TTU in the Pioneer Press

If you like baby blogs, then today’s St. Paul Pioneer Press is for you. They are running a story about blogging parents. It mentions a couple that TTU readers already know about, as well as a few new ones. Welcome to our new MN visitors. BTW, if you are a new visitor, I recommend the charts and graphs in Metrics. It’s one of the more interesting parts of the Trixie Update.

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3 Responses to TTU in the Pioneer Press

  1. The Metrics section is quite a piece of work. I’m curious to know your (the parents, of course) background. The visual style in the Metrics section reminds me of the work Edward Tufte does. Really clean, functional, etc.

    I think it might have been neat to be a blog baby. Talk about the ultimate Baby Book…

  2. benmac says:

    We like Tufte around here, thanks for the association. As for our formal background, mine is Design and Painting, Jenn’s is Physics and Medicine.

  3. Thanks for the link – I’ll post it on my own blog. Always nice to see the mainstream media recognize what’s going down in the blogosphere.