Do you have kids?

As we approach the one-year mark it seems like a good time to ask this question of our readers. Are you visiting as knowing, experienced, parenting pros? Or maybe in anxious, expectant uncertainty? Or maybe you’re enjoying a childfree lifestyle. Go vote in the new poll. (Thanks to Schaff for the suggestion!)

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45 Responses to Do you have kids?

  1. Dianne says:

    Started reading your site while childless, now anticipating the arrival of our (adopted) son in a few months. He’s 2 years old, so your site doesn’t help me much in the parenting realm, but it sure provides a lot of entertainment! 🙂
    Happy Birthday, Trixie!

  2. Erika says:

    Yes, we have Jackson who is now 7-months old (see him starting to crawl here I fould your site through a post on the Ovusoft Parents boards where people were not so sure you were sane (I vehemently defended you). I love this site and I feel like I have learned more from reading here (your posts and the comments) than from all the books I have stacked up in my living room.

    Thanks for all your hard work; I hope you are able to keep it up.

    And an early Happy Birthday to our lovely Trixie.


  3. Laura says:

    I’ve been visiting your site every day since my daughter was about a month old, at a time when I was so overwhelmed and utterly clueless about the whole parenting thing. Made me feel not so alone in all of this. Also, I love anticipating my now 5 month old accomplishing the things Trixie has. And I can tell I’m addicted because I go through withdrawal when you take a break and/or don’t post a TPOD, and even though I know that you don’t post on weekends, I still check, hopeful. And I check several times a day anyways. I’m going to have to join Trixieholics Anonymous.

  4. Allison says:

    How about a poll category for those of us trying to conceive?

  5. benmac says:


  6. lori says:

    Began reading TTU a month after we started trying to get pregnant. Or as we say, “officially trying to not try to not get pregnant.” I know, double negative, but it seems to take some of the pressure off of us. So, for now, I’m in the “No Kids” category…but working on it.

    In the beginning, TTU was purely entertainment for me. Now that I’m in the “anxious, PRE-expectant uncertainty” stage (wish there was a website for that), I too feel like I’m learning more from your posts and comments from other TTU readers that I will from any books or magazines out there. Not only is TTU fun to read and a wonderful break in my day, I’m finding myself taking mental notes and will most likely refer back once we have a baby.

    Many thanks to Trixie and family (and everyone else with your comments) for sharing all the joy and heartaches, your personal experience, and wonderful insight on having a child. And a Very Happy Birthday to you, Trixie!

  7. Jaynee says:

    I started reading TTU about a month ago after someone posted the link at a message boards. Have been here nearly every day since!

    I have one 15-month-old daughter, Olivia, and we’re due in three weeks with our second – a son we’ll name Duncan.

    It’s hard to believe Trixie is only turning one! She looks so much older in the pictures. I’d love to know her stats (weight, height). Such a precious child! Love the TPOD as well…

  8. Rae says:

    My children are grown and married. Now I’m a “granny-wannabe.” As adorable as Trixie is and as much as I am enjoying her, I also enjoy her parents. You have a wonderful sense of humor and a frquently unique perspective. Thank you for TTU and Happy Birthday to Trixie.

  9. Mary says:

    No kids yet, but not trying yet either. Some day we do want kids. This site really has prepared me more – thank you!

    I have a few questions that I don’t think have been covered on your site yet, but I’m not sure.

    How does Trixie react to music? Does she recognize that the sound of music is something different from people who are just talking? Does she react differently to different types of music? I saw a video once on America’s Funniest Home Videos where a baby was sitting and crying when suddenly the parent played music (I think it was Russian folk music – it was instrumental and jolly) and the baby immediately stopped crying and started bouncing up and down and smiling instead. For one moment my husband & I thought, “So THAT’S the key to make babies stop crying!” 🙂 I’m sure that would only work under rare circumstances, otherwise parents would be playing music 24-7. 🙂

    One of my other questions is about how she reacts to television too and if she reacts differently to what TV show is on. I’ve been wondering at what age do babies and young children get more excited about seeing fake people and characters (cartoons) rather than shows with real people.

    I may be running out of space here, so I’ll end it at this. No need to reply right away if you’re busy, but maybe some day if you’re looking for a topic to talk about, you can discuss it. 🙂 Thanks for all that you’ve shared with us! I’ve learned a lot! – Mary

  10. Tina says:

    No kids here and no plans to. I just enjoy the site.

  11. Maddie's Mom says:

    Maddie turned one year old last Friday…one week before Trixie’s big day! Not only do I want to wish the lovely and very smart Trixie happy birthday, I want to offer a HUGE congratulations to Ben and Jenn for surviving the first year of parenthood. What a journey, huh?

    And, Maddie calms down instantly to Van Morrison’s music. Don’t know why…I did the whole pregnant mom listening to classical music thing (with an occasional Dixie Chicks cd thrown in for good measure).

  12. janet says:

    I have a son 18 year old so I am not your average reader. I can’t remember how I came upon your web site but have enjoyed reading it. I think what your doing is really neat and wish the technology would have been available when my my son was born. I will offer this little bit of advice. Enjoy these years some of the ones to come won’t be as fun!!!!!!

  13. Erica says:

    Yes, our baby, Spike, is 4 months old. His dad stays home with him too. We love the metrics section!

  14. Keir ( Leka's dad) says:

    I’ve been coming to your site since the 30th prenatal week and am now a proud father of a 6-week-old boy. I love your site, and the depth of information available within it. Ben, ET would commend you on your information design. It’s one of the reasons I find it so fascinating.

    Not only have I read just about everything contained within, but I tend to bring the site up to my wife as if you are parenting friends of ours. “Trixie’s parents tried using so-and-so and it seemed to work for them.”

    Trixie is beautiful, your site is gorgeous and data-rich, your photography prowess is remarkable, and I can’t wait for the Trixie Telemetry code to become available. Until then, I will continue to record data with graphite and ink.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  15. brian says:

    I am completely un-domesticated. But I like to come on here because I’m friends with Jen. After reading that you basically spent the last year of your life changing diapers I have no interest at this time of having a kid. Maybe in five years…

  16. Sarah says:

    I am new to the site and this is my first post. I have a 9 month old daughter. I noticed lori’s post above about a site for those trying to conceive so I wanted to share that while I was ttc I highly valued the ttc message board at (part of ivillage). You can find it from
    Some things about the site have changed and it is a bit harder to use, but any of you who are ttc might find it helpful.


  17. ann says:

    How about a category for people with two kids under the age of 5? I can’t decide which one of my kids to vote for.

  18. benmac says:

    vote for the youngest!

  19. Kether says:

    We’re expecting our first in 6 months. I love your site because my dear, naive husband is going to stay home with our baby. I’ve been trying to get him to read TTU because he thinks its going to be so easy!
    I just hope he designs a website so I can check on our youngin, too.
    Thanks for making me smile and anxiously anticipate motherhood–even though some updates freak me out.

  20. shawn says:

    Allison, who turned one in june, wanted to wish Trixie happy bday, in advance.

    our reaction to the music thing, allison LOVES music, especially (and I can thank my brother for this) punk rock. she loves it, the legs start moving, she starts to clap. it so funny.

  21. jtompkins says:

    Ben, Trixie’s sleep patterns seem to have changed a bit this week, especially today. She must be anticipating her big day on Saturday. Happy Birthday to your little one. You’ve done a good job hanging in there for one whole year!!

  22. benmac says:

    I want to thank everyone for sharing so much in this post today. I didn’t expect for so many to write in personal comments; I just thought it would be an interesting poll. Just wanted to let you guys know that we sincerely appreciate all the stories! thanks again!

  23. Julie Adkins says:

    Happy Birthday Trixie! I was sent a link by a mom I hang with because my Naomi Lee was born 7/31/03 and when I looked at Trixie’s announcement, I went “WOW!” Naomi was 6’11oz as well, but 1/2 inch shorter and born at 2:30pm. Either way, pretty cool. I wish I’d followed this sooner to see how similar or dissimilar their schedules/stats were!! Congrats on hitting the first year and still keeping track. Here’s to Toddlerhood!!! julie

  24. aiden's mommy says:

    i am the stay at home mom to a bouncing 7 month old baby boy, aiden. i was introduced to your site by a dear friend of mine who saw it on good morning america (possibly) or some other morning show. she loves hearing about aidens firsts and such. i love hearing about trixies accomplishments and looking forward to getting there ourselves. thank you for all the entertainment and wonderful pictures. as a photographer myself, i swear that is my favorite part!! take care and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRIXIE!!!

    **ben-are you sure you dont wanna hand her over before the warrenty expires 😉 or are you just gonna take out the extended one for when she hits 16??**

  25. Maggie says:

    I found this site thru, and they all decided you were crazy, but I’ve been coming every day ever since. I’m not pregnant, nor will I be anytime soon, I’m only 18. Very cute kid though.

  26. A says:

    I have two kids now 8 and 13, but I relate, kids grow up so fast. My husband recommended this site from Kim Kommando, I have been enjoying it for a few months. Thanks

  27. jean says:

    I have been addicted to TTU since the NY Times article, but this is . My son is 17 months and stays at home with his Dad. Looking in on Trixie feels like I’m looking in on them. Everyone is wishing Trixie a happy birthday — but Ben (and Jenn) deserve congrats as well. Keep up the great work and get ready to RUN after her.

  28. Julie says:

    Nope, no kids of my own ……yet. I was a nanny for 5 years to put myself through college and I loved every minute of it. One summer I took care of 8 month old twins on top of the two kids I was already watching! It was a really busy but fun summer. I graduated in December and have been married for a year now, hope to have a child in the near future.

    Love the site!


  29. C says:

    My officemate got me hooked on TTU. Now we both check in nearly every day, to marvel at your lovely daughter. My girlfriend and I have a 4-month old son. Observing Trixie’s progress gives me an inkling of the fun times we have ahead.

  30. Kelli says:

    I think I heard about TTU in the N&O, though it easily could’ve been somewhere else…anyway, no kids, not married, but I babysit, worked at a daycare one summer in college with infants and toddlers and have worked as a nanny. I’m also planning a career change to become a child therapist, possibly specializing in early childhood. I hope to have some of my own little ones someday, but, in the meantime, I enjoy the time I spend with other people’s kids!

  31. Angie says:

    Our son, Matthew, will be 11 months old on 8/12…so we are on our way to his 1st birthday also! Parenting is such a joy and watching him grow/learn/develop each day is wonderful. 🙂

    Thanks for allowing all of us to share in watching Trixie grow up too! 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRIXIE!

  32. FrumDad says:

    Rachel’s about a month older than Trixie. But you probably knew that.

  33. another Erica says:

    What? No poll option for more than 1 child. Boo hoo! I’ve got kiddos ages:
    16 months……
    Just didn’t want to get left out! 😉
    Love your blog!

  34. another Erica….
    are you for real???
    woah. do you sleep/shower/eat anything
    other than babyfood leftovers?

    tallulah is about a month younger than trixie.
    my sister mentioned TTU on her site,, a link through which a number
    of people i know have become addicts to yours.

    anyway, i find comfort in your essays, encouragement in your charts, and humor in your photos. it’s like checkin’ in with one of my friends with babies, but sometimes better because you’re almost always available!

    cheers to you and jenn. and bon anniversaire to trixie.

    ps and a love note to hannah – who’s comments we love to read, in addition to all the other funny and informative contributions!

  35. another Erica says:

    Yes, indeedy, i’m am painfully real (as my stress induced insomnia with testify…it’s 1:24 am…). Normally i sleep but lately not so well. I think i’m on a pre-school year stress overload….. Yes, I eat, yes I shower too. Nope, don’t eat baby food. Don’t even buy baby food, actually!

  36. KC Lemson says:

    Two geek parents here with a 14 month old son 🙂

  37. Erika says:

    I noticed in Kier’s comment above that he mentions things that Trixie does to his wife. That really made me laugh, because I do the same thing to my husband: “Trixie was eating Cherrios (lots of Cheerios) at 7 months, maybe we should try giving Jackson some Cheerios now.” He, of course, says “who is Trixie?”

    I also agree about throwing out the other books. The Baby Whisperer went out after I laughed my way through the first chapter, the others have hardly been opened since the first month. Who needs that wacky Dr. Sears when we have Ben and Jennifer.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

  38. sandi says:

    What about twins????? I have 9 month old twins. On your poll technically my youngest is under 12 months but my other is just a smidge older! 😉

  39. Amy says:

    Mom of a 5 year old (Jonathan) here – found the site via a link on my Babycenter birth club board. I’m a loyal TTU lurker and I adore checking in to see what Trixie is doing. Jon wonders who the baby is and dh thinks I’m nuts…but secretly, I’m doing research to see if I could handle the whole babydom stuff again, lol. 🙂 We’re trying to decide about having a second! Thanks for sharing your sweet Trixie and your lives with us, Ben and Jennifer.


  40. Liberty says:

    Well Ben, some of us have more than one ( as I was reading through the other comments from the other readers). Mine are 11, 5, and 4 and we too chose to have my husband stay at home with the kiddo’s while I worked. So I applaud you and Jennifer for not being afraid to take that step. My husband has found it to be a very rewarding part of his life. Just have to note, like many of your readers, I too am addicted to your blog. You really should write for a living ( maybe you do already)….you are just too funny! The internet term ROFL has been used when I talk about your website….

    thanks for all you do to make all our day’s a little brighter….

  41. Fran says:

    Grandmother to Cecelia, who turned 1 in June. Love this site, and love the pix of sweet Trixie.

  42. Gary says:

    Yes, I’m a dad (Small Fellow, 3.5; Tiny Girl, 1.5) — and a blogger:

    Your site is really quite an achievement. Congrats on your commitment. For me, all those discarded diapers just run together – in my nightmares, they literally run together, morphing into a multistory rampaging monster packed with “insult” and soiling the innocent denizens of Gotham. But seeing that number at the top of your page – 2,480 – is just as scary. It’s excreted food for thought.

    Best – Gary

  43. KarenF says:

    I LOVED THIS SITE. I’m a parent and a scientist, and I thought your collection and presentation of the food, sleep and diaper data was really interesting and absolutely hilarious. Your graphs are beautiful, and they make the point so well about the chaos that we all live with during that first special year with a new baby.

  44. Three children, ages 5,3,1. It’s a blast.

  45. Michelle says:

    I came across your website quite a while back, and every once in a while I remember to stop by and check in. My twins are 1 week older than Trixie so it has been a lot of fun to check in and see what she’s up to. Also, your photos are spectacular. Happy belated birthday, Trixie!