Always keep the receipt

With a little less than 24 hours left on Trixie’s one-year warranty, we faced a difficult decision. Returning Trixie to the maternity ward might seem a blatant disregard for such an otherwise chipper and agreeable little girl, but the truth of the matter is that the data I’ve collected from her lately is muddy, unreliable and at times contradictory.

I’ve made the decision that the only way to recover from this information disaster is to make a clean break from the corrupt data and start over from scratch at a future time. We’re glad we got to spend the last sleepless year with Trixie, and we know that she’ll land on her feet. (Or at least on her hands and feet — since she’s still crawling about a third of the time.)

We also want to say thanks to everyone for visiting and sharing in our online sociological experiment. I understand the hospital has some web cameras set up in their newly redesigned, acrylic-walled Toddler Habitat, and once I get the web address, I’ll be sure and post it here in case anyone still wants to keep tabs. Once again, thanks to all our readers and regular baby pundits. We love you all! Good night!

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5 Responses to Always keep the receipt

  1. schaff says:

    Happy birthday, Trixie, and happy retirement.

  2. Tanya says:

    Happy birthday Trixie!

  3. Tanya says:

    Happy birthday Trixie!
    From Canada!

  4. Abby says:

    Wait – did I understand this incorrectly? Are you no longer going to keep up to date with The Trixie Update now that she’s reached a year old?

    I hope you were joking!
    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Trixie!

  5. Ed says:

    Happy Birthday Trixie!

    I have been a loyal lurker on this site since the NY Times article. I’m sure I’ve told more people about “this experiment” then Kim Komando could possibly know.

    Our son Will turned one last week. Since I’ve been reading this site, I’ve thrown away: “What to Expect The First Year”, “Dr Sears …” “The Baby Whisperer” (OK… I threw it away for other reasons) and anything published by the American Association of Pediactrics.

    Trixie has kept me sane.
    Trixie has made me laugh.
    Trixie has helped me appreciate it all.

    For that I am eternally grateful.

    I can’t believe you’ll turn off all this telemetry stuff… Come on Ben…. you’re an addict! You probably keep a secret Excel spreadsheet that calculates the standard deviation of the weight of Trixie’s diapers! God bless ya man! I’m with ya. (Did I mention you kept me sane?)

    All the best to you three, and a deeply felt thank you.

    Ed, Nancy & Will

    PS: Can’t wait to give away the Trixie Tracker as the ultimate baby shower gift.