Trixie Crossed State Lines

As many readers correctly figured out over the weekend, we took a little trip and didn’t have regular access to the internet. What gave it away? The 25-hour nap Friday night or Trixie staying up 18 hours in a row through Sunday afternoon?

So how do we update Telemetry when on the road? If there’s not internet access, I am lucky to be able to call on an elite corps of connected individuals — the Remote Telemetry Operators (RTOs). This nationwide network is always ready to record a nap or log a diaper (as long as I can catch one of them at home.) This trip we owe thanks to Rod out in California for waking Trixie up from her endless slumber. But Schaf of New York City also deserves a shout-out. He’s been one of our top operators on previous day-trips.

We’re back at home now, and there will be more about the trip soon. Plus, I’ll get a chance to look at the comments that have come in. I haven’t been ignoring anyone on purpose.

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3 Responses to Trixie Crossed State Lines

  1. Nina says:

    You really go thru all that trouble just for us strangers? Well I guess family members keep on her too, thats why you do it right? Or is it just really fun?? Well whatever it is you two seem like excellent people, trying to make sure all comments are read so no one is left out. You guys are cool! I’ll probably be bugging you alot now, sorry for that.

  2. hannah says:

    Sounds like Trixie probably crossed more than one state line in her big adventure. Inquiring minds do want to know: how was the car ride? But enough about you, let’s talk about me – how does one become an RTO? I’d like to enlist – it’s like being in the Natioanl Guard or something, only you don’t get called up to fight in dumb wars, just to report on Trixie on the odd weekend, or when there’s a hurricane or something, if the power goes out, I’m guessing. I could always tell Schaf was cooler than the rest of it – now it’s confirmed.
    Hannah (hopelessly uncool and without a meaningful role, per Durkheim)

  3. FrumDad says:

    Sounds more like being a Blue Blazer (Ir)regular than a Nat’l Guardsman (person, whatever).