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The Daycare Effect

It was worth it. Even the rolling around on the floor with Ebola leaking out out of my face, clutching my stomach in agony part. Trixie loves daycare now, and the whole household is as well as we have been … Continue reading

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I'm down

Trixie’s bug has hit me in a serious way. Just wanted to let you guys know that Trixie seems like she’s going to be fine, and that I’m not ignoring the comments — I just can’t respond at the current … Continue reading

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Suddenly the daycare nap problem doesn’t seem so bad

How short my memory is. It was only last week that Trixie was throwing up with a stomach bug, but it might as well have been the week before because I had completely forgotten what constitutes a real problem when … Continue reading

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This post will be deleted or heavily edited

I know, you should never post things on your blog that might get you into trouble, especially when it comes to your daycare provider. But I’m not too worried — they have never read this blog. If they did, then … Continue reading

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Ask your doctor to see if Infant Visual Stimulation is right for you

At the request of a reader, I pulled together some of visual patterns we tested on Trixie as an infant. However, for liability reasons, the Trixie Update doesn’t recommend using these for children under the age of 12. The Trixie … Continue reading

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Not FDIC Insured | No Bank Guarantee | May Lose Value

Trixie is back in daycare today after so far missing 3 out of 8 scheduled days due to stomach problems. That leaves quite a bit of room for improvement. No one passes out gold stars for a 63% attendance record. … Continue reading

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A Bigger Change

So, as reported below, no more Diaper Telemetry. I’m sure the disposable diaper companies are glad it’s gone. They don’t want you thinking about how many diapers a baby goes through — it’s not good for their business. I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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Last Call

I’m discontinuing Diaper Telemetry in the near future. There are a bunch of reasons, but the biggest is that Trixie is getting better and better at using the potty. Recently there have been several times that we were able to … Continue reading

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