They don't make half sizes

Who was paying attention to the accident record yesterday? Did you lose track of all the leaks? We are having some growing pains as Trixie transitions from size 3 to size 4 diapers. She’s currently stuck in between stages and it’s making life just that much more exciting. How exciting? Well, yesterday we had three full-fledged diaper leaks and one poop in the bathtub. (The bath incident isn’t related to the diaper sizes — just bad luck.)

We normally use generic diapers. But now, at about 20.5 lbs, Trixie seems too big for the number 3’s and she’s swimming in the 4’s. So we’ve been trying some name-brand diapers because they are a little more flexible and fitted. The Pampers size 3’s still works great. The Huggies size 3’s are responsible for yesterday’s devastating diaper failure cascade.

To be honest, I don’t really blame the manufacturer. There’s no way one size diaper can really fit all kids in the 16-28 lbs range. It would be like me buying a pair of pants size 23 – 40 1/2.

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11 Responses to They don't make half sizes

  1. joagro says:

    We’re having the same situation with my one-year old, Lily. Have you tried the Food Lion brand? They seem to run a bit smaller than some of the other generics (Teeter, Krogers), so the size 4 pretty much works like a 3.5. (Food Lion has a couple kinds of diapers; we use the “Ultra”). Lily is still able to wear the Pampers size 3 though at night.

  2. Daphne says:

    Huggies Supreme size 4 worked great. My 14 Month old daughter has been wearing them since she was about 20 LBS (now 23 lbs) and we have very few leaks. Huggies are slimmer than Pampers and the supreme have the triple guard, plus a snugger fit. Good luck.

  3. Michelle says:

    Don’t know if you’ve tried them (or if you’re opposed to such a huge corporation taking over the world), but I love the WalMart brand called White Cloud for my son. He’s 2 weeks older than Trixie and a bit bigger. He’s around 25-26 pounds and he’s been in size 4’s for quite a while, but we haven’t had any trouble with the White Cloud through all the transitions. It also helps that they are half as expensive as name brand diapers and do the job just as well. I hadn’t found that with other generic diapers. The other one I love is Pamper’s Cruisers as they seem to stretch to fit really well. Just too much $$$ though 🙂 Grandma buys them when we visit her, or we’d never have known what we were missing!

    A side note, no matter the brand of diaper, I find we can’t hold in the nighttime wetness without a special “nighttime” diaper. We buy the “Huggies Overnites.” I always thought it was a marketing ploy, but they really do work.

  4. aidens momma says:

    we use white cloud too….sooo much cheaper than huggies or pampers. aiden was 20.5 lbs at his 9 month check up the other day, ben. we use size 4 white clouds and i have NEVER had a leak with them. so they may be worth a spin around the ol’ trixie tush!!

  5. benmac says:

    Thanks for the many suggestions. The Pamper’s Cruisers are the ones that are currently working for us, but as noted, they are a lot more expensive than the generics.

  6. Maddie's Mom says:

    I thought perhaps that all the leaks were because Trixie decided, as did Maddie recently, that she preferred al fresco peeing. As soon as the old diaper is off, Maddie lets loose. We’ve never had a diaper problem…just a baby who prefers to pee while naked problem.

  7. Jenny says:

    Another vote for the Pampers Cruisers, here. And another acknowledgement that they are expensive. I cut coupons and keep my eye out for sales.

    Also expensive, but excellent for a nighttime diaper are the Seventh Generation unbleached type… not only do they assuage concerns about dioxins, and/or the nasty chemicals used to make the bizarre and absorbent diaper gel, we have never had a leak with them. Even overnight.

    Haven’t had much luck with Huggies ourselves, but my theory is that it’s all about butt shape. Diapers should be sold by cheek dimension, maybe?

  8. Ella's Mom says:

    So funny that this happened to you, it happened to us as well with our 13.5 month old, Ella. We gave up on generic diapers when she was younger because we were sick of the extra laundry, but we decided now that she has probably been leak-free for four months or more we’d switch. We did, and promptly had two disastorous accidents in a week. Luckily we were home with both. Pampers Cruisers with coupons will be the next purchase. And early potty training…

  9. amy says:

    We’ve used Pampers since day 1. I used Luvs and Huggies and some other off-brand stuff that other people have given us, but the Luvs and off-brand stuff always seemed so STIFF to me. I felt sorry for Ethan that he had to have that right up next to his ‘goods’ all day. blech. The Pampers are worth the extra money to me.

  10. Jaynee says:

    We’re having this same problem right now with our daughter Olivia, who is moving from Size 4s to Size 5s. Fortunately, she’s just about in the Size 5s now.

    Our newborn, Duncan, has leaks all the time because he’s on the small size of the Size 1 diapers – we have at LEAST one leak a day – I’m doing laundry every other day just because he goes through the few outfits that fit him so quickly!

  11. Tarek says:

    I’m sure this comment thread is long since gone idle, but I noticed that nobody mentioned Luvs. We were die-hard pampers people, surprised at how much better they were. However, it appears that the Luvs, which are much less expensive, are essentially the same diaper.

    Our son, born about a month before Trixie I believe, is also transforming from the threes to the fours. He is thin but tall, and the threes wrap around him but droop while the fours make him look like a chick sitting in an eggshell. Good luck.