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I would laugh, but I think my throat would start bleeding

Trixie has successfully infected us once again. Jenn and I are horribly sick, providing further evidence that BIDS never goes away. I guess that shouldn’t really be a surprise because, by definition, BIDS isn’t going anywhere until there is no … Continue reading

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A Real Trixie Update

Trixie is doing better today. Her fever has broken. I’m sure it’s not gone for good, but it has been below 100 all morning. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of snot. A whole lot. I think she’s excreting some kind … Continue reading

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It’s my understanding that the “danger” fever zone is about 104. Above that and you might need to rush to the ER. But at what temperature do you personally start to panic? What’s your fever threshold for your baby? Vote … Continue reading

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Trixie's sick

It’s like someone puréed a jellyfish, unscrewed the top of her head, poured it in, and now it’s slowly seeping out of every hole on her face. It’s the sort of thing we’ve all seen on at least 6 different … Continue reading

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And you thought metric was hard

The neighbor’s tabby got into the house today. He’s always hanging out on our stoop, staring and pawing at Trixie through the glass, and today he slipped inside. I had to pick him up to get him out and, man, … Continue reading

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I appreciate you guys (Summer, Maddie’s Mom) letting us know about the mention in Parents magazine (Feb 05 p.60). I had no idea we were in there. I was preoccupied reading the Feb 05 issue of Web Etiquette. There’s this … Continue reading

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We were on a roll

Breaking all previous records, Trixie used the potty three different times today. Scientifically speaking, she did no.1 twice and no.2 once. However, she also rounded out the day with a nice big no.16 on the only spot of carpet in … Continue reading

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And they didn't even know about my latest injury

According to my hometown newspaper, The Raleigh News & Observer, I’m one step closer to dying. Well, ok, that’s not quite how they put it. Instead they were kind enough to include us in an article that looks at a … Continue reading

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No pain, no gain

We’re back. Happy New Year. In our absence, I’ve discovered another component to BIDS* — crippling upper back/shoulder pain. I stopped working out when Trixie was about 6 or 7 months old. There just wasn’t enough time in the day … Continue reading

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