She is a learning machine

Who was optimistic? Not many of you. Only about 8% of you thought you can teach an old toddler new tricks. But to our knowledge, Trixie didn’t fall out of bed at all last night. (Unfortunately, she also tried to wake up a little too early around 6:30.)

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6 Responses to She is a learning machine

  1. hannah says:

    Glad to hear it! In case it doesn’t continue to work, I have an idea for you, though. Let me just say that the idea of a 16-month-old Trixie on the loose, out of the crib, offends my sense of fairness. No parent should be faced with such an outrage. I was pondering this in my late-night shower last night and it came to me – the solution: one of those tiger-cage cribs that they have in the ped ward of hospitals! They are inescapable even for the finest toddler acrobats and since Jenn works at a hospital I’m sure they could loan you one – isn’t borrowing hospital equipment a fringe benefit of hospital employees? Do you know of what I speak? They are metal and have top rails that come down, if necessary, but I don’t even think it would be b/c the rails are so high. I’m so glad I thought of this for you!

  2. Jen says:

    If you are worried about her falling out of bed and getting hurt – or worse: waking you up in the middle of the night – try this: several pillows or a small inflatable mattress on the floor next to the bed. She’ll have a soft landing and just might fall asleep there.

  3. benmac says:

    hannah: Here’s another crib option you should be aware of. (thanks to Jamie for mentioning this earlier.)

    Jen: That’s a good suggestion but I’m sorta going the other way. We piled up a bunch pots and pans around her crib so we’ll hear if she falls out. I don’t want her creeping around the house in the middle of night.

  4. FrumDad says:

    We suspend Rachel from a complex series of slings and guy wires every night. Sure, it takes an hour and a half to rig it up, but then she dreams of flying! all! night!


  5. Melissa says:

    The padlock crib has given me nightmares.

  6. DavidNYC says:

    My little nephew Jonah is about 2 yrs, 2mos. old. When I visited him yesterday, I saw that his crib was now a bed! According to my brother, on their first night back from a holiday trip to Florida, Jonah showed up in their bedroom not long after being put to sleep in his crib.

    My brother’s thinking was that the unfamiliar experience of sleeping in a hotel prompted his son to push against the boundaries of his current sleeping arrangements. It worked: The next day, he got a bed.