The answer and another poll

The overwhelming majority of you either thought there were no problems (19%) or it was a complete failure and she slept on the floor the whole night (50%). The correct answer lies somewhere in between. Jenn had to go help Trixie two times last night. The first time, around 1am, Trixie was lying on the floor (right next to the bed — presumably where she fell) pitifully crying and whimpering. She went back to sleep the second Jenn put her in bed. The second time, around 3am, Trixie was bawling at the gate. It took a little more work to get her down (so I am told) but Jenn succeeded.

Earlier today Trixie took her nap without falling off the bed, but it took me 90 minutes to get her to go to sleep. It was a nightmare, and makes me want to take up cat herding.

Now we’re getting ready to see if Trixie has learned anything since last night. Anyone want to take a guess? We’re resetting the poll. Place your bets for tonight’s [Monday night] record. I’ll post the answer first thing Tuesday morning. Well… maybe after coffee.

[Editor’s note] This poll is now closed.

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5 Responses to The answer and another poll

  1. Maddie's Mom says:

    Hmmm. I was betting on the floor. I’m still going for that one tonight, too.

    So…what exactly did you do for 90 minutes to get Trixie to fall asleep? I ask because Madeleine has been having a tough time with naps lately. Prior to day care, she would get in her crib still awake and fall asleep with minimum fussing. At day care, they rock her to sleep first (and I understand why…they don’t want an awake baby in the sleep room who might wake up other babies), and now…nap time has become a war. I guess I just want to know what others are going through (and what I have to look forward to when the crib is no more.)

  2. Melissa says:

    I hear there are very promising careers in cat herding these days…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Something seems to be weird with the reset poll – it won’t let me vote. Maybe it’s still remembering my vote from the last poll?

  4. benmac says:

    Maddie’s Mom:
    I spent the majority of the time outside her door, on the other side of the gate, quietly and firmly repeating that it’s time to take a nap. Come on, get back in bed. Put your head on the pillow. No, I’m not going to pick you up, etc..

    Every ten minutes or so I would go in and help her back in bed, and try to get her to lie down with a nursery rhyme. The biggest problem was that she kept playing with her toys, which are all stored in her room. In the end I just outlasted her, and I think she realized that resistance was futile.

    I’m sorry about that 🙁 It was just a short-term poll about what Trixie was going to do last night. I turned the poll off this morning after I posted the answer in She is a learning machine.

  5. Jaynee says:

    Poor little Trixie! That has to be scary to fall out of bed – especially for a little one. Hopefully she’ll adjust soon (and judging by your latest post she just might have!) and will sleep more peacefully… (you guys too!)