run, that is…. in the short term, you get to look forward to lots and lots of vomit…

  23. Sarah says:

    Feel better poor Trixie.
    I’m sure this has already been thought of, but is there a chance that over there at day care Trixie is eating some kind of snack that she has an allergic reaction to? Eggs in the cookies?
    Oh..and thanks for the nap story. Francy has finished the transition to one nap and we are all better off. I used your advice and it worked out well.

  24. FirstTimePoster says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Trixie. I am the working mom of a 10 month old and I know the issues of daycare. Mine has been there part-time since she has been little and is unable to establish a good nap schedule. I think the noise and stimulation makes it difficult. Also, she has caught many colds and viruses. The springtime will make this better.

    I am sure you have tried lots of water and pedialyte to keep her hydrated. And I agree about the suppository- it will help with the vomiting.

  25. Averie'sMomma says:

    After being a full time nanny and working in a daycare myself for many years befor having my own children, I will never put my kids into a center. Trixie illnesses are one of the reasons why. Those places never get cleaned all the way and the kids pass germs from all kinds of body fluids back and forth all day long on toys they put in mouths or touch with hands that have just been up thier nose or in thier pants area durring potty time. If you must have a day care situation, think about spending the money to hire some one. Especally if you work at home. Then you can still have a watchful eye on what is going on (no extra naps) and your child gets alot more individual attention and a lot less germs. Plus she will think a special friend is coming over to play and get excited in the morning rather than through a fit about seperation. If you still want to see her with more socialization join a play group with other at home children. These are great for parents to get ideas too.

  26. getagrippeople says:

    Really, you should just build a plastic bubble around her — preferably with some air filtration system attached. Isolation and complete avoidance of germs is the only way to go. Have you seen “The Aviator?” Q-U-A-R-A-N-T-I-N-E

  27. jan tompkins says:

    Keep her home!!! Nothing is more important than her health!!! Feel better little one!

  28. Christy says:

    I was just checking in to see how Trixie was feeling. Looks like she slept pretty well last night so hopefully that means she’s doing well.

    Looks like this stay home vs day care issue is a hot one. I know the poll has been turned off, but this might be a good one to see how many kids stay home vs go to day care and how many of those are happy with their current situation. Personally, my kids (3yrs and 16mos) are in day care (we call it “school”) and we’re all happy with that. They love it.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon Trixie.

  29. Lennon's Dad says:

    Let me add to the previous posters on both the amount of vomiting comments and the eyerolling over the ridiculous comment about Trixie not “needing” to go to Day Care.

    Lennon, at 30 months, has had two illnesses bad enough to induce vomiting. Both times were multiple events (I don’t think we reached 7 a day tho), but in case they were overnights, so we went through multiple bedsheet changes, pajamas for everyone, etc.

    As for this being “gotten” at Day Care … I dunno. Yes, as everyone knows, Day Care is a petri dish. But frankly, kids NEED to go, both for the social interaction and the immunity build up. Trixie is (Currently) an only child, and tho I’m sure Ben is a fun Dad and she gets to go and do fun things, it isn’t the same learning experience for a child as playing with other kids for an extended period. Every teacher, Gymboree instructor and nurse I’ve spoken to says you can tell the difference between the day cares and the “stay homes”. You over protect the kid now, and she’ll pay later, both in social learning and immunity build up.

    Good luck Ben, feel better Trixie. Lennon sends his hugs (but not too much, ewww icky~)

  30. haeshu says:

    ben, do you think her stomach problems are related to anxiety about going to daycare? i remember getting so worried as a kid that i would get sick to my stomach. just a thought. hope she is feeling better today! happy belated valentines day!

  31. Abbycat says:

    As mom to a nursing 10 month old, I’ve mined the TTU archives for clues and info on pumping, feeding, milestones, etc. Over time, I’ve noticed that, even before she started daycare, Trixie had illnesses that were treated with antibiotics & other medicines.

    Notwithstanding the awesome force of spontaneously occurring BIDS, do you think some germs may have travelled home from the hospital where your wife works? Or maybe Trixie has lots of playdates? Or allergies?

    Anyway, my point is this: have you considered nontraditional approaches such as homeopathic remedies? I’d love to get some feedback on this. We’ve used oragel & baby tylenol, and I’m really nervous about introducing antibiotics or decongestants or whatever. Anyone have thoughts on this?

  32. Jenna says:


    I was doing a project using cards and I was searching for pictures of cards, and your half eaten one came up. What a funny and true site, hopefully Trixie will not be mortified when she grows up.

    As far as Daycare germs go: scientifically, it is healthier to go to day care because children who went to daycare are shown to have stronger immune systems when they get older because they get exposed to so many things.

    What a nice website.

  33. FrumDad says:

    Hi all.

    I don’t remember when this became a tell-Ben-how-to-raise-his-kid site, as opposed to a community of parents and non-parents sharing advice and opinion and support, and I recognize that there’s a fine line between the two. (Enough of the second bit directed to a particular situation of a particular child becomes more like the first bit.)

    I just think maybe we should pull back a bit and think about if we’ve crossed the aforementioned line. A pretty good litmus test is if you find yourself posting a comment telling Ben (or another parent on here) what *they* *should* do, as opposed to what *you* *would* do in a similar situation.

    [Google Wangle: Orthodox Jewish Father]

  34. lori says:

    I can’t relate to any of this (daycare related illness, etc), but I’ve always heard that being around other children (ie in daycare) does expose your child to germs and whatnot which is *supposed* to strengthen a child’s immune system. Just one question…WHEN is that…how long does it take for your child to be immune to all those nasty viruses/germs???

    To my husband who is reading this: When we do have a baby, can we just get one like what Michelle & Summer have – a rarely get sick baby…or at least a non-puking Trixie, please? Like this HAPPY child!

    My thoughts & well wishes are with you, Ben, Trixie and Jenn (J-hope you can dodge this one!)

  35. Amy says:

    Just a short Huzzah for FrumDad.

  36. J and J's Mom says:

    UGH! I feel so sorry for you, Ben and Trixie. Hope you are all feeling better.

    As for the comments for and against daycare, I’ll add my two cents: to each his own, that’s what makes the world go ’round. 🙂

  37. Nancy says:

    Just one more comment on daycare – my son has been in a center since he was 6 months, he’s now 18 months. In his short life he’s vomited once, and that was from soy formula we stupidly gave him in an attempt to get him to sleep through the night. At least I found out I was right, being breastfed had nothing to do with his sleep. Anyway, he did have several colds, or possibly one never-ending cold, but we’ve been relatively cold-free for a couple of months now. So I’d say it could take as long as a year for those germ-defenses to build up. And hopefully he will be well protected against the kindergarten giga germs.

  38. Suzanne says:

    I work in a pediatric office, and we’ve had five staff members out throwing up so far this week, and two more who were feeling nauseous today. There’s a terrible bug going round.
    As far as the daycare, one of my friends at work mentioned something about the nap situation. I just caught the end of it, but she said if she ran a daycare, they’d be sleeping all the time and she’d tell the parents they were all playing pretend (pretend to be awake!) I’ll see if she’s having issues too…

  39. ibepiglet says:

    Ok, first of all, I didn’t lay a guilt trip on Ben for the daycare thing. But I think people today, AS A RULE, are quick to put their kids into day care without first trying to figure out ways to stay at home with them (smaller/older houses, smaller/older cars, shift work…). Ben isn’t going to crumble from my question and surely doesn’t need everyone to pick of swords of defense on his behalf. Think about this, those of you who are so critical that I merely SUGGESTED that Trixie not go to day care: 1) I never said daycare was bad; 2) we are so concerned about breast feeding and nurtition and keeping their heads safe and baby proofing our houses…but the idea of giving up $$$ to stay home with our kids causes hysteria.

  40. benmac says:

    I don’t care if Trixie picks up Ebola from daycare — she’s staying in there.

  41. Summer says:

    I’m kinda slow…. does this mean that you’re done with Trixie in daycare?

  42. Ann says:

    Ben, that might be the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. I was just thinking how this entire thread reminded me of the July 2004 controversy involving organic/bovine growth hormone milk. Good times.

    Bless you and your TIDS.

  43. Summer says:

    Duh nevermind. “she’s staying in” means she’s staying in daycare! For some reason, i was thinking “she’s staying in home” but then that comment didn’t make sense to me. Well now it does, and my question’s answered! Thanks!

  44. benmac says:

    I added a “there” to the end of “she’s staying in” to hopefully clarify.

    BTW, thanks Ann 🙂

  45. mom2four says:

    Get Well Quickly, Trixie (& family). We also have the virus of the week going around our house. As for daycare, I’d rather my kids get exposed when they are young, and build a stronger immune system, than when they start Kindergarten and miss half the year because they catch every illness that goes around. Plus, my stay-at-home twins had their 2nd (for twinA) and 3rd (twinB) set of tubes placed when they were 28 months old. Kids will get sick — comes from having a young immune system. Just wash their hands 50 times a day and you may stay on top of it 😉 (tucking a bottle of hand sanitizer in their bag and feeding them vitamin C may not hurt either)

    And for those that say keep them home and wrap them in bubble wrap, my neighbor kept her daughter home with her, and only let her go to family’s houses. When she started K, she cried every day until she was sick until January (over four months) because she didn’t want to leave home. Socialization at a young age is good for children.

  46. cj says:

    My son seemed to have more than his fair share of daycare center related illnesses when I returned to work. My poor baby suffered through ear infections, throwing up and leaked enough snot to fill a lake. I’m proud to say that he’s a healthy, happy second-grader who has had perfect attendence for the three years he’s been in school. Hang in there – her immune system will thank you later!

  47. emma says:

    I’m going to beat a dead horse here, but we just got back from my daughter’s 18 month check-up. I asked the doctor what her opinion is about this issue of daycare/illness and she said that she encourages parents to keep their children out of daycare during infancy if at all possible. (Infancy meaning up to age 2 or 3.) Her feelings were that a child is better able to cope with illnesses in general once they are a bit older and have more developed immune systems. But she also qualified her statement by saying that you weren’t harming your child by putting him in daycare earlier. So ultimately, do whatever works for you and your situation.

    We struggled with the daycare decision a few months ago (my daughter and Trixie are the same age) but decided against it – a little bit because of illness and daycare cleanliness issues but mostly because my daughter has EXTREEEMMME separation anxiety. My husband and I just don’t feel comfortable pushing her too hard at this time. Some kids are born more shy than others I suppose. We’re doing a weekly playgroup and doing playdates when we can for socialization. And we’ll be doing preschool at least a few days a week when she turns three. I’m a WAHM so not doing daycare is an option for us right now. On the flip side though, I’ve had to buckle on the TV issue a little bit in order to get some things done.

    Get better Trixie!

  48. Kanga says:

    I guess it comes down to this: Would one prefer a sick infant/toddler or a sick kindergartener? My preference (well, I’d prefer for A. never to be sick!) was to have a sick kindergartener…since she’s able to tell me what hurts and what feels bad.

    Bubble wrap? Please. Not dissing a parent’s childcare choices is a two-way street. In some cases, daycare is the only option. But don’t justify it by saying it’s healthier for your kid. I kept my daughter home with me until Kindergarten. A. is well-socialized (imagine!), loving school, and not as sick as you’d believe.

    Ben, I hope you and Trixie feel better soon!

  49. Allison says:

    I empathize with your daycare struggle/dealing with illness, etc. I am writing a book to come out this September called The Germ Freak’s Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu. I am pitching many women’s magazines on the angle that our kids today (my 3-yr-old twins included!) are exposed to all kinds of germs. I am wondering if you have any comments or would like to be included in that article–i.e. do you have any “techniques” you use to keep your child safe. i.e. take Purell to gym class, wash their hands, etc.

  50. Sarah says:

    This whole debate about daycare has pretty much been solved already, but I thought I would share my opinion. My mom has worked at the same daycare for 13 years, in the one year old class. While they might not like their their parents leaving them at first, the toddlers really do love it. I can tell because when they move up to the next age group, they always pass by her class and scream “MRS.PAT!!!” and give her a hug. One little girl this past summer knew everyone in the classes name, and if someone didn’t come one day, she would say, “Chloe?? Where’s Chloe??” Yeah, they do make friends there. At least for one year olds. (:

  51. Leila says:

    My baby is 16mnts old and I am moving him from a daymother to a nursery school I am so scared that he will get sicker than what he was at the daymother and my bosses never allow me to take off sick they make your life hell if you dare take off sick with your child they make you take it off your annual leave I just hope im doing the right thing theres no going back now I gues I paid my deposit!!

  52. LAD says:

    WHY WOULD YOU TAKE A VOMITTING KID TO DAYCARE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????