Poll: What's your closest connection to Trixie?

I don’t have any new stories this week (so far), but there might be something interesting happening Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, since we’ve been talking so much about readers and how we’re growing, here’s a fun poll to pass the time.

What’s your closest connection to Trixie?

Mitochondrial DNA: 5
Blood/Family: 13
Friends of the Family: 11
TTU Local: 33
State (NC): 16
Time Zone (EST) :158
Country (US): 158
Hemisphere (Western): 19
Planet: 9

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13 Responses to Poll: What's your closest connection to Trixie?

  1. Jeff says:

    TTU Local? Hmmm… never really thought about it in that way. The breakdowns you chose are interesting… but don’t start regional Trixie Fan Clubs (TFCs). The acronyms alone would get out of hand. 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    This poll is just begging for a fancy graph. Like one of those ones with concentric circles with the outermost rings showing less connection.

  3. haeshu says:

    man, now i have to move just to make it into the EST category. thanks a lot ben!

  4. haeshu says:

    btw, i think i am behind in ttu poll history. did you do a who has kids poll? just curious.

  5. benmac says:

    Jeff: I think TTU Local will turn out to be a subjective choice. Some people might feel that means living in Chapel Hill, some the Triangle, or some even all of NC. I’m curious to see what happens.

    Jamie: You know I love graphs, but I now realize there are some problems with the breakdowns of this poll. For example, while Mitochondrial DNA is a subset of Blood/Family, neither is necessarily going to be a subset of time zone. Still I’m hoping the results will be interesting.

    haeshu: Sorry about that 😉 I had to draw the line somewhere. Think about how the readers in Canada feel.

    And yes, we did have a an earlier poll about who has kids. It’s not pretty to look at, but you can also see a list of all polls by clicking the ‘previous polls’ link at the bottom of the current poll.

  6. haeshu says:

    speaking of who has kids, would it be totally dorky to post pictures of all the kiddies in cyberspace that know about trixie? eliot loves the tpod, and i think he has a little crush on trixie (dont tell him i said that, he would kill me!)

  7. Rozanne says:

    I think it would be interesting to see your demographics within the US. You might ask something along the lines of whether readers are in the south central, southeast, northeast, etc. Or, maybe you could make it where if readers choose US, they could enter their state — then you could do a map of the US that indicates in which states your readers reside. I guess what I’m getting at is I’m wondering if curiosity about Trixie is nationwide, or is it just in certain area of the US. Of course, if you get real adventurous, you could ask readers outside the US to enter their countries–and then do a worldwide map. I’m sure you need more work right now. 😉

  8. Ann says:

    If you are looking for more poll topics, try a poll that connects people through their closest relational tie to Trixie. You might have parents, immediate family members of parents, extended family, friends of parents (or the newly emerging friends of Trixie!), friends of friends or family of parents, friends of friends of friends, it’s too complicated to explain, or complete strangers… It would make a cool network graph. Forget Milgram – this is Trixie’s Small World!

  9. julie adkins says:

    I will say that my most personal connection to Trixie is that our daughters share the same birthday and birthweight (and 1/2 inch apart)! I joined readership shortly before their collective 1st and wished I’d been involved sooner! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Kim says:

    Hi Ben, Jenn and Trixie
    I just stumbled across you great site the other day, and have read from start to finish, just could’t stop. Love your polls and graphs Ben 🙂

    I’ll have all this to look forward to soon. Im way, way over in New Zealand and a big fan of your…way to go guys!!!!!
    Checking in everyday now

  11. Stephanie says:

    Poll possibilities?

    How did you find TTU…

    How long have you been visiting (addicted to) TTU…

  12. jennifer says:

    hahaha where do “blood ties to my sister (Amanda) who is Charlie’s girlfriend who is a friend of the family”? hahaha

  13. Nina says:

    I think I’m always in the second largest percentage of results in all the polls. Does that mean something? I’m going to keep an eye on this, If I come in second on the next poll its got to mean something. I guess that the second largest percentage of people who visit this site are like me. YAY