Thanks to an email suggestion from a reader who wanted to stay above the frothy milk fray, I just went out and got some antibiotic and steroid-free whole milk. (TTU locals: It’s the Maple View Farm brand that comes in the glass bottles at your grocery store.) I had a glass and I was surprised to find that it tastes substantially better than the regular milk I usually drink. Who knew?

Anyway, I have never given that much thought to store bought milk until now, but it seems a lot of our readers have. Let’s see what you guys are buying: choose your poison in the new poll. (If I missed a type of store bought milk, let me know and I’ll add it to the poll.)

What kind of milk do you buy for your child?

Good ole cow’s milk :105
Antibiotic and steroid-free cow’s milk: 70
Soy milk: 11
Rice milk: 5
We don’t give our child milk: 19
Lactaid/DairyEase: 3

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15 Responses to Milk

  1. FrumDad says:

    FIRST! (poll)

  2. Maddie's Mom says:

    Bwah, ha ha, FrumDad!

    I’m just piggy backing on this topic to ask for help from y’all. I’m in the process of weaning Maddie; down to two nursing sessions a day. However, I can’t get her to drink her organic whole milk (which does taste better than the stuff I drink). She’ll *maybe* have a couple of ounces a day. I’ve tried different sippy cups, sport bottles (with a straw), and regular cups. I’d like to wean straight to a cup and avoid the bottle altogether (she’s almost a year). She will have a sip or two, then demand water. I’ll ask her ped. at her first year check up, but maybe someone has wisdom to share. How can I get her to drink her milk?

    Sorry for hijacking, benmac.

  3. benmac says:

    I don’t consider it hijacking at all. I hope someone can help out 🙂

  4. John says:

    Maybe ask the pediatrician if she needs to replace the breast milk ounce for ounce with cow’s milk. I suspect she doesn’t. If she’s eating solid foods, she’ll be getting nutrition from them, whereas before, almost all of her nutrition cam from your milk. Now, though, her body is going to start needing nutrition your milk doesn’t contain. But this nutrition need not come in liquid form – she’ll make up for it with solid foods.
    I think I read somewhere that toddlers only need a few cups of milk a day, along with other fluids, of course. But I’ve also read that it’s sometimes difficult to get babies to adjust to new liquids (juice, milk, water) and new drinking vessels.
    Remember too that she can get her dairy in other forms: cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese.

  5. jordan's dad says:

    We got our daugther onto milk simply by mixing it into the formula that she had been drinking, and slowly upping the ratio. She refuses plain water though, so maybe it’s not the best of plans. 🙂

  6. kelly says:

    Maddie’s Mom-
    I would keep offering milk from a cup but also keep supplementing with other dairy choices, as John has suggested. My 1 year old also doesn’t drink that much milk from a cup, but I’ve noticed that it has been slowly increasing the last week or so. We just continue to offer it to him throughout the day…and he takes a few sips here and there. The most frustrating part is when you think he is really drinking a lot and then he just lets it run out of his mouth!

  7. Kathy says:

    Hi Ben! We have 2 year old twins that drink Lactaid or DairyEase milk. They didn’t do so great going from Mamoo (mom’s milk) to regular so the Pedi suggested we try this instead. So far so good and they are still tiny Elvis’ so the hormones don’t seem to be hurting them! Couldn’t see it on the poll so I thought I would let you know. Thanks for the great website, I heard about it from (shameless plug)

  8. benmac says:

    I added a Lactaid/DairyEase option. thanks-

  9. FrumDad says:

    We give Rachel Organic whole milk mixed with water. This also touches on the hot-cold-whatever comment thread, but since Rachel likes warm milk, we use hot water and mix it at a water/milk ratio between 1/3 and 1/2. Rachel will drink the straight stuff if she’s really hungry or thirsty, but only until she’s not really hungry or thirsty any more.

    We like it because (a) it hydrates her more (by definition) and (b) she can drink more and we don’t have to worry about milk-anemia.

    (I include the link only because when G first mentioned it to me, I thought she was makin’ it up.)


  10. Max'sMom says:

    Maple View Farms rocks! I am completely unsatisfied with any other kind of milk since we discovered it. You can visit the farm in Hillsborough where I have heard they serve the yummiest ice cream!

  11. Kelli says:

    MVF definitely has the BEST ice cream in the world. My best friend lives just down the road from there, so I’ve been many times.

  12. giddy says:

    Here’s a technical question–I may not even understand the answer, but here goes anyway: How come, in the poll, I can sometimes see a line telling me that I’ve already voted, but sometimes not, even though it’s the same poll and I know I’ve already voted? I am logging on from the same computer so I would think the poll would recognize me just as well….

    Just curious……

  13. benmac says:

    There’s nothing wrong on your end. It’s a browser cookie problem I haven’t fixed (yet). (Again, haven’t had the time.) Basically, your browser is forgetting that you already cast a vote after x number of days and it lets you cast another.

    Of course, these polls should be taken with a grain of salt even if the cookie problem was fixed, because as with all online polls, this is a completely non-scientific sampling of self-selected TTU readers who choose to respond (less than 10% of you choose to vote.) But, it’s still fun, right?

  14. fedward says:

    I don’t know if it’s even available in stores anymore, but back in the dark ages my mom had to drive all over town to find the grocery store with goat’s milk for me. Of course, now all the scienticians say that goat’s milk wasn’t actually any better for babies who had problems with cow’s milk (like I did) so maybe that’s what the Lactaid is for these days.

    At some point mom managed to switch me to cow’s milk and I’ve been sort of marginally lactose-tolerant ever since. The way I understand it now, we’re all somewhat lactose-intolerant, although some people have it worse than others.

  15. shannon says:

    Just had to add re: the milk poll, what about good ole’ … goat’s milk ? 🙂