More behind the scenes

UPDATE 5pm I just got a confirmation that our piece airs tonight between 8 and 9pm EST.

We really appreciate all the support and well wishes. Thanks guys. We’re feeling a lot of excitement, stress and terror all rolled up into one. The shooting was fun, but it was a huge relief when it was over.

Now we’re just waiting to see how it comes together. It still seems crazy that there’s going to be a piece about this site and our family on TV tonight. I suspect you’ll see a lot more about us than you could ever want to. But the reason we did it was because it sounded like a lot of fun. I hope that’s what comes across in the show:)

Trixie was awesome for almost the entire time. She woke up with a giant camera in her bedroom and she barely batted an eye. I have no idea why she wasn’t more freaked out.

In contrast, we were nervous in the beginning. For example, I made a pot of coffee — without the pot. I don’t know if they’ll use it because there might have been cursing involved (I can’t really remember). Also, speaking of memory, neither Jennifer nor I remember anything that we said, so pretty much everything on the show will be a surprise. Although I vaguely recollect one of those gotcha moments where I might have admitted on camera that I do love my daughter.

We’re definitely letting Trixie stay up to watch it. When they were setting up the camera and lights there was one point when she was able to watch me in the monitor and she was hooked. It was nonstop Daddy TV. I’m pretty sure she’s going to freak when she sees herself tonight. I’ll try to get a reaction shot.

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9 Responses to More behind the scenes

  1. Maddie's Mom says:

    I can’t wait! Maybe Trixie didn’t freak out at the big camera because she’s so used to the little camera? I hope they show the coffee incident. After all, it’s cable so what’s a little profanity?

  2. hannah says:

    This is how much we love you all: we’re spending the night in *Cary* so we can watch you on cable. Can you feel the love in that? I can’t believe you might have let it slip that you love your human science project/baby. You’re turning soft on us benmac, soon you will be watching Lifetime, Television for Women, wet-eyed all the while. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming . . .

  3. Pamela says:

    I’m TIVO’ed & ready. What’s the appropriate accompanying snack? Pimento cheese sandwich?

  4. Jenie says:

    LOL–I mean this in THE nicest way. I can’t believe my big Friday night plans are going home and waiting to watch a show about people I’ve never met in “real” life. Yet…I am SO freaking excited!

  5. Laura says:

    My husband thinks I’m psychotic that I check this site every day. I think you guys being on MSNBC lends some validity to my hobby — clearly I’m not alone in being a Trixie admirer. And he does admit the telemetry stuff is cool. 🙂 I too have the TiVo programmed and ready! Good luck, guys…

  6. Carrie Jo says:

    I recently came across your site but I can’t remember where I saw your site mentioned. Anyway, I became immediately hooked. I am totally watching tonight.

  7. Carrie Jo says:

    Oh! Frum Dad mentioned your site, I know that much.

  8. Amanda says:

    Trixie’s very proud aunt Katy showed this site to me when it started and now it is on TV. WOW! and Congratulations! I also saw the ad in Parent Magazine and it was great. Good Luck tonight!

  9. haeshu says:

    good luck tonight. i am cableless and tivoless so i hope you get a chance to put some footage on ttu. trixie is such a great gal. i love that she was nonplussed by the cameras. thata’ girl!