Trixie Update Sleep Challenge

Did you study hard for the Trixie Update Sleep Challenge? I hope so, because this is a closed book test. Yep, the Sleep Log archives are off-line until Monday. You’ll have to rely on memory, experience and gut instinct.

Here’s the challenge. There are 4 graphs below. One of these represents Trixie’s actual awake time over the last year (from about age 3.5 months to 15.5 months). The rest were made with fake and intentionally misleading data. What we’re looking for here is the total awake time for each day. Doesn’t matter whether the day was broken up with naps or not. Just the total awake time.

To put this in context imagine what your own chart might look like. For example, I usually only get about 6-7 hours of sleep a night. So my chart would be a fairly straight line that bounced between 17 and 18 hours, and would look much nicer than most of the choices below.

So, ready to go? Pick out the real one and vote your answer (poll is to your left under Latest TTU Comments). Come back Monday to see if you got it right.

Update [Fri. 11pm]: Want a hint? Come back Saturday.

The Trixie Update One-Year Sleep Telemetry Challenge

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6 Responses to Trixie Update Sleep Challenge

  1. lori says:

    This reminds me of my Statistics class in college.
    I hope I studied enough.

    How ironic. I’m sitting here taking a Trixie Sleep Telemetry Challenge while my husband’s taking the CFP exam today (AND tomorrow).
    I’m curious to compare the difficulty…

    Will you be grading on a curve?

  2. nina says:

    Math and science frighten me. I’m going to do what I’ve done all thru my school career, eeney meeny mighny mo hope it works.

  3. kim says:

    B is my guess.


  4. Becky says:

    I picked D, not because it looked the most logical, but because I swear I remember at least one day of over 13 hours awake time, so that ruled out the other three. I can’t wait to find out the real answer!!

  5. dnizzle says:

    d is what i freakin voted for gangstas