We're back!

Sorry I gave you guys a scare. I know I should have given more warning before I tried to close the site down, but I was all ready to swap her for a PlayStation. No, really — It would have been fun! I was going to post my scores on the web and write about how I wasn’t getting any sleep because I was playing games until 4 in the morning.

Anyway, for now we’ll keep on talking about babies. And speaking of which, we had the one-year checkup today so there should be some weight/height charts up soon. We also got the OK to turn off the milk! Trixie is going 100% bovine. And that means that sometime in the next week I will be turning off the Bottle Telemetry. Daily milk intake is becoming less and less important relative to her expanding diet and there’s not much reason to track it anymore.

Lastly, this week is going to be a little slow story-wise, but there will be birthday-themed TPODs (with commentary) running at least through Friday.

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6 Responses to We're back!

  1. joe says:

    It would be interesting to track her intake of the major food groups. Our nutritionist is always saying “more grains!” and “less dairy!”

  2. Sarah says:

    It would be cool to hear about the average day over there.
    What other things are scheduled?
    Because of Frances nap schedule (pretty much the same as Trixies) I have created some much needed routine of my own.
    As soon as she wakes up from the morning nap we are out. I find these to be the most valuable hours in the day. Some days there is too much to do and some days I’m trying to come up with things, but no matter what we do something.
    Grocery shop, swimming at the YMCA, visiting friends.
    After the post afternoon nap I clean up while Frances plays
    outside.(its safe, she’s just two feet away and with in my sight the entire time).
    Then her dad comes home and the evening ritual begins…
    Dinner,walk,bath and bed.

    Not that you asked or anything….


  3. benmac says:

    Thanks for the suggestion! An average day story sounds good. Actually, an average day sounds good. Today is turning out to be far from average. Trixie is running a 100 degree fever from the shots given at the doc’s office yesterday, and as you might imagine, she is a joy to be around. I just finally got her to take her ‘morning’ nap after being up for 5 exhausting hours.

  4. tj says:

    Oooh, I hope she feels better soon! My mom used to wrap cold wet towels around my calves and cover them with a dry towel to help with a fever. It’s an old German thing. It seems they “pull out the heat. Not sure how they would stay on a squirmy baby, but you could try duct tape… (just kidding!).

  5. Kelli says:

    I love old-fashioned remedies. My grandmother tells me about when my uncle was a baby and he had a high fever and “nothing would bring it down.” So my great grandmother folded up collard leaves and put them on the bottoms of his feet, and put his socks on over them, then she tied folded collard leaves to his wrists. And, voila, his fever went away.

    ‘Course, I’ve heard that cabbage leaves work to dry up milk when a mom has finished breastfeeding (dooce.com has a good blog entry about that!), so why not collard leaves to bring down fever?

    Can you tell my family is southern?

  6. FrumDad says:

    Cabbage leaves are a total godsend for various nursing woes, particularly the clogged-duct thing that happens and the boob-infection thing that happens. After Rachel came home, people brought lots of gifts, but one friend — who has six of her own children — brought a head’s worth of cabbage leaves and told us to put them in the freezer. One of the most useful presents we got.