Year Two

Trixie didn’t like my little plan to return her to the hospital. I’m not going to go into the details, but it was messy and it involved a load of laundry. The lesson here: don’t cross Trixie, payback is hell.

As it turns out, there was no need for her to resort to drastic measures because apparently I can’t take her back anyway. The hospital had no idea what I was talking about. They said Trixie didn’t come with a warranty and that there was no such thing as a redesigned Toddler Habitat. She really is ours. So it looks like the Trixie Update is back. But I guess it’s no real surprise — you know what they about old blogs: They never die, they just fade away… only to spring back to life as the owner gets another burst of inspiration.

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13 Responses to Year Two

  1. Laura says:

    Phew! You had me worried there! Us Trixieholics just can’t quit cold turkey like that, dontcha know. There’s at least 12 steps, and I figure each step takes, oh, about a month. Withdrawal symptoms would not be pretty – this has to be a looong, slooow process, this process of taking away ‘our’ little girl. Think of the greater good! Think of those of us who will be blindly checking this site day in and day out, looking for something, anything, to get us through the day. 😉

    So here’s to another year of Trixie! Woo hoo!


  2. Rob says:

    Happy Birthday, Trixie!

    … and welcome back, Ben.

  3. Leslie says:

    Really, no warranty? I envisioned there was small processing fee and one of those multiple choice slips and as long as you brought your driverÂ’s license, you just checked the relevant option:

    Reason for Return:
    Too small
    Too large
    Throws tantrums
    Crawls/walks/runs too fast to keep up with
    Changed my mind
    Not getting enough sleep

  4. Sarah says:

    I so relieved. You really got me. I think this proves I need to work on my pre-pegnant sense of humor.
    Oh,Happy birthday!

  5. Sarah says:

    and spelling……

  6. joe says:

    Happy Birthday Trixie!!

    And good job keeping the new kid alive a whole year, Ben!

  7. lurker says:

    Please do not even joke about stopping! Those of us who are a few months behind you treat your blog as the definitive users guide to baby management. Without it, we might break ours– and now that we learned you can’t take it back at a year, it would be very bad indeed if we broke ours 🙂

  8. Lennon's Dad says:

    Every time i go to a store with Lennon, i put him on the counter and say “And I’d like to return this … it doesn’t function as I expected, and it leaks.”

    They rarely get it.

  9. Jeff says:

    Does anyone else remember the old Bill Cosby standup routine?

    It’s a different take on the return-to-sender idea. He talks about the “baby people” getting together with the “Polaroid people” and that you just keep “popping them out 90 seconds after each kiss” until you find one you like. Then you have to dip them in the “fix… otherwise they’ll fade on you.”


  10. John says:

    Happy birthday, Trixie! We were out of town on The Big Day, but we were thinking of you.

  11. Kelli says:

    So – looks like this Diaper Leak Record is going to keep on growing. Here’s my question – at what point will you stop keeping track of the diaper leak record? Because the mess factor will certainly increase when you start really potty training…

    Looking forward to year two with Trixie!

  12. benmac says:

    That’s a good point about diaper tracking. You’re right – with potty training there’s going to be plenty of mess without a lot of corresponding diapers. I’ll have to look into it.

  13. tallulah's mom says:

    my standard joke is usually something about scoring the baby at a sample sale, and putting up with the irregularities on account of what a bargain she was. living in nyc – the land of “never pay full retail” – i’m not sure they know i’m kidding. anyway, i figure she’ll eventually fit, after i lose that 5 lbs…