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What the hell is this water leaking from my eyes?

On these pages we don’t normally deal with “emotions” and “feelings” unless it’s something along the lines of… Trixie is upset, and I’m feeling sick from not getting enough sleep. However, against my better judgement, I feel compelled to address … Continue reading

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The Answer isn't Pretty

Did you choose D? If so, Congratulations! You weren’t seduced by the siren song of A, B and C — all of which were designed to fool you into thinking that there’s hope and a hidden order when it comes … Continue reading

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Here's a hint

This is interesting. I didn’t expect the voting to be so close. So I’m going to try to knock things loose a little. Here’s a reference chart for an adult who’s on a pretty regular sleep schedule. It might help … Continue reading

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Trixie Update Sleep Challenge

Did you study hard for the Trixie Update Sleep Challenge? I hope so, because this is a closed book test. Yep, the Sleep Log archives are off-line until Monday. You’ll have to rely on memory, experience and gut instinct. Here’s … Continue reading

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Sleep Telemetry is Turning 1

Can you believe that we’ve almost collected a whole year of sleep data? That’s right. Sleep Telemetry came online November 23rd, 2003. And now we want to see how close you’ve been paying attention. Come back tomorrow to take the … Continue reading

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Sleep Open Thread

At the suggestion of a reader a couple of weeks back (sorry, I forgot who had the good idea) I’ve added a permanent open thread to the Sleep Log. If you have a question about Trixie’s sleep telemetry or sleep … Continue reading

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One more thing

Even though she’s pretty good about handing them to me, I can tell you right now that if we ever have to take Trixie to the hospital because she’s choking on/swallowed something, I guarantee what will show up on the … Continue reading

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To cut or not to cut

Trixie’s hair is getting a little out of control. We’ve never cut it and the darn stuff just keeps on growing. Normally I wouldn’t care, but it’s gotten to the point that, I swear, I think she’s running into stuff … Continue reading

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Hot off the wire

“There is Trixie MacNeill, age 15 months. Trixie, who lives in Chapel Hill, N.C., dressed as the “Atomic Toddler” for Halloween, was a bit of a wreck on a recent road trip and seems interested in potty-training.” The news service … Continue reading

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What's up with Trixie Tracker?

In case anyone doesn’t know, I’ve been working on developing the Trixie Telemetry module that appears on the top of the Trixie Update home page into full-fledged Baby Tracking software. Many people have asked about the status of the project, … Continue reading

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