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The Atomic Toddler

Trixie reprised (recycled) her role this year as a dangerous by-product of the atomic age. Because as everyone knows, Atomic Babies grow up to be Atomic Toddlers. Trixie had a lot of fun running around in a skin-tight body suit, … Continue reading

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Breaking News

“…at this time officials can offer no explanation for the increased radiation levels detected throughout the Triangle over the last 24 hours. State employees have confirmed that the levels measured are not dangerous, but are still contacting Homeland Security in … Continue reading

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Bank Robbery Foiled

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The Signal

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After taking this trip, I realize that Trixie’s decent sleep schedule exists only because of routine and familiarity. Once you throw those out the window, you get to see what horrible kinds of sleep instincts are still buried in that … Continue reading

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Trixie Crossed State Lines

As many readers correctly figured out over the weekend, we took a little trip and didn’t have regular access to the internet. What gave it away? The 25-hour nap Friday night or Trixie staying up 18 hours in a row … Continue reading

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Toilet, Activate!

We’re still working on the concept of toilet-training when Trixie lets us. Her interest in the subject comes and goes. She’ll get into it for a week or so, and then be indifferent for 3 weeks. We recently got a … Continue reading

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Can Trixie Talk?

In a word, No. A lot of readers have recently asked about whether Trixie is finally talking. I’ve been hesitant to address the issue because there’s not much to write about and I’ve had my head in the sand. She … Continue reading

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New Poll

It doesn’t tie into any specific story. It’s more of a celebratory “We finally have a new poll up” poll. (There are also some code tweaks that should make the poll work better from this point forward.) When did you … Continue reading

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