The Year in Review: Milk & Food

We’ve almost come full circle when it comes to breast milk. Jenn started to pump at 4 weeks because she had to go back to work. From those precious, few first ounces to the thousands and thousands that have added up over the past 11 months, Trixie owes her Mom a great big sloppy, milky thank you. And what better way to say thanks than to readily take to cow’s milk?

We started transitioning her to cow’s milk 2 weeks ago and she’s doing great. She drinks a 50/50 mix just fine, but we’re waiting to get the final word from the pediatrician before we turn off the tap. However, it’s already made a huge difference in the amount of work we have to do.

Back when Trixie was drinking 32-36 oz a day, Jenn used to pump 14-16 oz in the morning, and then 8-10 oz at lunch and dinner. Now that Trixie is eating lots more solid food, she’s only drinking 20-24 oz a day. Cut that in half with cow’s milk and Jenn only has to pump 3 oz a side in the morning and the evening. That’s a huge savings in time for her. It also means there’s far less dishwashing for me — not only because she’s not drinking as much, but also because she’s using sippy cups pretty well now and they are much easier to clean than bottles.

All and all, when it comes to eating and drinking, life isn’t too bad. Sure Trixie can still get fussy at mealtimes, and it did take Jenn three days to find that piece of cheese thrown from the highchair last Monday, but for the most part, Trixie enjoys eating and she’s getting better at it every day.

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2 Responses to The Year in Review: Milk & Food

  1. aiden's mommy says:

    oh ben i am so jealous! good for jenn!! aiden still nursies 4-5 times a day and wont be on cows milk for a long while. allergies run high in my husbands family and we arent pushing the issue on touchy foods such as wheat, eggs, dairy, etc. sigh…im guessing at a year he still will be dairy free. ah well. does jenn miss the nursing itself? i know that i am missing the nursing and the cuddling that goes with it, though i am not missing those razor sharp teeth!!

  2. shawn says:

    hey ben….about the cheese, you know if you wait long enough, you don’t really have to LOOK for it. 😉

    -allison’s dad