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Year Two

Trixie didn’t like my little plan to return her to the hospital. I’m not going to go into the details, but it was messy and it involved a load of laundry. The lesson here: don’t cross Trixie, payback is hell. … Continue reading

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Always keep the receipt

With a little less than 24 hours left on Trixie’s one-year warranty, we faced a difficult decision. Returning Trixie to the maternity ward might seem a blatant disregard for such an otherwise chipper and agreeable little girl, but the truth … Continue reading

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The Year in Review: Milk & Food

We’ve almost come full circle when it comes to breast milk. Jenn started to pump at 4 weeks because she had to go back to work. From those precious, few first ounces to the thousands and thousands that have added … Continue reading

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Do you have kids?

As we approach the one-year mark it seems like a good time to ask this question of our readers. Are you visiting as knowing, experienced, parenting pros? Or maybe in anxious, expectant uncertainty? Or maybe you’re enjoying a childfree lifestyle. … Continue reading

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The Year in Review: Sleep

We’ve looked at Trixie’s sleep cycles a lot since we started collecting data at about 4 months, and things are definitely better now than they were back then. Basically, her overnight sleep patterns are pretty stable, and we’ve been successful … Continue reading

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The Year in Review: Waste Management

Back in September of 2003, as we changed Trixie’s 500th diaper, we took the opportunity to estimate how many total diapers would be changed as the one year mark rolled around. I’m happy to report that we were able to … Continue reading

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99.44% Delicious

During baths, Trixie is obsessed with the bar of soap. We still wash her with Johnson’s Baby Wash, but the Ivory sometimes floats around as a distraction. She can’t get enough of it: it floats, it sinks, it’s slippery, it … Continue reading

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More teething

Trixie is going through another round of teething. I’ve never heard anything so horrible as the screaming that lasted almost two hours last night. We tried teething gel, ice, Tylenol, teethers and icy washcloths — as well as all the … Continue reading

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Thanks to an email suggestion from a reader who wanted to stay above the frothy milk fray, I just went out and got some antibiotic and steroid-free whole milk. (TTU locals: It’s the Maple View Farm brand that comes in … Continue reading

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TTU in the Pioneer Press

If you like baby blogs, then today’s St. Paul Pioneer Press is for you. They are running a story about blogging parents. It mentions a couple that TTU readers already know about, as well as a few new ones. Welcome … Continue reading

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