Sleep Open Thread

At the suggestion of a reader a couple of weeks back (sorry, I forgot who had the good idea) I’ve added a permanent open thread to the Sleep Log. If you have a question about Trixie’s sleep telemetry or sleep related questions in general, this is the place to post it. For example, Q: Why was she up at midnight and 4:30 in the morning last night? A: I have no idea.

You can post comments to this story directly, and — once it rolls off the front page — you can use the new link in Trixie Telemetry called “Comments” which will pop open the comments for this post.

Sleep Comments in Trixie Telemetry

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  1. benmac says:

    THIS IS THE SLEEP OPEN THREAD. If you have a question/comment related to sleep, you’re in the right place.

  2. Mary says:

    These are questions from somebody who doesn’t have kids yet. When Trixie wakes up in the middle of the night, does one of you *always* go check on her? Are there times when she’s just awake for such a short period that she goes right back to sleep without either of you ever getting up to check on her? When she wakes up, are you aware that she’s awake because she cries every time or does she ever wake up and make babbling sounds instead?

    I ask these questions because the number one complaint I hear from new parents is how exhausted they are, particularly from getting up in the middle of the night. (Mind you, 90% of the stuff I hear from new parents is all positive, but that’s the main complaint). 🙂 So, I wonder… how often DO parents get a full nights sleep?

    There was actually a whole episode of “Mad About You” dedicated to whether they should go right to their baby when she cries in the night or wait a while first and then go check on her. They waited a while and felt anxiety the whole time as she cried & then they felt guilty when she finally fell asleep without them checking on her. Parents just can’t win. 🙂

    If you or any of your readers have any thoughts on my questions, I’d be interested to read them. Thanks!

  3. benmac says:

    90% positive? Those parents are lying to you. You have to remember that having kids is like a pyramid scheme. As soon as you have one of your own, you immediately try to convince your friends to do the same so that you can all be trapped together.

    If Trixie cries out, then one of us (Jennifer) will go to see what the hell is going on. Usually we (Jennifer) just have to lay her back down and she’ll go back to sleep. I record these short wake-ups on the sleep log.

    If Trixie is stirring, maybe making mumbling noises but doesn’t cry out, then we don’t go in, and I don’t record it as a wake-up on the sleep log.

    Anyway, to answer your question, the answer is never. I never get a full night’s sleep because I’m a night person and I always stay up too late. You think I would learn after 15 months and start going to bed at 8:30 but that’s not going to happen. Hope this helps!

  4. Mary says:

    Thanks! LOVE your honesty!! You’re right about the pyramid scheme… we get the “So, when are YOU TWO gonna have kids?” question pretty often. I think many people think “If you know you WANT them, why wait? Have them RIGHT NOW.”

    My husband & I are both night people. I’ve wondered how parenting goes for night owls. It seems as though as a parent your sleep schedule HAS TO work around the baby’s sleep schedule. Is that right? One of the parents has to always be awake when the baby is awake, right? I just can’t imagine how long a baby can entertain itself in the crib after it wakes up. Of course, if a baby wakes up *crying* every time then the parents wake up too anyway. Maybe that’s why babies cry every time they wake up – it could be an evolutionary type natural response that helps to alert the parents that baby is awake so they won’t get into baby mischief while the parents sleep.

    I once heard a certain celebrity in an interview say that he absolutely loves the sound of his baby’s cry & that it warms his heart every time. He said he couldn’t understand how anybody could be annoyed by the sound of their baby’s cry. I thought this was unusual because I have seen so many parents get irritated when their babies won’t stop crying. And then I realized, “This dude is TOTALLY rich. He makes albums & he’s on a TV show & he is probably away from home for many days or WEEKS at a time, so when he sees his baby he’s so excited to be with it again that it’s ALL good.” Plus, he can afford LOTS of help around the house.

    I learned in a psychology class that women are much more alert to a baby’s cry than men. Does that seem true to you?

    Okay, one last thing in this post (I have more, but I’ll spread the questions out over time 🙂 … When you wake up in the middle of the night to log Trixie’s sleep (when she wakes up and wakes you guys up), how do you log it in the middle of the night? Do you actually get up and go to your computer? Maybe Jen does that? Or, do you jot it down on paper and add it to the log in the computer the next morning? Or, do you mentally remember it & add it in later?

    I remember you said you press just one key, but I wondered if you were even awake enough in the middle of the night to press a key. 🙂

  5. benmac says:

    I always add it the next morning based on memory. It’s surprisingly easy to remember at what time a screaming baby woke you up in the middle of the night.

  6. hannah says:

    Been dying to use your new feature – now I have a reason to – What gives with Trixie’s new and not-improved one-hour/day nap schedule? Doesn’t she know that is unacceptable?

  7. Rozanne says:

    I take full credit for the sleep thread comments idea! 😉 Thank you for adding this feature–I guess I’m looking to commiserate on the sleep issues.

    Mary, I’m in complete agreement with Ben–I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep since my son was born. My son still does not sleep through the night. I just didn’t get that model of kid even though I’m sure that I included that in my order.

  8. tj says:

    I’ve been starting to wonder if my son is the only kid that doesn’t sleep through the night yet. His friends do (all girls), and I know he can do it because in the past almost year (his birthday is coming up) he has done it four, maybe five times. That’s IT. We’ve been going from waking and nursing every two hours (until 6-7 months old) to waking and nursing 3 times a night, then twice, sometimes up to three times, now once. Usually he goes right back to sleep but then there are nights (like this past one) when he just seems not to be able to fall back asleep – unless, that is, I lie down next to him and he nurses/sucks for I-don’t-know-how-long, sleeping of course. He will wake up in a perfectly good mood, ready for some action, while all I can think of is how to get my eyes to open. Oh well, I could write a whole book, but I will spare you.
    Long story short: You get used to it, and yes, I do go to bed at 8.30 quite frequently because I don’t look, let alone function so well as a zombie.

  9. Sarah says:

    It took until 10 months for my daughter to sleep through the night. We started a cry it out program at 4 months after being converted from thinking we would never do that but after 4 months of waking every two hours I just wanted to enjoy my daugther instead of always feeling so miserable. By 5 months she was waking only once a night but we let that last nursing drop naturally and it didn’t happen until 10 months. I can’t tell you how womderful it is to be able to stay up until 10:00pm and still get enough sleep to feel rested. I credit the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth with saving my sanity. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I wish I had read it before Meg was born but it discusses sleep habits up to age 3.


  10. Jamie says:

    My wife and I were really lucky. Our daughter has slept through the night (9+ hours) since she was 6 weeks old. In fact, she might have started earlier, but we were actually waking her up once in the night to feed her. We had a much more difficult time getting her to nap during the day, though. That took a lot of work, with routine and consistency being the main tools. Also, she just started sleeping more once she began crawling. I guess it tires them out.

  11. aidens momma says:

    im right with jamie in the sleep patterns. Aiden has slept thru the night since he was like 8 weeks old. but naps? yea right momma. he is now 10.5 months old and we are just getting regular 2 1hour naps a day.

  12. Caius says:

    Brand new dad (just under 3 weeks) here. Our daughter sleeps great…during the day, but forget about it in the evening. 7-9pm is always a struggle to get her to sleep. Then she wakes up at 11:00 PM every 2-3 hours after that. It’s like clockwork. The hardest part is getting her back to sleep after we change her and feed her. Unless my wife holds her she won’t sleep for more than 5 minutes at a time. But, like I said she never has this problem during the day 🙂 Sigh…

  13. tj says:

    Caius, don’t worry, it will get better. Your little one can’t differentiate between day and night yet. She will learn! My son had some issues with sleep and first the No Cry Sleep Solution helped, but later I found the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child more helpful. It teaches you to teach your child how to sleep. Mind you, I thought the introduction to that book was a little extreme, but you don’t have to follow it to the letter. Generally, though, this book made a lot of sense and my son is doing much better. Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS! You will have so much fun.

  14. Jenie says:

    Wow…middle of the night party for Trixie??

  15. benmac says:

    Party, screamfest. same difference. We have no idea what happened last night. It might be teething, but I think it’s more likely that Trixie is just spiting my sleep research.

  16. hannah says:

    OMG! What was that middle of the night party about last night? So sorry.

  17. hannah says:

    I am obsessed w/Trixie’s middle of the night waking. What do you think is going on?

  18. benmac says:

    We have no idea. Her overnight schedule is much worse now than say, a month ago. We’re hoping it’s teething, but we can’t really see/feel anything.

  19. Michelle says:

    I, too, blame teething when we can manage to dish up no other reasonable alternative. My son is a couple of weeks older than Trixie and we’ve basically given up figuring out what causes the random middle-of-the-night stirrings. Seems like he’ll sleep well for a few weeks (6-8 hours at a stretch) and then we’re back to waking at midnight and at 3am for no clear reason. I do believe teething is often a contributing factor though and we have found Baby Oragel to help a bit. However, I am secretly convinced it may just be a desire on my son’s part to make us truly appreciate the nights we get to sleep all the way through.

    One other possibility is the beginning of nightmares. Our son usually wakes grunting and wiggling in his crib which turns into a complaining cry. The other night though, he woke screaming like a banshee for no apparent reason. My husband and I both had to get up, turn on all the lights, turn on the TV and talk to him for like 5 minutes before he’d calm down! I am convinced he had some sort of bad dream. I know I can remember being that terrified by dreams in my childhood and terror is the only way to describe how he was crying. Hopefully, this is not the case for Trixie, but it’s something to look out for!

  20. Leslie says:

    Graham has had some sleep regression too. His is most clearly related to an ongoing hunger strike against any non-cookie and milk items. Since dinner consists of neither – he wakes at 3am screaming and signing for milk and “more” (his word for hungry). Nevertheless at dinnertime he simply looks at the food, waves “bye-bye” and dumps it over the edge of his tray to our eagerly anticipating labrador retriever. It’s pretty frustrating and I’d welcome any tips from anyone with bright ideas on the subject.

  21. Kristian's mom says:

    I’m almost positive that at this age ..over 9’s teething that wakes them up in the middle of the night. My son began teething at 4 months and got his first 2 teeth just before he was 5 months old. At 14 months all he needs is 2 more and he’s done teething until the 2 year molars. ALL of his night waking has ALWAYS been teething. We are positive because the teeth have always followed the waking within a week or so…although the molars took a little longer.
    Having said this though..I’ve also read that after a year it’s common for them to wake more in the night due to more activity, more alertness, more awareness etc. They just want to be awake more to take everything in and sometimes they get restless and wake up.
    In any case these are my opinions and my experiences. All children are different and after all isn’t parenting just one big guessing game?? I always say “if in doubt blame it on teething”.
    A full uninterrupted night of sleep is always nice though. My problem now is that even though my child sleeps through I wake up’s parental programming I think. sigh…

  22. emdub says:

    oh great.. I have a 4 week old and was looking forward to the mythical 8 week mark where they are supposed to “sleep through the night…” it sure sounds like a myth!

    We have not had it bad, we sleep in shifts.. I do midnight to 7 am, my husband does 7am to noonish, since he has a very flexible work schedule. But I would like to sleep with my husband again someday… : )

  23. Becky says:

    Not to jinx it, but Trixie has had amazingly regular afternoon naps for about 5 days now. What’s the trick??

  24. benmac says:

    Don’t worry, we don’t believe in jinxes around here. Yes, this is the most consistent sleep schedule Trixie has ever had. If you look back over the sleep chart for the last month, you can see that she has been struggling with making the transition to one nap a day. But that one nap a day often came too early. This past week we decided to push her to stay up until nap time (1:00) and it seems to be paying off. I’m going to write more about this next week, but thanks for noticing the progress!

  25. hannah says:

    Yes, congratulations are in order. I too had noticed Trixie’s “ideal” sleep pattern. I felt so relieved b/c I remember telling you when she was younger that her naps would regularize, be predictable and longer, and then it never happened and Trixie had made a liar out of me. Thanks for making me an honest woman, Trixie. Oh yeah, and for making your parents’ lives easier.

  26. Jeff says:

    Dang… I thought for a moment that I was the only one recognizing the two week trend in sleep schedules. It’s actually pretty amazing if you look past the last few months to see how it has normalized.

  27. Maddie's Mom says:

    What’s up with the mini-wakeups? Is Trixie teething? Thank goodness she goes back to sleep fairly quickly…

  28. benmac says:

    It’s when she falls out of bed.

  29. lori says:

    Yes…about the minute-at-a-time “awake” times…I was wondering the same thing. I’ve noticed this for a while now and have been meaning to ask (although I believe they were happening some time before she started falling/dropping out of bed). So, how do you really know that she’s up for a minute or two during the night, especially if she’s not thumping to the floor & waking you up?

  30. benmac says:

    Oh, we know she’s up because we hear her thumping to the floor and then she starts crying. One of us has to go in and put her back in bed.

  31. dearsarah says:

    Im still waiting for the story of the one nap a day transition. How did you know when Trixie was ready to shed the morning nap. I sometimes think Francy is heading in this direction but then it’s impossible to keep her up til 1:00pm without her falling apart. How does Trixie hold up durring the day? Does she seem more irritable?


  32. Becky says:

    So what you are telling us is that Trixie isn’t really the learning machine we were all believing her to be, but in fact, the night of December 20 was just a fluke? My vote in the previous poll wasn’t so wrong after all!!

  33. aidens momma says:

    okay doesnt belong here but ah well. heres a question that i dont *think* you have ever addressed: how do you and jen deal with punishing/discipline her? we are trying different things out with aiden (just 1). so far time out is all that seems to work. he is so pigheaded that actual yelling doesnt work, he laughs at us. great, aye? he has a temper to begin with an when he is the least bit tired or hungry, we end up with him biting or headbutting to get his way. the terrible twos scare me. sooooo…back to the original point. what do you guys do? is trixie almost always the sweet angel you show? you dont have to go into it, but as another first time parent im kinda curious what is working for others. thx!!

  34. benmac says:

    dearsarah: Good idea. I will put together a story. In the meantime, basically what happened for us is that I let Trixie go to sleep in the morning when she wanted to. (usually about 9:30 or 10) But then she stopped taking a second nap. After a couple of days (weeks?) of this, I started making her stay up until after lunch. That’s how I decided she was ready.

    Becky: It’s definitely not a black and white situation. There was a week or so where there were no falls. It seems like she’s regressing a little (or maybe drinking.)

    aidens momma: Good story idea. I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, it’s a bad idea to yell. As soon as they see that they can manipulate you (i.e. make you turn red with steam coming out of your ears), then they’ve won. We do use time-out and taking away silky (her blanket) to some effect.

  35. Dave says:

    Ben, so I take it she is still falling with all the quick wake ups in the night? Does she wonder out of bed or the room (do you close her door?) in the mornings? Just curious because she went to a big girl bed out of necessity earlier than most kids (also do you plan on getting a real bed now…?)

  36. Summer says:

    Dear Sarah– i have an 18 month old, and to go from 2 – 1 nap is hard… what i did was put her to sleep early, around 11 and then put her to bed early too. That way she gets enough sleep and isn’t overtired.

  37. benmac says:

    Dave: I’m not sure she’s falling out of bed when it happens around 6am. We think she’s just waking up too early. But in the middle of the night, yes, that’s most likely a fall. We’re currently using a gate across her door, and I think we’re going to move on to big bed soon.

  38. Maddie's Mom says:

    Does Trixie have a bed time or bed time routine? I notice that she goes to bed a little after nine most nights, but tonight it was a bit later. And congrats on the three hour nap the other day. What I’d give for one of those (for me or Maddie!).

  39. Summer says:

    Maddie’s Mom, how old is Maddie?

  40. benmac says:

    Her bedtime is 8-8:15ish. It’s not going so well lately.

  41. Summer says:

    Ben Where do i post just a general comment or question? Like, what are Trixie’s favorite toys, books? I don’t want to put it here in the sleep section but i’m not sure where else to put it!

  42. Elaine says:

    Must know MORE about Trixie….

  43. benmac says:

    I guess Frequently Asked Questions is the best place for that.

  44. mom2four says:

    Why not get a bedrail for her so she doesn’t fall out of bed?

  45. benmac says:

    I keep hoping she’ll learn.

  46. Chris says:

    Ben, my daughter ended up using a bedrail ’til she was six. She learned a lot of other things in that time — to read and write, to rollerskate, to count in Hebrew and Spanish in addition to English, etc. She is and was a really active sleeper and the bedrail kept her from tumbling out. It wasn’t like she was trying to get out — but once she was out, she’d wake up and wander.

  47. benmac says:

    Actually, I think we’re going to go with Frum Dad’s slings and guy wires suggestion. It’s the only way to be sure.

  48. hannah says:

    i agree with chris, i think trixie is a sleep olympian. eliot took to the big bed immediately, and only fell out twice. fortunately for us there was some force field that kept him in the bed even if he was awake until we got him out in the morning. unfortunately for us this force field has weakened and he has walked into our room in the morning a few times. our defenses are seriously compromised…

  49. Laurie says:

    I read somewhere that the magic number for sleeping through the night is 12 pounds. Our baby sleep for her first 7 hour stretch the first night she broke the 12 pound mark. No, really – the next day we had a 2 month doctor’s appt and she weighed in at 12.06 pounds.

    Also, formula made big difference for us. I am not the milk producing fountain I hoped for – I’ve never been able to meet demand and we opted to supplement with formula. Almost from the very begining, our Pee Wee would sleep 2-4 hours on breast milk, and on formula, 4-6. Now she sleeps 8-12 hours regardless, but that’s another story.

  50. old hannah says:

    Looks like Trixie is feeling better based on her sleep last night and today? I hope this is what the pattern indicates! And not that she’s merely collapsed from sheer exhaustion and/or the baby sleeping agents you dosed her with.

    p.s. let’s face it – I’m just old hannah. Although I long to be cool and old school I’m really just old and we all know it – hence my new new name.

  51. benmac says:

    Yep, the sleep chart tells all. We’re doing better. Now let’s hear some more about those baby sleeping agents, because Benadryl wasn’t cutting it.

    Also, are you sure you want to be old hannah? That doesn’t sound like you at all.

  52. Jo says:

    “old” hannah, how about Sr.Hannah. You can’t be old, because I’m not and I think I was born before you!!

  53. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations to Trixie’s favorite book, Knuffle Bunny, which was awarded a Caldecott Honor earlier today!
    “This energetic comedy, illustrated with an unconventional combination of sepia-tone photographs and wry cartoon ink sketches, charms both parents and children.” -from the American Library Association website
    Now that we know she has excellent taste in picture books, I’ll be waiting for her nominations for next year’s Caldecotts.

  54. hannah says:

    or i could be jr hannah, would that clear things up?

  55. lori says:

    hannah: I’ve always enjoyed your comments and have been a realtively long-time reader myself. About this name thing…I wouldn’t consider you “old hannah.” I doubt you’re very old anyway. I liked “old school hannah” better (didn’t make you seem OLD), but after reading the new feature, About Us, I much prefer “long-time reader hannah.” It’s a little lengthy, so if you wanted to, you could go with “ltr hannah.” Hmmm… *now* that looks like “letter hannah!” Gee, this IS harder than it should be. I thought it was such a great name when I said it out loud. Well, maybe this will prompt a better idea. We should have some off-line TTU poll (I know how much you love those polls!). Good luck.

  56. hannah says:

    i really didnt mean to throw a wrench into things. i was pleased to see there was another adult hannah, since all the hannahs i know right now are sassy toddlers. im up for a vote to rename, and i can certainly be the one getting a new name. what about haeshu? its my general login/id for just about everything. would that work for people?

  57. old school hannah, by popular request says:

    Geeze – didn’t know my self-deprecating humor would cause such tumult. But glad to know I am loved and that no one really knows how o-l-d I really am. Let’s put it this way, the OB’s refer to me as being in the “advanced maternal age” group. Maybe I should be “advanced maternal age hannah.” New Hannah, don’t feel bad! You didn’t cause trouble by being you. I will be old school hannah. I think it’s really funny, actually.

    Oh, and by the way, all, I was originally
    “old school” hannah
    indicating my ironic po-mo weltanschauung, until Benmac’s site couldn’t handle the quotes and I brought the whole site down. Alas, I am old school hannah sans quotes.

    Whew – glad that’s settled.

  58. lori says:

    Hannah, I didn’t mean to cause you any grief. It was my own confusion and that’s why I put in my 2 cents (above) to O.S. Hannah. Sorry.

    I wouldn’t have known otherwise unless had benmac mentioned it. And, since I couldn’t tell the difference, I’ve enjoyed your comments, too. Glad all is well!

    P.S. I’ve noticed there’s a Lori/Laurie posting comments recently. Thank goodness we can all differentiate us!

  59. Becky says:

    Sorry we got so far off topic in this sleep thread, Ben, but… I was slightly saddened today when there was another “Becky”. From April when I started visiting the site until now, I had been the only one!

  60. benmac says:

    Even though it’s off-topic, this is an important issue. We’re experiencing some growing pains, and I appreciate you guys working it out. There are technical solutions, like moving the site from Movable Type to something like Scoop, but Lord knows I don’t want to eat up my time with that right now.

    If I were to choose, I would rather ‘new’ hannah go by ‘haeshu’ just because that’s unique. Also because ‘old school’ hannah already has hundreds of existing comments on the site already attributed to the name ‘hannah’.

    You guys are a huge part of this site. And each voice is unique. I think everyone appreciates being able to tell comments apart — especially when the rest of us get to know you. So I hope this helps for now. If site growth continues, I will have to implement a real fix, but I think we’re ok for now.

  61. aidens momma says:

    ben, whats up with the middle of the night wake ups? don’t tell me shes sick again, or falling outta bed for that matter!!

  62. benmac says:

    I don’t think she’s falling out because we have a soft chair pushed against the bed now. My best guess is nightmares. She goes right to sleep when we lay her back down.

  63. hannah says:

    Trixie –
    What gives? Why were you awake sooooooooo much last night? Naughty naughty.

  64. aidens momma says:

    aiddy was up a bunch last night too, maybe its something in the air?

  65. benmac says:

    Trixie was a little bit sick yesterday (24-hour bug, hopefully) and it kept her (and us) from sleeping well.

  66. Jane Maze says:

    No, I wasn’t thinking where does he get time for this – I have to admit I was thinking: this person is somewhat odd. And it’s the “somewhat odd” people who really make the Internet worth bothering with. So bravo to this strange and interesting document.

  67. Maddie's Mom says:

    I see a morning nap…did daycare wear her out that much? Was it in the car on the way home? At least she went down for a second nap…poor, tired girl!

  68. benmac says:

    No, unfortunately it was at the daycare. If she acts tired they let her rest. I’m hoping things will stabilize after a couple more days. BTW, at home I couldn’t get her to take a nap at 10:30am if I paid her.

  69. Summer says:

    So, do they tell you when she slept there so you can post it here??! Or do you spy in the daycare window and make a note of when she falls asleep and wakes up? 🙂

  70. benmac says:

    No, I didn’t find out until I picked her up. But the window idea is a good one 🙂

  71. lori says:

    If I were you, Ben, I’d be catching a few extra zzzzzz’s myself now that Trixie is out of the AM picture. Maybe recover from all those sleepless nights of precious REM time you & Jenn lost…

  72. FrumDad says:

    We had Rachel at morning playgroup for about four months a while ago. She *loved* the people and the other kids, but she would get so wound up and then play so energetically that she would drop for a nap around 11:00 and take a solid 90 minute nap. Part of me resented paying the day care lady so she could watch my daughter sleep (Heck, I’d do that for free!) but it turned out to be worth it. Days she *wasn’t* at playgroup she wouldn’t go down if you shot her with a dart.


  73. Abbycat says:

    Geez, my little gal sleeps even less at daycare than she does at home. Of course, she likes daddy to rock her to sleep, and they can’t do that at daycare 🙂

  74. Amy says:

    Question: did anyone with a properly “sleep trained” child encounter trouble when you lowered the mattress in the crib? DD is screaming like a banshee at the moment–has eaten properly, it’s DEFINITELY bedtime, and the only difference is that dratted crib lowering–oh, and the presence of a grandmother who has nervous attacks when she hears babies crying and is sequestering herself in the basement muttering curses at baby’s parents.

  75. Maddie's Mom says:

    Maddie had problems with sleeping once we removed her bumper…she apparently would run her hand along the bumper as she put herself to sleep. With it gone, she’d run her hand across the bars. Not as comforting, apparently. Eventually, she got used to it.

  76. Amy says:

    Ah, the comforting bumper dilemma. We have this too, I fear. She has a friendly elephant head on the bumper that she hugs. Fortunately, Trixie’s crafty friend made a stuffed animal that looks just like it, so I’m hoping to try and replicate it before Project Bumper Removal. At the moment, the falling-to-sleep problem is compounded by post-grandparent excitement and an evening during which the baby was held for 3 hours to prevent crying (and, of course sleep) by aforementioned grandmother. I guess we just have to make it back through this rough spot. Sigh. Thanks for the “been there,” Maddie’s Mom!

  77. dearsarah says:

    Is it possible? 10:00am? Ive been up sense 5:50 the last few days. (how are babies so consistant that way) I thought maybe it was the full moon but clearly not….


  78. benmac says:

    No such luck. Trixie didn’t really sleep in until 10am this morning — I just didn’t have access to a computer, and my RTO must of had a late night;)

  79. Maddie's Mom says:

    Up early yesterday and down late…with a nap of less than an hour? Come on, Trixie! How can I persuade Maddie that she needs to get more sleep if you’re not doing it on your end of the country, huh? Everytime I read about how much sleep a 19 month old needs, I just look at the sleep log and know that Maddie isn’t alone in her wakefulness. Are there really any toddlers who get over 12 hours a night and 2-3 hour naps too!?

  80. Summer says:

    I thought for that age, it was about 11 hours at night, then a 1-3 hour nap in the day…..

  81. aidens momma says:

    i dont know how much sleep they are supposed to get, but i do know that aiden (14.5 months) goes to bed between 6:30-8pm and gets up between 7-8am. he takes a 2 hour nap during after lunch. sometimes that ends up as 2 1 hour naps if he cant make it til after lunch. depends how busy we are. i think it all depends on the kid, cause if aiden doesnt get atleast 12 hours at night he is an utter bear the next day. and hes ALWAYS been like that.

  82. 2 girl mama says:

    (new here) I was thinking the EXACT same thing. How in the world does she make it through playing hard at daycare without crashing!?? My 2 1/2 year old (no daycare) sleeps 12 hrs at night and still takes a nap from 1:30-3:30 everyday. She is a beast by 2 and falling over shes so exausted. I can imagine if she went to daycare in the mornings, she’d be falling asleep onteh way home! My 9 Mo old sleeps from 8:30-7:30 and still takes two 1 1/2 hour naps. BTW ben i’m new here and she is PRECIOUS! I love having girls and I know you are enjoying yours. Any talk of another?? I know you’ve probably been asked that a million times, but i’m a newbie!

  83. dearsarah says:

    Now thats more like it! nearly 3 hours. Pretty good.
    I look at the sleep charts and wonder the same thing. My baby has yet to ever sleep for 12 hours. Im guess when she’s a teen ager she will make up for all of it.

  84. lori says:

    Trixie’s nap time seems to be more consistent lately, albeit after the initial “adjustment” since she started day care. That’s great! I’ve noticed she’s been napping a good 1-2 hours of sleep in the afternoons. Whatever your secret is, Ben, it’s working!

    When the whole subject of nap time came up (here on TTU) with the change from 2 naps per day (NPD) to 1 NPD, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my nap days. I vividly recall my Grandma “making” me take my naps (for at least an hour), and in return, I got to watch my fav TV show: Sesame Street. (Just between you & me, I don’t think I ever told her I didn’t always “nap” – I would just lay there on the bed and stare around the room…or play VERY quietly so she wouldn’t feel she needed to check on me.)

    Ahh, the memories we have from our childhood! Keeping up with Trixie & friends usually brings back so many wonderful memories from my childhood.

  85. cynfred says:

    Desi has never slept for long periods of times. Naptime hardly exists here. I’m lucky if I get her to sleep half an hour without me laying with her. Today she woke up at 7. She catnapped while I was nursing her. I lay down with her and she instantly wants to play. She had one half hour nap today. This is a typical day!!!! Any suggestions?

  86. Carabeth says:

    How old is Desi? and how is she otherwise, does she need the sleep. Amelia, (who is 13 mo now) wouldn’t sleep or nap on her own for months. i can’t remember, when it slowed down, but even now she’ll sometimes wake herself up out of a sound sleep if she notices i’m not beside her. I just ended up laying with her, or holding her and resigning myself to it. she now takes one 2 hr nap and another ranging from 1/2 to 1.5 hrs. I have also heard rumours of babies who just don’t need much sleep…

  87. cynfred says:

    Desi is almost 7 months.

  88. Elizabeth says:

    Does Trixie have a bedtime routine? How do you decide what time to put her to bed?

  89. benmac says:

    The evening routine is:
    6:00 dinner
    7:00 bath, brush teeth
    7:30 bedroom: read books
    8:00 bedtime

    We shoot for this schedule every night, but as you can see, it doesn’t always work.

  90. hannah says:

    I’m sure you’re asking yourself the same question, but WTF is up w/the 5:40 waking??? No carseat lockpicking rewards today for that naughty rooster.

  91. Sam says:

    OMG so sorry she is such a morning person. I know this sounds horrible but have you tried children’s allergy meds? Just before bed give her a dose during this time. It won’t harm her because it’s just an anti histamine (can’t spell it sorry) and the other is what people use for sleeping pills. Just use the smallest dose. I’ve used this with much success when a sleeping schedule is out of wack–you only do it a couple of nights though or you’ll end up getting the child hooked emotionally on benadryl.

  92. Judy says:

    Ben – I have a morning person here – he’s 5.5 years old. It isn’t a HORRIBLE thing…after all, there will come a time when she will NEED to be awake early in the morning (school here starts around 7:30). Just stick to your routine, and it will all work out…eventually. I’ll let you know when that time comes here! HAHA

  93. Michele says:

    Sabrina is TOTALLY an early bird. And her father and I are TOTALLY not! I knew she’d do things to spite us, but I didn’t think she’d start so soon. 🙁

  94. benmac says:

    There’s no explanation for the 5:40 wake-up. We tried like hell to get her to lay down with us and go back to sleep. She tossed and turned in our bed for about 30 minutes, but never went back to sleep.

    Sam: I’m a big fan of Benadryl, but I try not to give her more than 7 to 8 teaspoons a day.

  95. Jo says:

    Ben, congratulations on curbing your instincts to give more than 7 or 8 tsps. a day. I knew you would do the right thing!!!

  96. Maggie says:

    Has Trixie realy been asleep for 12h? My Goodness! I can’t even sleep that long!

  97. benmac says:

    Oops! I wish. We were out playing this morning. Thanks for the head’s up 🙂

  98. Maddie's Mom says:

    OK…who’s sleeping until 10? Trixie or Ben?

  99. benmac says:

    Maddie’s Mom: Thanks – I’ve only been getting about 4 hours of sleep a night since the beta launched, and a few things are sleeping through the cracks.

  100. benmac says:

    slipping through the cracks*

  101. lori says:

    I liked “sleeping through the cracks.” 🙂

    Oh, and Bravo Ben! What dedication.

  102. Judy says:

    Wowee zowee – Trixie had a night last night like my youngest – he was up screaming three times last night.

    Sorry for your lack of sleep – hope tonight is better (for all of us!).

  103. benmac says:

    Jenn has been out of town for work the past couple of nights and Trixie really missed her. Last night was her first night back, and Trixie came into our room several times around 4 in the morning to make sure that Mommy was still there.

  104. Judy says:

    That is really sweet! Hopefully tonight will be much better, then!

  105. kara says:

    remember that first time when you wake up on your own and not to baby noise? Ours went something like this…
    K: oh my god! The sun is out (elbows hubby in ribs)
    hubby: mfjhfkurhfffph
    K: hey, wake up, the sun is out
    hubby: yeah?
    K: no the sun is out and Maggie’s not awake
    hubby: yeah?
    K: go check on her
    hubby: huh?
    K: no, really, go check on her now- It’s freaking me out
    hubby: huh? (grunts and stretches)
    K: no, really- go now- I can’t do it.
    hubby: [inaudable]
    K: oh. you’re useless! (gets up and storms into babys room. watches baby sleep. still freaked out).
    Is that what it was like on Sunday when she slept until 9:30?

  106. Rozanne says:

    OMG! Somehow I missed the fact that Trixie slept until 9:40 on Sunday morning! I’m SO jealous!!

  107. Michele says:

    LOL at Kara! Do you have listening devices planted in my bedroom? Just replace “Maggie” with “Sabrina” and you have a near verbatim transcript of the last time our daughter slept until 10 am!

  108. benmac says:

    Rozanne: Yeah, but did you see how long she was awake the day before? That wasn’t a lot of fun. The 9:40 wakeup was an apology, I think.

  109. valerie says:

    What did you give her to make her sleep this long? Can you give me some for my son? :O)

  110. Becca says:

    Somehow I think Ben’s away from the computer for now. Maybe a weekend trip?

  111. benmac says:

    Yep, Becca knows what’s going on 🙂 We’re back, but so is Trixie’s fever, and it’s messing up her schedule.

  112. kara says:

    Poor Trixie- girl. Although, sleeping until 10 is impressive regardless of the reason.
    feel better, everyone!

  113. Lindsay says:

    What’s going on? Is trixie sick? why the four hour nap?

  114. benmac says:

    oops! thanks for the head’s up!

  115. Maddie's Mom says:

    OH MY GOD. A 10 minute nap? What is going on over there? If Maddie gets less than 1.5 hours, she’s unbearable in the evening.

  116. benmac says:

    Hi Maddie’s Mom: We were out taking care of business all day and just decided to forge ahead sans nap. It wasn’t that bad because we were always on the go. The ten minutes was when she fell asleep in the car. Trixie crashed pretty hard when we got back home.

  117. Laura says:

    Trixie’s sleep chart certainly isn’t giving me hope for any consistency in sleeping patterns. A few weeks back, the kidlet was sleeping in until 7:30. This week? We’re back to 6:30. Anything before 7 is too early for me. But who am I to complain when Trixie is up before 6? Eeks! I feel for you! Unless you’re a morning person and already up by that hour?

  118. Kat C says:

    I want to be at your house this morning! 11:15 and still asleep?!

    I was up at 7 to go to work…

  119. benmac says:

    Ah – I wish! We had something special going on this morning and I forgot to update. It should show up in a TPOD soon.

  120. Val says:

    Wow, what a way to leave us hanging in suspense….

  121. benmac says:

    It’s not a bad thing. We’re not going to have broken arm week or anything 🙂

  122. hannah says:

    Why up so much at night lately?

  123. benmac says:

    Hey Hannah 🙂
    Trixie has been sick with a fever, cold and cough for the past 4 days. She’s missed 3 days of daycare now, and the household is grinding to a halt due to cumulative sleep deprivation. I’m a little behind in responding to site comments, but I’ll hopefully catch up today or this weekend.

  124. Jessica says:

    Please dont tell me Trixie has been up all night?!?!?!??! I hope she is ok!!!

  125. Summer says:

    They’re probably gone or he forgot!

  126. aidens momma says:

    my vote is that trixie stole ben’s red shirt,ran away to Vegas and they have been searching for her for the last 24 hours……


  127. Valerie says:

    Oh my, to what honor did Trixie give up her afternoon nap in place of a 15 minute nap? I think I’d go crazy without naps….for my son and for myself. Please don’t say she’s sick again!

  128. benmac says:

    She’s not sick — she just wouldn’t take a nap at nap time. No idea why. The 15 minutes was in the car.

  129. Rachel says:

    What’s with all the up and down at night here lately little miss trixie?? Hope everything’s okay over there in TTU Land!!

  130. Valerie says:

    Perhaps the Mac household is waking up in sympathy for me and my son who is teething and just doesn’t like to sleep. Thanks for the support :OP

  131. benmac says:

    Trixie has been out of diapers for over a month now, but we’ve had some middle-of-the-night accidents the past couple of days. (Although, not last night 🙂

  132. Maddie's Mom says:

    Maddie has been out of diapers during the day for a month, too…but I’m too chicken to leave them off at night. Last night, she woke up around 2 and asked to go potty (in spite of the diaper). I may just have to risk it. Any advice from experienced parents?

  133. suzyq says:

    We’ve found with our three kids that night time potty training is a big hurdle. There are many things you can do to make it easier for them, but they still may wet some at night until they’re 3 or 4. Mine didn’t have consistent dry nights until they were almost 4. We stayed in pullups at night until 3 1/2 for my kids and then used the thick cotton underwear, usually two at a time. Good luck. You’re really brave to try night time training so early. I’m curious to see what happens!

  134. Jenn says:

    Wow. Did little Miss Trixie miss her nap today? Hope she goes to bed early for you guys!

  135. benmac says:

    Yep. It looks like 8:15am is the tipping point; if she sleeps that late, then there’s no nap 🙁

  136. Megan says:

    Did you guys head out to the state fair today? I saw Trixie didn’t have much of a nap and I thought that might be a fun reason why.

  137. benmac says:

    Hi Megan,
    I wish! Instead it was a case of falling asleep on the way home and missing the nap window. We’re hoping to go to the fair next weekend 🙂

  138. Valerie says:

    That is so strange that her naps today and yesterday were the exact same, down to the minute. Is that what really happened or did you estimate?

  139. benmac says:

    They are both “Today”. It’s a DST problem that kicked in at 11pm. It will correct at midnight 🙂

  140. Heather says:

    Wow, Trixie was up early this morning. The daylight savings time change must have messed her up a little bit.

  141. Rozanne says:

    How did you convince Trixie to sleep so late this morning? I hope she isn’t sick. If she isn’t, I hope you’ll share your technique for getting her to sleep in. We desperately need a sleep-in day ’round here.

  142. benmac says:

    I have no idea how it happened. She woke up, came into our room and told us to get up. We told her it was too early and she had to back to sleep. We gave her the option to snuggle with us or go back to her bed. She crawled in and the next thing we knew it was 9:00.

    We try this pretty much every weekend, but this is the first time it’s worked 🙂 Wish I knew what the secret was…

  143. Jessica says:

    Uh oh! I hope Trixie isnt up sick tonight!

  144. benmac says:

    Nope, her schedule was just way off. I think her body may have confused bedtime with a late, late afternoon nap.

  145. Valerie says:

    Maybe she didn’t take a nap in the afternoon because she slept so late in the morning….My son always stays up later if he sleeps late in the morning, no matter how many naps he takes. Then the next day, he will wake up early (kind of like she did today!) It’s amazing how much kids need schedules.

  146. Heather says:

    Wow. No nap today. Poor daddy.

  147. benmac says:

    I just forgot to log it. Busy day 🙂

  148. hannah says:

    Why, why, why?

  149. benmac says:

    She’s got a little bit of a cold/cough. No fever, but she’s uncomfortable enough that she’s not sleeping soundly 🙁

  150. hannah says:

    So sorry. Benadryl, my friends, Benadryl.

  151. pony in kigoma says:

    Do six days in the past three weeks with no nap constitute a trend?

  152. benmac says:

    I missed updating her nap until now (so she did have one today), but yes, unfortunately I think there is a trend. Or a growth spurt or something. I’m waiting to see what happens.

  153. Summer says:

    99% of the time, if Autumn gets no nap from waking up at 9 am or something, she is in bed super early but is SOOO tired that she wakes up after an hour and can’t go back to sleep for a few hours (just let her talk until she does though).. or else she is awake talking for a few hours in the night. Very frusterating!! She just does not do well if she’s overtired, so hopefully both she and Trixie take naps for a year still!

  154. MT says:

    Oh man, it looks like you have the same painful sleep situation we do: late to bed, early to rise. Our two-year-old adopted this trend a month or so ago and we are still reeling. He used to go to bed around 8 and wake up between 6:30 and 7. Now he won’t go to sleep before 8:50pm [it’s always 8:50] and wakes up no later than 6am. The first week of this we were ready to just lie down and die. We don’t do CIO. Mostly on principle, but it if worked for him, we would. When we have left him, he whimpers by the door [no crib] until he falls asleep [which took longer than an hour]. By the door. It was too pitiful.

    I hope Trixie isn’t cranky until the nap, like our guy is. Oh are the mornings a horror show. But, he goes down readily for a two-hour nap and is super cheery all afternoon, right up until he falls asleep, at 8:50pm. We are doing Netflix, but can’t get anything but TV shows, as we are passed out by 10pm. I had a friend who complained that her son was going to bed at 6:30 pm and waking up at 6:30am. I really didn’t hear what her complaint was, because the mere thought had me enviously imagining what I would do if I had three and a half evening hours.

  155. shawn says:

    ben, is because of day care or her…evolution, but has trixie started to not take a nap in the afternoon? i am noticing a pattern on the full sleep chart.

  156. shawn says:

    whoops…should have READ the comments form above. so, nevermind. 🙂

  157. Don says:

    It has been quite awhile since I checked up on Trixie. I had forgotten how fast kids grow! You are truly blesssed, she is such a pretty girl. Thank you for allowing us the joy of watching her grow.
    Many blessings to the whole family

  158. hannah says:

    Please tell me this non-napping bizness is not really non-napping and is merely a result of a lax remote Trixie tracker (like that F’ing Schaff that made us love him and then left us high and dry w/no goodbye, no nothing – not that I’m bitter or anything). Or maybe she can’t sleep b/c she saw creepy pictures of dead animals at, of all places, the NC Museum of Art? Then again, Trixie is no stranger to creepy, and if I knew how to insert links, I would insert them of: that damn horrid goldfish and the “baby” that goes with, one of the numerous Blair Witch Project-esque pictures you seem to be into these days (who knew NC was so very Goth?), or, in a pinch, Frank (who is not actually creepy at all, but I’m tired b/c it’s late and my kids are sick and it’s the only thing I could think of, lame I know). Anyway, point is, it will not stand, it will not do, for this girl not to nap. My 4.5 y.o. just stopped napping on weekends and I feel robbed. Robbed!

  159. 2 girl mama says:

    Oh Hannah, I must agreee…no naps would not do in this household!! My 3.5 Yo has just started to fight them on weekends and I’m thinking, “what do I do with her for those 2 hours?!” That was MY time, I feel simply “robbed” as well! So what’s up Ben, just too busy to log it or is she really trying to give them up?

  160. Michele says:

    Almost as bad as no naps at all are the car naps. I always feel so deprived of my “me” time if she only sleeps when I’m driving!

  161. benmac says:

    I’m still around and tracking — there’s just not a lot of sleep data to collect 🙂 Trixie fought her nap on Saturday and we gave up. But then it was super nice to have her go to bed so early. So we decided to skip her nap the next day to see what would happen. She was pretty tired and cranky, so we’re going to switch back to a proper schedule.

  162. Valerie says:

    Wow, are you guys out of the country or something, or am I the only one who sees the times of the day all messed up? You sure are devoted if you are out of the country and still keeping track of her sleep!

  163. hannah says:

    Hmm . . . 29 minutes of mid-night madness . . .

    c)Wet the bed?
    d) unexplained? a.ka. the devil made her do it?

    I think it would be interesting to see how many nights she had gotten in the middle of the night in the last year. It is a great myth that children “sleep through the night,” forever and ever after they are 6 months old, or whatever. When I realized this, I really wanted a refund. I think it would be a valuable PSA if you could document this horrifying truth.

  164. benmac says:

    She woke up in a strange place and had lost her silky 🙂 We were in Charlotte for the weekend.

  165. momofthing123 says:

    Hey what’s up with Trixie’s sleep log at the top of the page?? It’s presenting itself oddly!!