More teething

Trixie is going through another round of teething. I’ve never heard anything so horrible as the screaming that lasted almost two hours last night. We tried teething gel, ice, Tylenol, teethers and icy washcloths — as well as all the other sorts of holding, hugging and whispering you do to comfort a child. Nothing would ease the pain from the puffy, inflamed swelling in her upper gums caused by the two new front teeth now translucently visible below the bulging surface.

In the end, she exhausted herself from the uncontrollable, terrified anguish. She finally collapsed, shuddering and still sobbing, into the fetal position, asleep. Today, the teeth have still not broken through, but you would never know from Trixie, who is happy as a fully-toothed baby.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Just a quick one: When my son has teething pain, and he’s always in tons of pain with his teeth, we’ve learned to use the infant’s ibuprofen instead of Tylenol. The Tylenol NEVER worked for him but the ibuprofen actually eases the pain. (We’re on the last two of the first year molars with some canines thrown in for good measure.)

    I hope Miss Trixie gets through them quickly! I’m sorry to hear that they hurt her.

  2. Rozanne says:

    For some reason, teething pain always seems to be MUCH worse for my son at night. I think it’s because there isn’t anything to distract him. You might try giving Trixie some Tylenol before bed. I’ve also found that when the pain is really bad, it works better for us if I alternate between Tylenol and Advil every three hours. So, if I give him Tylonol at 8:00 AM, I give him Advil at 11:00 AM, and then Tylenol again when 2:00 PM rolls around. I don’t keep this routine up around the clock, but it does seem to work when the teeth are the most painful (right before they break through).

    Hope this helps!


  3. aiden's mommy says:

    I’ve been lurking for a while and am finally gonna put my two cents in. My two-day-short-of-being-7-month-old lil boy, Aiden, is getting his top front teeth. I feel your pain, and Trixie’s!! What we have found that works (mind you for day time) is half a frozen banana. Just a warning, they are WICKED messy!! I have heard that a frozen bagel is great too if you have introduced the grains, but we arent their yet so i donno. At night, all i can suggest is lots and lots of Tylenol and nursies, if Jenn is willing with all those choppers. I know that i am dreading the top ones being there with those needle sharp bottom ones. good luck and i hope that Trixie’s teeth make an appearance soon! I think i caught a sight of Aiden’s top left one today, so good luck!!!

  4. KK says:

    Our son is also teething — his two front teeth. Our pediatrician recommended Motrin or Advil since he’s now 7 mths old. You can give it every 6-8 hours and it works better than Tylenol for teething. Hope Trixie gets relief soon!

  5. Kristian's mom says:

    My son is 10 months old and has 8 teeth. This means we went through the teething experience very early and all at once one tooth after another. We are in a bit of reprieve at the moment…dare I say that out loud?…and fully enjoy it I might add. We have found that not much other than distractions during the day and Tylenol or Motrin at night seemed to work some if at all. Mostly we just learned to cope with the screaming, held and cuddled him ALOT and gave him lots of soft chewy things to bite on.Our suggestion is lots of TLC and patience as the teeth WILL come out and the pain WILL just have to believe!Once they are out it gets better..unless more are rearing their pearly white heads that is….

  6. christine says:

    Baby Orajel worked for my Goddaughter. And Children’s Advil. Good luck!

  7. Darren says:

    We have two kids who both went through teething early. We had pretty good success with Hyland’s Teething Tablets, recommended by our pediatrician.

    They’re homeopathic, soft tablets that dissolve instantly, and have no side effects.

    There’s another brand of teething tablets called Humphrey’s. We didn’t like them, and neither has anyone else we’ve talked to that used this brand.

    Worth a try. Good luck.

  8. Maddie's Mom says:

    Just offering my sympathy. Maddie is teething right now, too. She doesn’t have it as bad as poor Trixie seems to, but she’s definitely in pain. There are how many baby teeth? 20? Does it get easier with the more teeth they get? Anyone?

  9. if it’s any consolation, i’ve HEARD the top two are the worst. we’re only on numbers 7 & 8 (at 10+ months), so we’re still rookies. hmmmm. molars?

  10. KD says:

    We found that the best thing that we used was Hyland teething tablets. If you read Darren comment you will seee that they have not side effects. They also contain Chamomile which will help them relax.

    We also tried the Hyland teethng gel but that did not work.

    A friend of mine also said that if you make a weak Chamomile tea then soak some small washcoths in it and freeze them that they will work well. I have not tried this but I did find that a frozen wash cloth worked well if it was frozen in the shape of a triangle. The corners were good for my son to chew on.

  11. Charlotte says:

    Three words for you: Hylands Teething Tablets. Jack is also in the teething zone for his upper teeth, which are taking FOREVER to come through. I found that Infant Motrin and Hylands Teething Tablets have made a HUGE HUGE HUGE difference and wish I had known about this when the bottom teeth came it. Good luck!! Hugs to Trixie!

  12. Harold says:

    My son John (eight months and change) now has eight teeth. The first six gave him no trouble – he just drooled and grew teeth. The last two, though, came in over the 4th of July weekend and it was hell for him. Nothing helped – though having two pacifiers and swapping them between his mouth and a glass of ice water eased things a little bit. Anyone have any insight on why these two were so bad after such relatively pain-free teething?

  13. Amy says:

    another vote here for hylands teething tablets (not the gel). it worked wonders for us when administered with infant tylenol. i’d stay away from oragel and the like – it toughens the gums and makes it *harder* for the teeth to come through (read: MORE SCREAMING AND CARRYING ON). hope this helps! ;)amy – mom to aidan, just a few days older than your trixster!

  14. Joe says:

    Yet another vote for Hylands Teething Tablets. I’m pretty much a skeptic when it comes to homeopathy, but my daughter is too young to buy into any hype, and she’ll actually reach for the tablets when her teeth are bothering her. My personal experience with Tylenol and Ibuprofin has been that both work, but you should consider prophylactic doseages if you think you are going to have a bad teething night. The BEST thing for us has been the Baby Orajel Swabs – q-tips preloaded with orajel that she can actually put where it hurts. “It’s the teething solution my daughter asks for by name”

    Zoe actually self applies, which has the added benefit of giving her a little control. Does that mean anything to a teething baby? Maybe not, but she likes it a lot better than daddy trying to shove a gel-laden finger into her mouth.

  15. Rozanne says:

    I hate to be a nay-sayer here, but the Hyland’s Teething tablets didn’t seem to work for us. I tried them religiously for several weeks — to no avail. Maybe they work for some but not all?

  16. Jaynee says:

    My daughter’s teeth all came in within a 4-month period. She’s got a mouthful of ’em now (she’s 15 months). We mainly used Children’s Tylenol at night and Orajel stuff during the day. It went pretty well. We also made sippycups of COLD COLD water available to help ease the pain. Had a lot of wet diapers, sure, but less screaming, too.

  17. benmac says:

    Thanks for all the advice! We actually already have some Hylands Teething Tablets from the last teething ordeal. I didn’t think they did that much for her, but based on popular demand, we’ll give it another try. Fortunately, it seems like Saturday night was the worst of it. She’s been in a pretty good mood since then.

  18. squishybear says:

    I can soooooooooo understand your little ones pain. When I was in jr. high I had 10 baby teeth pulled so I could get braces it hurt SO bad when they all came in a the same time. It was like the worse itching that you could ever feel all the time but can’t do anything about it.

    For my kids I have used Baby Orajel and it seemed to work pretty well.

  19. Jason says:

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned dipping a cloth in some Scotch and then rubbing it on the baby’s gums. My Grandmother swears that’s how she got my Father to stop crying when he cut his first teeth.

  20. jtompkins says:

    Way to go, Jason!!!! I thought the same thing….but since I raised my children many moons ago…thought you youngsters might frown upon such a thing!!! It works like a charm!!

  21. aiden's mommy says:

    aiden likes spiced rum the best lol. he gets what happens to be at grandma’s, our house, ect. the other night he was crying so hard he couldnt relax enough to sleep. he sucked a couple of drops of rum off my finger and was out in no time. and on a positive note! today tooth number 4 showed up! 2 more teeth in one week….no wonder the poor kid was cranky!

  22. Stella says:

    another vote for the teething tablets. worked great on my nephews. 🙂

  23. Maddie's Mom says:

    Just wanted to say that thanks to the comments here, I gave infants’ motrin this week to Maddie. Maddie is cutting a molar (!), and my usual routine of alternating teething tablets with baby tylenol with orajel was not doing the trick. The baby motrin helped much more than any of the other things. She’s still not the angel baby she usually is, but she’s not quite the demon child either.

  24. Judy says:

    Just rub a little whiskey on her gums…not too much just a little with your finger.

  25. Michelle says:

    Okay, I’ll have to object to the whiskey suggestion. I’ve heard babies can have a dangerous allergic reaction to alcohol of even a small amount. I’d rather have the trials of teething! 🙂

  26. robbie says:

    my son is almost 8mths, gothis first teeth around 4&5mths, and had total of 9 teeth before he was 7 months. in spite of it all he did rather well with a little fussieness. Occassional motrin helped a little. he hated the orajel. now suddenly my little angel has turned into little demon. i use hylands now but with only mild success. I try to remind myself he is a baby, doesn’t mean it personally, and try to be as patient and gentle with him as possible. its not always easy so best of luck and hang in there. i personally have no one to help or take swing shifts so it can be very frustrating. just give your baby the best love you can.

  27. Gabriel's mum says:

    Advice from a French-Austrian, old-fashioned mother of now 17 months old boy (and 2nd child to come in a few days): our Gabriel never had any problems with teething. He had 8 teeth by 8 months, all came out at once without warning, and now he’s also had 4 premolars for a few months, still without any screaming… how lucky are we!?!…

    Anyway, my mother’s solution – and I know it worked at least on my little sisters and brothers – always was: When the tooth is JUST ABOUT to come out and shows its little white summit under the gum: rub a piece of sugar on it! I know this seems painful and horrible (and it must be!), but once you’ve “opened” the gum, everything’s fine again. And if you little one screams hell for a few moments… he/she won’t remember it on his/her wedding day! ;0)

  28. Jeannie says:

    that sugar trick is interesting….

  29. amanda says:

    Hi my son Noah is only 3months and 3wks and is starting to get his first bottom tooth but hes getting 2 at the same time ,we have tried most things like the teething rings frozen washers and so on.
    He is very good at night and sleeps but the day time is the worst time and my gosh THE DRIPPLING. I have been reading about all the other products like the tablets and ibprofuen (which sounds terribly wrong for the child) but i am scared to use any off those things as he is still young but was wondering if those tablets and other medication products were used on a child under the age of 4mths my little boy is a very active baby and trying to crawl and its very hard to give him teething rings and other things as he just keeps dropping them. Please help me. Was also wondering how do you stop a child from putting their whole hand just about down their throat to the point of chocking them selves?

  30. hkc says:

    hi ,
    my son has started teething,amazingly he has started with the upper jaw instead of the lower jaw .is it normal?