Trixie is sick

She definitely has the same crap that Jenn has been suffering with for the past 2 weeks. Trixie’s waking herself up in the middle of the night with a hacking cough (just look at the sleep log), and based on Jenn’s experience, her throat is sore and painful. We’ve already taken her to the doctor, but they didn’t see anything in her throat, and without a high fever present they aren’t going to do anything.

I thought we would have another chance to go back to the doctor today because Trixie developed an unknown rash last night. It was splotchy, red, had raised bumps and apparently was itchy. We noticed it at 7pm when it was about the size of a dollar bill centered on her stomach. By midnight, her stomach was completely clear, but the rash had spread like crazy all over her arms, legs, face and back. This morning it was completely gone except for a small area the size of a quarter on her thigh. Now, there’s no trace of her ever having the rash at all.

The way it spread across her body makes me think a food allergy, but she hasn’t had anything new to eat in almost 5 days. My other theory is that she’s molting. The worst part about all of this is the inability to communicate with Trixie. She can’t tell us one thing about how she’s feeling, or what specifically hurts. She can cry, of course, and howl, and scream, but that only takes you so far. Jenn was joking that we should just take her to the vet since all they do is work with patients that can’t tell you what the problem is. I’m just not sure if I should take her in on the cat side or the dog side.

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  1. hillary says:

    take her to the vet, hee, cracks me up.

    have you tried this teaching your baby sign language business? so they can supposedly communicate their wishes to you before they learn to speak. our baby picked it up right away. he learned to sign the milk sign for when he wants a bottle. or when he wants food, or when he wants to shake the table so hard the lamp knocks over, or he wants down, or up…

    we’re still working on it.

    hope trixie is better soon!

  2. Lucy says:

    I’m sure you’ve been suggested this before but have you ever thought of teaching Trixie some simple signs?

    its the kind of thing that might be helpful with this kind of situation in the future. : )

  3. Sarah says:

    Maybe the rash last night was a heat rash? I work in a day care and us day care workers see strange things like that. Hope it’s not allergies or measles or anything like that!

  4. alison says:

    Could be hand , foot & mouth’s going around..I think you get it in your mouth too..maybe call & ask the Ped. ??

  5. Maddie's Mom says:

    Did Trixie get her 12 month shots recently? Maddie got a rash about 10 days after the shots.

    I hope the sweet girl is feeling better soon.

  6. bex says:

    The cat side.

  7. John says:

    We’ve taught Colum some signs, but he’s only just now starting to use them without prompting, except for the “light” sign. Either way, I don’t know if Trixie could use them to communicate about her illness – most signs Colum has picked up on are ones that relate to his everyday life, and they’re usually nouns. The kind of information someone would need to diagnose an illness or even know how someone else is feeling is probably too abstract for baby signs.

    I hope Trixie gets better soon. 🙁

  8. ohjanna says:

    The sore throat bug must be going around Chapel Hill. My 5 week old boy and I are just getting over it and now my husband is starting to have a sore throat. Uhgg.

  9. justin says:

    wait, vets have separate doors for cats and dogs? no way!

  10. Champ says:

    We have taught our son several signs and he picks them up rather quickly and sometimes uses them appropriately. He is 17 months old and we started around a year old. It may help in some situations although I’m not sure about this one.

  11. benmac says:

    Thanks for the rash advice. Trixie has not had any shots lately, so I’m hoping it was something innocuous like heat rash.

    And thanks for the sign advice. Teaching her signs sounds like a good idea. It has been suggested to us before and we tried it unsuccessfully. However, she just started waving “hi” last month (which counts as a sign, right?), so maybe she’s ready to try some more.

    Right now we’re just trying to make sure she drinks lots of fluids and gets plenty-o-sleep. And I’m also hoping I don’t have to wake up at midnight to play another round of Mystery Rash.

  12. jtompkins says:

    when ann’s daughter, hannah, was trixie’s age she could identify (point to) her body parts when you asked her to. if trixie can do this, maybe she can help you a bit in narrowing down where the problem is. the rash sounds as if it is linked to the sore throat to me… when i was jenn’s age i had a rash caused by strep throat. good luck!!! hope trixie will be better soon… looks like you guys could use some rest!!!

  13. John says:


    I’ve found this site useful for teaching signs to Colum, more useful than any of the baby sign books (who all seem to disagree on what sign means what):

    I modify them (try to make two-handed signs one-handed, for example), but I use these as a guide.

  14. lilbigstuff says:

    I feel for Trixie- I get the same kind of rash when I’m ill- it moves around, itches like crazy, and of course disappears before I can get to a doctor- the one time I made it- he said hmm…looks like a rash- got to love that one- he finally settled on that some people get rashes when they have a virus- kind of like a red flag waving- and of course, for a virus- there’s nothing you can do anyway.

  15. John says:

    Alecia says Trixie’s illness sounds like it could be Fifth disease:

  16. lori says:

    Ben, You mentioned Trixie might have an allergic reaction to eggs. I wouldn’t discount the idea that the skin rash is linked to the soar throat just yet, but here’s something else you might want to consider: Some people also get a skin reaction (like a rash) which is caused by allergies. The rash can be a form of an allergic reaction caused by food and even weather conditions. I’m not a medical Dr., but allergies run in my family. Trixie’s rash is probably not an allergy, like you said b/c her diet hasn’t varried, but something to keep in mind. Hope she gets better soon!

  17. Camille says:

    I’ve got a 6 yo home sick from school today that can sympathize with Trixie. My daughter has a sore throat, mild cough, and runny nose. ’tis the season. 🙁

    I’m just hoping that her 8 mo baby brother won’t be following in germy footsteps since he seems to be extra-clingy today.

  18. Camille says:


    Forgot to add, I hope Trixie feels better soon. 🙂

  19. Laura says:

    Poor Trixie. Keira’s been sick for over a week now too, and I just feel so dang helpless (especially when I’ve got a bit of a cold myself). I just cuddle her lots and make sure she’s getting extra juice & water. No rash, just lots and lots of whining and crankiness, and screaming while I try to give her solids. It’s so hard when they can’t tell you what’s wrong (maybe she has a sore throat like me, but it’s so hard to tell). Harder still when all I want to do is cry out to my own Mommy to come take care of me!! So take care of both your ‘girls’ and I hope you stay germ-free!

  20. champ says:

    Our daughter has had a rash with strep throat before. It was mostly chest,stomach,and neck. Maybe with her sore throat it would be something to check out.

  21. FrumDad says:

    I’ve been rubbing Rachel with sandpaper nightly, just so she can have a sympathy rash with Trixie.

    And also so that if she ever *does* actually get a rash, she won’t be bothered, but will instead be fondly reminded of her fun times with good ole Dad!

    Also, we keep her room up at around 104 degrees Farenheit so that she’s not bothered by fevers.


    [I just hadn’t commented in a while, and wanted to check in. 😉 ]

  22. benmac says:

    I think your environmental conditioning could create a super baby, the likes of which could easily destroy her parents if she ever decides to turn on you. Proceed with caution.

  23. Amy, mother of Emily says:

    Reading thru old posts… the rash you described on Trixie sounded *exactly* like the rash that poor Emily got after having her first few nibbles of peanut butter and jelly sandwich. One mottled skin rash, runny nose, and contact Hives that she got from wiping the back of her hand across her mouth (which was the first symptom to show up) later, we spent an evening at the ER. Luckily some other parent had already done the work and made sure Emily’s daycare is peanut-free.

    Note to parents: when giving peanuts to your child for the first time, spread a bit of peanut butter on a small area of your child’s skin and check within an hour for a reaction before giving them some to ingest!!!

  24. niksoble says:

    ****** You need to find your baby a good allergist ; and trash that doctor that won`t do anything until he sees sign of infections . I`ve been ill thousands of times “NEVER” have a fever this is common in people with ammune problems / Allergies .

  25. Ginger says:

    This is my first post, I work with Jenn’s Dad, and I have been checking out your site on occassion. I was interested in your comments and the postings on Trixie’s rash. I have really bad allergies, have had them since I was an infant. For me, rashes are extremely common and they come and go as quickly and mysteriously as the allergies. And also I would like to comment on the posting in reference to fevers by niksoble. I had never heard that before but it must be true, I rarely have a fever when I’m sick. I agree with him, see an allergist!