photograph of eaten playing card

After I mentioned cards in today’s TPOD comments, I realized I hadn’t posted this incident yet. I don’t know if she was trying to destroy a bad hand or just marking the cards to help with counting. Either way, I wouldn’t play a game with her if money was involved.

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4 Responses to Vegas

  1. lori says:

    LOL…sorry, but this is quite amusing. This seems to be a recurring trend…Ahhh, now it’s all starting to come wonder she can’t talk yet, you keep feeding her paper. JK

  2. Rubber-Sol says:

    That is so great! I love little things like that.

    Just the other day I noticed that my husband’s belt (he was wearing it) looked kinda gnawed…..after closer inspection, I noticed that it had my son’s baby teeth marks all over it! Quite hilarious!

  3. Wow…I’m amazed there was so much of the card left!

  4. Genuine says:

    Geeze Zero….you been hiding this guy? Hello from Genuine. Jay probably didn’t want me around here corrupting you. Great posts.