Not Molting

That’s the diagnosis. Our game of Mystery Rash entered the Lightning Round yesterday morning with little quarter-sized patches of rash popping up and then disappearing all over the place. I decided to go ahead and take her back to the doc to see what the heck was going on. I was surprised to find out that it’s hives. My money was on molting.

Tracking down the cause of the hives is apparently a difficult thing to do. It could be the way her body responds to this particular virus, or it could be an unrelated coincidence brought about by either food or environmental allergies. Either way it means it means she’s weak, WEAK like KITTEN. I’m going to drive down to the CDC in Atlanta so we can expose her to some real germs. She’ll build up her immunity and then she’ll be STRONG again — like BEAR. In the meantime, she’s on Benadryl per doctor’s orders. The best part? It causes drowsiness!! First time in 4 days that she slept through the night. Amazing. I think I’m going to go make some Benadryl popsicles.

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10 Responses to Not Molting

  1. emma says:

    poor girl. i’ve had really bad hives before and it’s TOTALLY NO FUN. episodes start with an excruciatingly itchy spot somewhere which must be scratched and then the rash will spread EVERYWHERE, causing your whole body to feel hot and itchy like heck. then it’ll disappear for awhile, only to return with a vengence. it’s complete torture. hives make me crazy. the worst case i had took a week to get rid of. but Benadryl works wonders! poor girl, sounds like she has it bad!

  2. Angie says:

    That’s so strange…my son, Matthew’s first birthday was 9/12 – and he broke out into hives at his birthday party when he got the colored (purple) icing on himself (had cake for the 1st time). We washed him with a cold, wet cloth and put on some Aveeno Baby lotion and it cleared up. We thought maybe he was allergic to the dye in the icing. His 1-year check up was the following day after his birthday, his Dr. didn’t say much about it (except it could’ve been a ‘fluke’??!) Well, then Tuesday night, he broke out again…but we do not know what from…then today again (around his mouth this time). He hasn’t ate any new foods recently either (except for the birthday cake…and he did eat a bite of his Daddy’s cereal – he isn’t on cow’s milk yet, he is still breastfed.) I hope that I can figure out what is causing this reaction…I just don’t know (he eats cheese just fine so I’m not sure if it’s the milk or not.) Anyway, good luck with Trixie!

  3. Chris says:

    You know, you are catching a lot of breaks with Trixie. Benadryl makes some kids hyper. Sorry to hear she is a poor thing.

  4. shawn says:

    Benadryl pops…..i love it.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Benadryl makes Jack wired, but Pedia Care makes him sleep. I love the popcicle idea!!!

  6. hannah says:

    Glad you took her back to the doc. Hope your little kitten is better soon – you’re so lucky that the dr told you to give her benadryl! We’ve always wanted to dope Sophie w/the stuff, but never had a legit reason and always felt too wimpy and guilty to do it for fun. Anyway, the only problem w/making her more bear-like is then you won’t be able to take her to the normal vet, on the cat side. You’d have to find some kind of large, wild animal vet and that would be hard here – you’d have to move to the West or the mountains or something. Feel better.

  7. cirila says:

    Soren gets hives every once in a while. We have never been able to track down a cause. Once his reaction was so severe that his entire face swelled and he looked like a cabage patch doll. The sight made me cry.

  8. Ah, thou hast discovered the wonders of Benadryl!

    Not that I would EVER use it to knock my children out. Oh no no no no no. But hey, it’s got to be better than the Good Ol’ Days, when our grandparents used to slip brandies into our parents’ bottles. (Or so my wife and MIL say. But they’re from Oklahoma – it’s different down there.)

  9. Diane says:

    Benyadrl popcicles???? LOL,good idea
    I’m sorry that she was sick. I hate being itchy!

  10. Susan says:

    Our daughter Mia Jolie just went through the same thing!!! And with the teeth i might add! It is an amazing journey we take when we choose parenthood. This is a great site and it’s wonderful you are offering this to others. You write amazing and stuff full of wit and humor! Talented and creative….it’s a wonderful idea to offer your service to others and get paid for it!
    Good luck to you!