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Server Crash

We’re getting tens of thousands of new visitors today courtesy Kim Komando, who hosts a computer talkradio show. (I’m not clear on whether the mention was on the radio, or in her daily email. Maybe someone could clarify that.) As … Continue reading

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Bad Habits

Mine have lead to Trixie’s. Against the advice of my Mom, Gramma, various co-workers over the years and every dentist in the world, I eat ice all the time. Some of this has spilled over to Trixie when I started … Continue reading

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Holy Moly!

Trixie totally just peed in her little plastic potty. We’ve only had the potty about a week. The idea was that we would get Trixie used to going into the bathroom and sitting down with us. (She always follows us … Continue reading

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Good Morning Sunshine!

I always imagined that real babies would wake up the way they do in cartoons. You know, a sunbeam breaks through the blinds, and the sleepy little baby slowly blinks awake, streeeeetches, yawwwns, and maybe even rolls over in an … Continue reading

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New Poll

When Lisa made a perpetual motion machine, Homer Simpson told her, “In this house, we OBEY the LAWS of THERMODYNAMICS!” What forces or properties of the universe is your baby discovering? (Or maybe trying to violate?) Let us know in … Continue reading

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The physical laws of the universe as previously understood by Trixie were pretty simple. By application of gesture or voice, she could fully expect toys, milk or parents to fly across the room, coming to rest in her outstretched hands. … Continue reading

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