Poll: Did you get BIDS (sick more often) after the baby arrived?

Really, I think I’m dying. This is going to be a slooow week(s). I plan to get TPODs up, but that’s about it. In the meantime, let’s see how sick everyone else is. Do you or did you have BIDS*? Go vote in the new poll. (Poll is to your left under Latest TTU Comments).

*Baby-related Immune Deficiency Syndrome. For more information read the next post “Vector”.

Did you get BIDS (sick more often) after the baby arrived?

Sick? I’ve never felt better. Babies are the fountain of youth: 10
No real change: 35
A little more: 70
A LOT more. Really, I think I’m dying: 75
I don’t have a baby, and now I know not to get near one without a hazmat suit.: 110

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25 Responses to Poll: Did you get BIDS (sick more often) after the baby arrived?

  1. Amy B says:

    OK…I’ve been reading and enjoying your site for a long time (through my pregnancy, in fact!) but have to finally comment here because I am identifying so very, very much. I now have a 5-month-old and I have been well for about 1 and a half months total of her young life! My daughter is in day care (only part-time, though husband and I both work full-time, very un-ideal, but only option), so she gets horrid germs even though I’m still nursing her…and of course I get them from her, and worse, and then get all the -itis complications because I never sleep. Am currently on the 2nd try with antibiotics for a sinus infection that will not let go…and I am a long-time sinus infection sufferer who rarely gets antibiotics, but rarely has any problem clearing things right up with lots of fluids, a humidifier, steam, etc. Not this time! This time I was getting 104-degree fevers. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Feeling wretched. I am very glad to now have a name for this: BIDS. You speak truth, brother. Get well soon.

  2. Bobbe says:


    Just a nit-picky comment here, but…..

    I’m a single mommy who reads and L-O-V-E-S your site, but um, yeah, in your latest poll you mention how “baby made three” and that isn’t necessarily true for all of us (what about when baby makes two or four?)


  3. benmac says:

    Amy B:
    Thanks for staying with us for so long! I’m sorry to hear you’re also having a rough time. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon.

    Hi Bobbe:
    Excellent point, and I don’t consider it being nit-picky at all. The phrasing has been fixed. Thanks for speaking up! 🙂

  4. MT says:

    We are also suffering from BIDS here in the Bull City. Rivers and rivers of snot. I can be graphic about baby fluids here, right? I can handle the blow-outs, the leaks, even solid food poop. Thank god we haven’t had vomit, yet. But the nose juice is just too much. Worse than it simply coursing out of Isaac’s little nose is that our year-old boy thinks it fun to wipe his nose on us. He started with dad, and when dad recoiled in horror, the game of snotting-up-dad began. He also likes to play with mom. We look as though snails have been crawling across us. Once more: UGH.

  5. Claire says:

    Another BIDS victim here. My sickness is far, far worse than my 8-month-old son’s. So much so that I had to relinquish my usual afternoon childcare activities to lie down on the couch and focus on not throwing up. And yet simultaneously I must think about how Isaac’s cough is not improving, and that this means that he will die. They (we) do get better, right? RIGHT?

  6. Christine says:

    Try Airborne (a natural cold remedy similar to zinc…but tastes much better)…it will make you feel better…it has worked for us this winter.

  7. nina says:

    i just have to mention, i took the poll and it looks like most people voted the “i don’t have a baby but now I know not to get near one…..etc.” I thought I was the only one that tuned in without having a child of my own but guess not. Neat! Even tho I don’t have my own child I”m near them all day long so I get Bids from not one or two sick kids but zillions of em. Eck! (being sick from your own kid is one thing, try dealing when some strange kid you don’t know the last name of pukes all over you!)

  8. hannah says:

    Feeling any better? Noticed Trixie has been sleeping better at night. She knows you need to recover from the BIDS so she can start wearing you down again. Hope you’re making some improvement.

  9. Tanya says:


    I dont have kids of my own, but i have two beautiful neices and I suffer from their illnesses. I am now in my 8th week of a battle with something….

    Hope yours doesnt last as long! Get better soon!!!!

    Tanya – from Canada

  10. Sarah says:

    I have two nephews and a niece who I’ve practically been cut off from. For some reason, I’m thinking that my parents don’t appreciate that I work in day care. They seem to think that I bring home odd diseases. Y’know, you could FORGET the fact that I’m currently under the weather (submitted to a stomach virus going around the center … avoided it for at least a week! those’re points, aren’t they?) … but really, you’d think someone would have a bit more appreciation for all my hard work. 😉

  11. jliz says:

    YES! I keep wondering how long this can go on. My husband was never sick for the four years we were together until…10 months ago, when our little bundle entered the picture. We had a good run in the beginning, say seven or eight months, but the cockiness came to an abrupt stop last month. I’ve had two colds followed by the shared flu and topped off with a sinus infection I am only know beginning to kick. The best part? I travelled cross country solo with the baby for a friend’s wedding last week and on the two flights back my head felt like it was going to explode, there was snot running down my face, and I was trying to nurse baby through the descent at which time she choose to nibble on me. I can’t remember feeling so miserable, especially in public! Note to self: NEVER travel alone with a baby.

  12. Adrienne says:

    I adore reading about Trixie every day. My sister who just had her first got me hooked!

    As for being sick, my children are 18 and 14 now and STILL they give me everything they pick up from school! I also work at an Elementary school and realize the importance of handwashing every 10 minutes. There is no way around it. You have to constantly wash yours, Jenn’s and Trixie’s hands.

  13. Rose says:


    Are you feeling better this week? Has BIDS bid a fond adieu?

  14. benmac says:

    Thanks to everyone for their wishes. As you know, BIDS is an underlying condition — you don’t ever really get rid of it as long as you have kids around, you just learn to manage it. I finally beat the crap I had last week, but now something new is trying to sneak in. However, I think I can head this one off with Echinacea. We’re still looking at next week for new stories however. Hope everyone else is staying well!

  15. Maddie's Mom says:

    I, too, am feeling better after a month! (knock on wood) I want to re-recommend *Airborne* as a preventative measure. I ran out and I’m *sure* that’s why I got so sick this last time. It has echinacea in it, among other things. Besides, it was developed by a teacher, so it MUST be good. (I’m a teacher…gotta promote the profession!)

  16. benmac says:

    I specifically went looking for Airborne but couldn’t find it. I ended up with the bottle of echinacea and something called Oscillo, which was recommended in place of Airborne. I’ll let you guys know how/if it works.

  17. Christine says:


    You can order online….before Thanksgiving we couldn’t find it anywhere here….but in Atlanta we found it at Walmart and bought 10 of them!!

    Won’t help now….but just so you know.

  18. tj says:

    Oh gosh – just recovering from a severe case of BIDS myself. We had the stomach flu, according to the doctor a mild version – yeah, right! That didn’t feel so mild when my son barfed all over me – in the store, of course – and with 40 minutes to drive back home, covered with …(*&^%$## Or when I almost passed out in the bathroom because things were getting a little out of hand…Fortunately, my son seems to be doing better (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!). I don’t think I like this part of parenthood very much. Not only do you feel crappy, but you’re not even allowed to rest and nurse whatever you have – because that active little toddler is still running around and you have to make sure s/he isn’t getting into trouble!

  19. Amy B says:

    Glad you’re getting better, Ben–just finishing up round 3 of antibiotics (rounds 2 and 3 were Zithromax, which is only 5 days), and still not able to kick the sinus infection. Feel as if I might be getting consumption or something else Victorian now. Another wrinkle in the BIDS world–for a nursing mother, you can only take certain drugs/herbs that will be ok for the little one to get through milk! Does anyone know if Airborne is ok? I’ve heard mixed reports about Echi…echi…however you spell it.

  20. joe says:

    Thought you’d be interested in this:


    It’s a baby telemetry app written by a co-worker, pretty similar to yours. You can see the output here:


  21. benmac says:

    > It’s a baby telemetry app written by a co-worker,
    > pretty similar to yours.

    I agree. It looks pretty similar because he “borrowed” some of my telemetry icons.

  22. dearsarah says:

    Not nearly as easy on the eyes though.


  23. Debi says:

    I agree..Sarah…Yuk!!!!

  24. Amy, mother of Emily says:

    Pneumonia twice, pink eye twice, bronchitis and two weeks ago, an ear infection. Nice to know that BIDS appears to be a real problem, since my husband has only gotten sick once!

    But it’s all worth it for my little Emily!

  25. Van says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I just had to tell you that I can tell that I’ve been sick for too long when my 16 month old has learned to say “Bless you” after I sneeze. I guess she heard it enough times from my husband to know that’s what you’re supposed to say.